Gaining Muscle Mass – 10 Myths You Need To Know

| by Truth Seeker |

Myth 1: Bulking is the quickest path to muscle gains.

Bulking soldiers, I am almost sorry to inform you that the extra fat cells that result from your adventures in the world of force-feeding will not produce more muscle. How many times do I have to tell you that more bricks do not equal a faster construction past a certain point?

Myth 2: You need a lot of protein to gain muscle mass.

You don’t need a lot of protein to build muscle mass. The supplement companies are simply brainwashing you into believing that the alleged high-quality alien approved protein contained in their supplements will boost your growth into the orbits. Not the case, my friend. Everything over 100 grams is of highly questionable value when you are a ”full natty brah”. Furthermore, many supplement brands are overpriced.

Myth 3: You can gain a lot of mass as a natural bodybuilder.

As a natural, don’t expect to get huge unless sumo is your passion. The human body does not have the capabilities to naturally replicate the growth presented by the mainstream muscle media. The natural potential is simply lower.

Myth 4: You need protein shakes to gain muscle mass.

How about no?

Myth 5: You need to consume most of your food post workout.

We’ve all seen obsessed bodybuilders who attack their post workout meal like it’s their savior in this world of sin. Many believe that if you miss your “anabolic window”, you will never get big. It’s not true. Your overall food intake is a lot more important than what you eat after a workout…brah.

Myth 6: Squats and Deadlifts make you grow like a weed

How about no? Sure, someone who is super untrained, underweight and young will grow rapidly once heavy barbells become a part of his life, but most of that growth, my friend, could become a reality with a routine that doesn’t include those two exercises. Moreover, past that stage, the natural growth hits a wall that neither squats nor deadlifts can destroy.

Myth 7: You need mass gainers.

You don’t need mass gainers to build muscle. It’s better to increase your caloric intake through real food instead. Mass gainers are basically a pile of sugar with whey protein.

Myth 8: Gaining muscle mass is a linear process.

Gaining muscle mass is not a linear process. You can’t keep on gaining muscle forever. Eventually, the gains slow down…and later disappear. That’s true even if you are on steroids. The body has its limits.

Myth 9: You need creatine to build muscle mass.

Regardless of what the teenage bodybuilders think, you don’t need creatine to build muscle mass. Creatine is just another scam supplement that has close to no positive effect on your physique and performance.

Myth 10: There is a magical rep range that gives more growth.

Not really. Low reps will condition your central nervous system (CNS) and joints to lift heavier weights. High reps will build more endurance and give you a hardcore pump. But, at the end of the day, you will be pretty much the same size regardless of which version you do more. There simply isn’t a magical rep range that catalyzes extreme growth.

Myth 11: IFBB Professionals are giving you the secret to getting big.

IFBB professionals know the “secret” to getting big. However, they won’t give it to you. They would rather sell you protein powders and pipe dreams.

Myth 12: You need to sleep 10 hours a day to build muscle mass.

No. You don’t need to sleep longer than a normal person.

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  1. Sabung Ayam Online

    I will give it a try. Thanks

  2. ronald waye

    Um, creatine has been shown in multiple peer reviewed studies to improve performance. Agree with everything else here.

    1. Nick


      The performance increase is very minimal and creatine creates problems like pressure on your digestive system, diarrhea, cramps, etc.

      Not worth it.

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