Training Focus II – More Routines, More Salt |

Training Focus II
More Routines, More Salt

Training Focus II is the second book from’s series dedicated to the lifting aspect of the muscle game. It comes with more routines and essays on the iron world.

The goal of the book is to reduce the fog and unrealistic expectations created by mainstream outlets focusing on quantity and repetition serving the main mechanisms.

Consult the table of contents below for more information.

Table Of Contents

Developing the Right Mindset for Successful Natty ifting…..1
All Promises to Naturals Are Empty…..5
Internet’s Detrimental Effect On the [Natural] Reality…..9
Principles That Every Natural Should Know…..13
Noob Thinking vs. Reality…..21
Activating Rational Mode – The Best Compass You Have…..25
Everything Works When You Are on Steroids but What If You Are Natural?…..28
The Sham Called Beginner Programs…..32
How Often Should Naturals Train…..35
Training Once a Week?…..40
Training Two Times a Week?…..43
“Everything” – A Highly Efficient Two Times a Week Routine…..47
Bro Routines > 5v5?…..49
Why Progress Stops…..53
Can You Build Muscle Without Gaining Strength?…..55
8-Week Squat Program…..59
Deadlift Specialization Program…..63
Routines for Lagging Body Parts…..67
How to Train Without Deloads…..75
Block Periodization for Skinny-Fat Bastards…..80
Simple Pull-up Programming…..89
Ectomorph Programming…..94
The Truth about Posture…..100
TRT – The Dark Side of the Story…..102
The Truth About Home Workouts …..105
Super Noob Routines …..111
Never Abandon What You Have Built to Chase New Trophies …..117

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