Training Focus 1

Training is incredibly simple… but only when you know the truth.

Here’s how a typical mainstream muscle site functions.

Day1: New Article – Why Leg Curls Are For Cowards?
Day2: New Article – Real Men Do Leg Curls

“Wait, what?”

You read that exactly right.

The mainstream muscle media is the king of confusion. Most big websites simply try to generate as much content as possible in order to satisfy the search engines and social media. That’s why they keep on coming with new “revolutionary” ways to train.

They want you to keep swimming in confusion while hoping that one day you will find the workout that will make all the difference. Of course, that day never comes. The cycle continues forever because people refuse to open their eyes and close Facebook.

I wrote the book Training Focus precisely to eliminate that confusion.  It focuses on training and contains the main principles that I have learned from banging my head in the gym for a decade.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: They are not natural

Nature Vs. Nurture
The Drop in Testosterone
Brainwashing Vs. Evidence

Chapter 2: Genetics and Training – The Greatest Cover-up

Q: Can you boost your genetics in the world of muscle?
Q: Good genetics make everything easier?
Q: What would be the perfect bodybuilding genetics?
Hypertrophy – a Myth or Reality? Can we even grow?
What It Takes to Reach Your Natural Potential as a Lifter
The Ultimate Red Pill for Naturals: Muscle Building Techniques Exposed
How to Look Your Best As a Natural Bodybuilder

Chapter 3: Training

Exercise selection
Programming the dip
Lower back
Upper back
Lats – The Mysterious Muscle
Lat activation during pull-ups
LEGS – Oh, baby, please don’t.
Upper legs
More FAQ
ARMS: Give me Biceps, please!!!
Triceps training
Shoulders, Abs, Forearms
Forearms – Make me Rambo, please!
Programming myths
What’s the best training frequency? Can I train every day?
Building a routine. Putting the plan into action.

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