The End: Natty Maximization Presents

Hello, Dear Readers of has a new mini-book: The End. Natty Maximization. [Get The Gains and Leave]

On many occasions, I’ve received e-mails from readers who want a simple and to the point schema that will help them maximize their gains without needlessly complicating the procedure. This book contains that schema.

The book contains a powerful strategy that will extract you from the hallucination created by the muscle industry while allowing you to “get the gains”.

It depicts a philosophy designed to get you the most out of the lifting world without unnecessary investments.

Table Of Contents

The Eternal Cycle of the Fitness Industry

Perpetual repetition + Recycled Content

If Something works at all, it works QUICKLY.

The Corrupted Gym Culture

Natty Gains = Misery

The Plan: Get the Gains and Leave

Phase 1: Motor Pattern Development

Phase 2: Specialization

The Specialization Routines

The Point of Diminishing Returns

How Much Strength Do You Need?

You Can’t Hack Natural Muscle Growth “Scientifically”

Routines That Would Make the Industry Mad

Thank You

I would like to thank all the people who have supported my work over the years. I wouldn’t have gone as far without you. I know that 100%.

The negative and positive comments have been a major motivation to keep writing and generating content. I am thankful for the opportunity to produce a product that has its supporters.

Format: PDF
Words: 14318
Delivery: Instant download.

USD 9.75


  1. Joe

    Hey man your not done writing content are you? I hope not because you help a lot of people out with your writing. A lot of people feel like no one understands and then one of your posts come along and it makes people feel better like they are not alone like they are not crazy. I really hope you keep writing man you help people

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I will not stop. I just had to do other work. I don’t plan to stop writing for until I’m dead.

      Thank you for the support.

      1. Popescu René

        I changed my debit/bank card and I can’t buy the book The End” Why?
        Everything is good but I can’t make the purchase it.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          I’m not sure. The card option is working. I tested it.

      2. Popescu René

        Hi! I want to buy the book The End. The problem is that i changed my bank card and I can’t buy anything from your site 😔.
        My card is okay. The problem I think is here, on your site. Can you help me please?

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          The options are working. I checked.

  2. Yoash

    I totally agree with the above comment. Keep writing and publishing books. You are a unique writer.

  3. B

    I truly respect you TruthSeeker. I’m buying this and Desert in the Sky.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the kind words and support, B.

  4. Sreve

    Yeah, I really enjoy your writing. While bodybuilding is kind of the framework, you are really good at spotlighting how we have been lied to and misled in just about every aspects of our lives and “lifestyles” by various interest groups. Bodybuilding, women, motorcycles, SUV’s and vehicles, politics, various lifestyle movements. 99% of it is all bullshit and manipulation and “aspirational” escapist fantasy.

    Swallowing that pill has been painful, but you have really helped. It’s good to know at least someone else out there sees through this bullshit and is not only questioning it, but highlighting it. Perhaps more and more if us are waking up to the fact that most of what we perceive as reality is manufactured bullshit.

  5. sLaYeR

    Whats up Bro, i follow you since iron gangsta, happy to see u not that negative person of the beggining. Glad to see you channeling all that negativity writing new stuff. Keep it UP

  6. Claudio

    Your book has been a source of inspiration and wisdom.

    I’ve been training for so long without gains in any way, and this book helped me to go through this eternal plateau in a much more positive and fulfilling way.

    I came to terms with myself. I realized I should be proud of my accomplishments. It wasn’t that “I wasn’t putting enough work” (hell if I did!) but the realities of natty strangth training.

  7. Pedro

    This site has been brilliant so far! Never quit.

  8. James Solorzano

    Your book has great workouts designed with natty lifters in mind. I love the routines with body weights and dumbbells. Keep writing. You gave us reality and good/decent results. That is way more important than just empty inspirations and magic tricks of fitness liars out there.

  9. Rene

    That book, The End. Natty Maximization will be my new Bible.
    I wanna say thank you for all the work you do for nattyornot community. Even I think sometimes you take too much Black Pills some times :)))) I love your content. You, somehow freed me from the bullshit and lies that modern Gym Culture spread.

    Keep going.

  10. Darrel

    Thanks for this last book brother.
    I’ve read it today.

    1 What do you think of slow reps for those who has past injuries and tendon pain?

    2. About the arm specialization routine, 3 times per week.. why not 2 times?
    And why 3 sets instead of 2 or 5?

    Thanks. For an old dog like me, is a pleasure pay for you work.. who open our eyes!


    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Hello, Darrel

      1. Controlled reps are fine since they prevent injuries. However, unnaturally ultra-slow lifting is not needed as it trains the slow twitch fibers (limited potential for growth) and overclocks the CNS too much.

      2. 2 times a week can works just fine. The routine is pushing the envelop a bit because the arms recover fast and can adapt to training them 3 times a week.

      Sets of 5 are fine, but they are also CNS tasking and reduce the volume. I prefer sets of 8.

      Thank you for the support.

      1. Darrel

        Thank mate!

        But I’ve seen a lot of references that also with slow reps (total time under tension 50-60″, not this shitty 2 minutes under tension like superslow), until we go to failure or very near to it.. we will have maximal activation of each motor units (hanneman principle).

        About my question for the set, was not abou the number of reps.. But number of sets for the arms. Why 3 sets and not 5 or 8 for example…

  11. Rambo

    Great read my friend, eye opening really. I have only three questions: can bench press be substituted for weighted dips? Can weighted pullups be incorporated? If so, how?

  12. TruthIsFreedom

    Arthur Jones (inventor and proprietor of Nautilus equipment) stated quite clearly that all a person needs is dips and chins. He did a lot of research into muscular development potential.

  13. subZher0

    I have all your books, should not I get a discount? 🙂

  14. Thomas Howland

    Thanks for all your articles I have learned so much about who is natural and who is not I am a 60 year old male retired navy cook still working I have been working out over 30 years I weight 165 lbs 5 feet 9 inches I have never benched more than 250 for a few reps my arms are long just above the my knee my dead lift never more than 300 for a few reps I used to feel bad thinking something was wrong with me you have educated me so much thank you very much keep the articles coming

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support.

  15. Eek

    I’ve definitely tried many methods and find the conclusions you’ve made to be true. I’m kind of done pursuing SIZE. Just leads to frustration. One thing i do notice about HIT is that 1-2 sets of squats to failure is amazing for conditioning.

    I have a q, Natty and to anyone who’s done it, how much have your arms/shoulders gone up by following this approach? And you noticed the gains in just a few weeks, as mentioned in the book?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I gained 2.2cm when I was doing arm specialization three times a week.

  16. LouisXIV

    Checked-in to wish you a “Happy”.

    This informative and entertaining read offers a disproportionately large amount of utility. Followers will get to the same place as die-hards, but with a healthier mind and spared joints.

    The irony is that only those who have been broken by competing programming models are the ones most likely to accept this wisdom (even for genetic superiors, who eventually get broken too). But good to see the comments here, suggesting at least some might be saved.

    Delusions are precious and enduring. As a young man, I would have never listened to this book—although nobody laid out the answer in this way—with both start *and endpoint*. The answer is accurate and liberating but would never have felt that way to my younger self.

    Nicely done.


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