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    1. BiGG FleXxa #AllNatural

      Thank you nattyornot.com! Before I started reading your site I had false hope. I weighed about 90 pounds at 6 foot tall. I read all the popular muscular thong men websites, but I gained no weight! After reading all your training secrets I now weigh 220 pounds, and my body fat is 1%. If you pathetic shits can’t get there you don’t have enough #dedication, or you have the shittest genetic evr! Lol

      1. Mad hater

        Very funny. Bitch. When you post a photo of yourself flexing and on a scale then you can try and pretend to be as wit as you can.

      2. A Guy

        no way are you 6 foot and 90lbs

    2. Robert jawanski

      Chill brahs. I was 5’2 and 25lbs of Jewish farm raised muscle. No bodybuilding.com or Men’s Physique style of training methods was working for me. Until I stumbled across this site while fumbling in the barn with a few duck eggs. Needless to say, 100% natural and one year later I am 5’6 and 320lbs. Whatever it takes right babe?

    3. Freddy Fingers

      Post nude pics Natty….. I demand to know if I’m far bigger than you…..down there as well. If I am bigger, I refuse your tainted information. If not, I shall follow it faithfully.


  1. KierrOw

    Best site for natural Bbers!

  2. yohan

    Hi, was wondering if you could do a natty or not review on the following fitness people:
    Greg o gallagher of Kinobody.com
    mike matthews of muscleforlife.com

    I aspire to be like these guys, they look natural to me. Just wanted someone else opinion.


    1. George

      I want Greg from Kinobody too.

        1. prakhar verma

          Can people with medium frame size reach the numbers presented in(7-7.4 inch wrist) the guide you have given for natural bodybuilders with favourable genetics? Or is the guide for bodybuilders with thicker bone frames?

  3. Franck

    I discovered your site months ago and i am very addicted to it.you are really an inspiration for me.keep on putting the good work. Greets from germany.god bless you

  4. J0rge

    Great content, saved me from false hope and misery. The effort and time put into this site is very much apreciated.

  5. Rodrigo

    Been reading your site fo a while now. Best way to archive something its by knowing the truth, at first dissapointed, but im glad that i found it, thanks to it i have archived more in months that 2 full years of training.
    Keep your work dude!

  6. Stoicho

    Hi! Thanks to you I have received the so desired information about the true bodybuilding methodology and more importantly, I have received the necessary psychological adjustment, consolation and inspiration which keeps me spiritually and morally. You’re one of the few people who tell the complete truth and help others to protect themselves from the thousands of pitfalls in their path. Although you do not know me, you helped me very much! Thank you for everything! I wish you all the best!

  7. Mac Chuuu

    Hey man,
    Great Website, keep going!
    Recognition from Germany

  8. Sin

    you changed my view to bb world … Thank You

  9. Muji

    Before i knew about this site, i envy the buff dudes, but after reading the articles since 2014, i don’t envy them anymore. I am proud of myself, the ectomorph natty guy. Hehe. thanks nattyornot

  10. Jon

    This website taught me the reality of the fitness industry, I was hopelessly one of those young brainwashed gym rats trying to become that next “fitness model” seriously. I was convinced those guys were natty… after all drugs are bad for you right?.. believe it or not but every major business cuts corners and exploits people and the fitness industry is no different. When I stumbled across this site I hated it, but as time went by the healing process had begun and the truth was clear, professional body building is ridiculed with steroids, that’s just the way it is. The truth hurts at first, but as the weeks go by it all becomes clear. Some professional bodybuilders are great and don’t bring up the topic of steroid usage, some are not and constantly claim they are natty… those are the ones that couldn’t give a f***k about you. Anyway this site is great, it speaks the truth. I can tell allot of time and effort has gone into this website, well done.

    1. YouranIdiot.

      Did you actually thing pro bodybuilders were natty? Everyone knows that bodybuilders are not natty… Even people who don’t know shit about the fitness industry know that. You sound like a dumbass, and you are a dumbass. Use common sense next time.

      1. a

        You’d be surprised how many people think ifbb pro look is achievable naturally.

  11. O.

    Great site, exploiting some apparently “natural” bodybuilders. I have nothing against the use of Steroids, it does make you look bigger and is more entertaining, but hiding the obvious is really low.

  12. hey Natty or Not

    Hey Natty or Not webpage. Could you analyze Daniel Gildner for natty or not?

  13. Lola

    Great site!

    I learned a lot!

    Greetings from Hungary

  14. Anthony

    This place feels like a witch hunt toward anyone who has a moderately good physique. Claims guys who take gear will always look better than natural, assumes natural guys will always look like garbage. I would never recommend my friends ever use this site for good information on steroid physiques.

  15. Paul

    thank you for all of your work and effort you have put into this project! Several years ago I have been to the ‘dark side’ once (‘pinning glutes’) and so I know first hand, that you are absolutely telling the thruth in every aspect here on this website! Please keep up the good work! Damn those fake nattys and all the people selling false hopes and dreams to young fitness males.

  16. Andre

    Hey man, thanks for all the info. This world could use some more honesty.
    Greetings from Brazil

  17. Dude

    Love your site, keeping it real.
    I got something for you though, could you analyse this guy ‘UFpwrLifter’
    That’s his youtube channel name, 153 lb benching 400 lb raw pause rep like your in a movie or some s***.
    Gotta be one of those genetic one in a million or do you think something is fishy ?
    i mean it makes you wonder even how his body can endure this much weight, he’s not even doing the ‘powerlifting form’ like.
    Apparently, all he’s doing is benching nothing else. Seriously nothing else, no squat, no back, just bench press.

    As i said in the beggining love your site keep up the good articles

    1. Nicolas

      Yes he should review this guy, that looks outta this world

  18. klem

    Your articles are great and spot on, but you could leave out sexism and misogyny.

  19. Gav

    This website reveals the truth about reaching your fitness goals with excellent efficiency. Great articles! God bless!

  20. Andrei

    Brah, don’t pay attention to feminists and keep up the great work.
    I saw you cited Bayesian Bodybuilding in one of your articles. So what do you think about Menno Hanselmans?
    His website is very informative, no two ways about it, but the physique he displays in the pictures seems kinda “enhanced”. (Gee, I sound like a hater. You are to blame, Rusi!)
    Also, Eric Helms published last year an article on natural bodybuilding potential in Alan Aragon’s research review. What’s your take on it?
    Greetings from Romania.

  21. Cahrlie

    Hey Man, I’m addicted to your site.
    I was a little depressed not being doing any real progress and always looking at the internet Natty BB claim guys and I believed part of them are really natty !!
    I feel now much more relieved from knowing the truth and everything makes sense…life is hard to get six packs with moderate muscles mass, and I was thinking all the time that im not serious about my training and dieting(while on a second thought I was doing very well both at eating and exercising ) and it was depressing me… not anymore thanks to you 🙂

  22. Paul

    You should give Eckhart Tolle a try and read the book Power of Now. Imho this fits your thoughts and brings out answers.

  23. Kenan


    The First Thing I wanted to say is that this site is great. You opened my eyes for many things. Lifting is still a thing i like to do and i have one question: For me (and i think many others out there) the Upper Body has to dominate. When i started lifting, my legs looked pathetic but now they have reached a level, where they shouldnt grow more, because i want the upper body to dominate. How should someone train his legs when he just wants to maintain the mass on the legs. Just dont progress with wheight and reps? Sorry for my english. I’m from germany

  24. Konan

    Thanks man for this site , when i was younger i believed u can be 5%bf 220pounds while 5’7” good this website realize me reality of training, and all this false bodybuilders drinking this god dame shaks telling ppl that this will make u big while their blood is 50% juice 😉 If i have enough money i will make commercial on TV for ppl, because we lacking in education for ppl who train. Their imagination of how big and strong they can be without steroids and only on supplements that bodybuilders advertise is crazy. God bless you man!

  25. Jazus

    Hey dude I love this website , it’s so addicting I’m always refreshing the page24/7 to see if you released a new article. I even read it in class (high school sophomore)
    You’ve also showed us the truth behind bodybuilding it’s all nothing but lies thanks for showing us the truth, BTW I love your writing style and your characters, I eve drew Harry the biceps flex killa lol take care brother reppin from Central Valley 209 California Modesto

    1. Truth Seeker

      Thank you for the support.

  26. McPanda

    Love the site! Keep being brutally honest and ultimately helpful!

  27. Greg Hollis

    Whey Protein Farce :

    I am in 100% agreement with you. People fail to realize the sheer complexity of the human body in terms of its autonomy. If provided with any source of one macro your body has the ability to synthesize the other two. Fat can be broken down into pyruvate, this can be converted into several amino acids or used for gluconeogenesis so that the body will have carbs. Carbs obviously can be broken down in the same fashion, making fatty acids and protein by the same pyruvate molecule.
    Yet to take it one step further your body isn’t some inefficient machine that dumps all of its molecules and nutrients at the end of the day while you are sleeping. Things get recycled all the time in various ways. In fact, the body recycles roughly 80% of its broken down protein for use in the synthesis of new peptides. This is known as the endocytic recycling pathway. Meaning, 80% of your body’s proteins will be recycled at any given moment, leaving you with a meager 20% needed to be either ingested or synthesized using one of the above macro sources. So if you take that 20% and consider your body’s dry weight, bone density, yada yada…you will come up with a number that is far less than any GNC rep would tell you.
    Lets just think about it another way. In prison guys rarely have the resources required for purchasing protein. What they have are carbs carbs and more carbs. These guys workout using basic stuff; barbells, burpees, and jogging the yard. Yet most of those guys look 100X better than you average lunk or tanned up ‘brah’ at the gym who has a pre, intra, post, and night time muscle drink along with an assortment of vitamins. Why? Because they are disciplined and just work hard, no secrets there. Yes some have layers of fat on top of a lot of muscle, but most likely are still bigger an most dudes not locked up.
    So to make things simple, just eat clean and workout. Yea a preworkout with caffeine would definitely jack you up! But an espresso would do the same exact thing! Be safe and take care of your body.

  28. Brian Molyvade

    I absolutely love this site. I am a former natural body builder. After the one show I did, i was under serious pressure(mostly from myself) to do steroids so I could grow my legs but also because I found out that many other competitors were doing it. I did steroids for about 3-4 weeks and then quickly stopped after realizing that I was making a mistake. I didn’t notice any changes other than a little more intensity in my workout. After a few years I decided I wanted to compete again and looked into a new federation, the ANBF. Unfortunately and fortunately at the same time, they do a polygraph and a competitor has to be drug free for 7 years. Although I think this is a little excessive, 3 years would be plenty, and even though I only used them for about 3-4 weeks it meant I couldn’t compete for 3 more years. I have been waiting and finally I will compete in less than a year! I am 5’9″ and about 197 right now. I hope to compete just under 176 in the middle weight. I am super excited because since people are polygraphed I know that the odds of them cheating is slim to none. I would like to let you know that I am starting a fitness retail store called GymThings.com and a blog called fitgab.com. I am not trolling but want you to know because the essence beyond both of these sites will be to provide a place where people can receive supplements and knowledge without having lies shoved down their throats. People should know what protein is not going to make you look like the guy on the bottle. I hope to convey this message unlike some of the competition like tigerfitness and even bodybuilding, where most of the people on the front page are on Steroids. Thanks and also, I would love to promote this site and see it grow so people would know the truth.

  29. Miksa

    Photoshop look? Can’t gain any muscle with bodyweight stuff? Anyone over 70kg on steroids? Stories about leg presses and squats that make me think that what the flying fuck did I just read? Really? Just had to respond to this kind of stupidness. Seriously. Go die in a hole. Subhuman. Just die. You are only waste of space on this earth.

  30. Crank Lucas

    Hey there my name is Crank Lucas and I love this websie I want to sponsor you website on our website , so we can expose this information to the general public.

  31. Astrum3

    I found your site recently and I love it. It’s funny and poignant, sarcastic and honest, and I love your socio-political view through the lens of body-building. Well done; keep up the good work. (I’ve lifted for 12 years and I work as a scientist and educator).

  32. BabyDawwen

    i am proud of this site!!! keep us informed of how natty is supposed to be! staying strong! PCE

  33. Robbie11

    I wonder what your take is on Tom Venuto who claims to be a drug free bodybuilder.

  34. Robert Jeffery

    What is your take on Tom Venuto author of the book Burn the fat feed the muscle who claims to be a lifetime drug free bodybuilder?

  35. Pedro

    Hello natty or not! Dom Mazzetti from “Broscience life” on YouTube has a decent physique, and I really really hope it is something achievable naturally. To me, he looks natural and if you look at his older videos he has not changed a bit. But his size is suspicious. Could you give me your opinion?
    Your sincerely,
    The bitter member of forever small family.

  36. Ragnaroek

    The sad thing is that it’s everytime the same story. Every big companie creates an illusion built on lies and wants us to believe that they are the good dudes out there who only want to help other people. In reality they don’t give a fuck about human rights and if they can make profit out of the suffering from other people they will do so (just watch on the weapon/oil/pharma/food/whatever industry). Sadly people are too ignorant too see the injustice of the world and don’t care about anything else than soccer (also lead by corrupt “nice guys”), their League of Legends rating and stupid facebook comments. That’s because this low moral people have success by destroying our planet/lives/future to make profit. People need to stop going through live in retard mode and wake up instead.
    At the end of the day who cares about some idiots who fuck their health up by taking steroids and claim natty? There are much worse industries out there than the fitness industry.

    Actually I really enjoy reading on this website, keep up the good work. You are one of the few people who make this world a better place.

  37. dani

    please review vegan bodybuilder karl ess. he used to be “friends” with tim gabel and i think is working with polska genetics 🙂

  38. krle

    you are still a slave to bb, and now to this site.. and as I see also looking to make a buck.. still in the rat race.. as to the articles.. see u a re struggling for subjects.. sometimes less is more.. not much to write about the stupid subject of working out anyway . just do it is sums it up

  39. Eat shit

    You’re stupid as fuck Josef Rakich is natty. You can achieve mass fullness and pop while being natty its called low body weight dip shit. He is also supposed to be where he weighs if he was six feet he would be 200 pounds. You don’t know shit about working out you sound just like that fag irongansta who is a poser that goes around bashing natty bodybuilders because he wishes he looked like them.

    1. Get rekt

      Haha another guy whose idol got exposed. Sucks to be a sheep huh?

  40. Bill Plates

    You’re a fucking hero.

    But you would be even more hero if you would try to make this “official”, instead of a shitty blog in the middle of nowhere on the internet. I don’t know, maybe a club. Some sort of “official” entity.
    You can’t fight the system by being a niche.

  41. Jamie Lissow

    Curious why you wouldn’t reach out to someone before “determining” if they are natural or not with weird science. Surely an interview with a very available Greg O’Gallagher, or anyone for that matter, would shed some light and create a more complete judgement. Just a thought.

  42. Roman

    Your site is single handedly the best, most sensible take on bodybuilding on the internet. It’s refreshing to see someone so knowledgable tell it like it is.

  43. Pat

    I liked your Natty or not edition of chest exercises. you already mentioned best arm exercises in latest post. Can you do same for shoulders, back, abs and legs? Something like (insert muscle group here) natty or not edition. That would be nice, just an idea. Thanks.

  44. Ranganathan Parthasarathy

    Hi Mr. NattyorNot,

    Good website with lots of sensible info….Please post an article on Manohar Aich – he is an ex-Mr. Universe from the 50s . I feel certain he is natty, and so he is an example who shows some benefits of staying natty life-long (while also lifting/working out). He had muscles even in his 90s, for example.

  45. Awesome

    Your Blog is absolutely awesome, it really helps people to break out of the brainwashing fitness-/ youtube-industry! Photoshop-Look is steroids, always! I’ve been on roids myself and I can tell you the difference between juiced and natural firsthand. You can get a decent physique while being natural, training and eating properly while maintaining low bodyfat%, but one can NEVER EVER become ripped AND looking full muscled naturally, neither with taking creatine nor with taking proteinpowder-garbage. Stay Clean! Spread the THRUTH!

  46. Harry Stuart

    This site is very good for the brainwashed newbies. So go on and tell about Real Functional Old School Natural Full Body Training from the early 1900 !!! And spread, that 99 % of the supplements are expensive and useless shit with nothing but fancy labels. Also tell the youth, that you don’t need bench press, you can also do band resisted pushups with exactly the same results without destroying the shoulders! And nobody needs squats and deadlifts when you can do hex-bar squats and frontsquats instead with better results and less harm to the body. Nobody even needs machines or has to be member of pricy fitness-studios. Please tell more about all the by now dead 120 – 150 kg BB freaks from the fancy magazines from the nineties who were so “fit” and full of lean muscle, that they couldn’t wipe their own asses, do a single rep of pull-ups or even take the stairs because they otherwise collapsed. Say that juiced hc BB means to be mentally ill, drug-abusing, crimminal, and self-destructing without the chance to live a nice life.

    1. Truth Seeker

      Thanks for the support man.

  47. Zyzz

    Love your site! Most of the articles really make me laugh because the situations and the people portrayed are just so recognizable. Very likeable sarcastic writingstyle also. For someone not into fitness the stereotypes may look exaggerated but they are actually spot on. A friend and I are often ranting about bodybuilders, fake natties and their dumb followers that believe everything they say no matter how obvious the lie is. Also we rant about those people who are common sense deprived and go for everything society tries to sell them. So stumbling upon this site and reading your articles I was actually surprised how many of the stories could have been written by myself. Really like it so keep up the good work.

    A hater from the Netherlands.

    1. Truth Seeker

      I am really happy that you like this site.

  48. nezgodan2

    Hi, was just reading your post about some roided crossfit chick Miranda. What caught my attention is her achievement of 1:10 400m “sprint”.. I read somewhere that that is also an elite result for crossfit men.. Now, I find it a bit funny how untalented those crosshiters are, if I as a 36 year old man with a knee problem, and 15-20 kg overweight ran the distance in 1:13 (PB). I usually run it around 1:20 a couple of times on the local track and can feel the athletic kids sneering when secretly measuring the old mans time.. 🙂 (most are around a minute or less for 400m). Needless to say, I run 5-6 times per month and only take coffee and cigarettes as supplements.. sometimes beer..

    What would be interesting is to expand your “was good, but getting dull” website outside of the gym into the world of real sports… i.e. basketball, light athletics etc.. Would really like to know what is achievable there by whom at what age as a natural sports person.. I myself was never particularly fast.. and never could find where the 200m starts.. that is why I loled so hard at the crosshiters “elite results”… just a thought.. obviously, you would have to do some research, but hey, you can start with yourself.. you should be pretty fast..

  49. nezgodan2

    p.s. what woman would want to look like Dana Bailey?

  50. Heraclitus

    You might be a bitter hater by your own admission, but I love your writing. Keep it up, I can’t wait for the next article.

  51. Liam

    Truth Seeker is……….Tyler Durden!

  52. Alvaro

    Best gym related page ever, that’s all, the sarcastic way of writting, the knowledge exposed, the will of saving naive people from the corrupted system….opened my eyes, waiting for the next article!

  53. Alvaro

    Pd: what do you think about powerexplosive? A powerlifter from my country, spain

  54. Nicolas

    Hi natty or not webmaster, thanks for the articles, you really opened a lot of minds about the industry.
    I have a request as an avid reader of yours i love when you analize youtubers, could you analize this youtuber named Ufpwrlifter he claims to be natty while doing a bench press of 410lb in a 154 bw basically a raw world record, is this real life?

  55. mrshy

    please make a review of vicsnatural aka victor costa.
    you’ll find him easy on youtube he has a fitness channel and a website.

  56. James Deen

    Hey man, you should take another look at Greg plitt. He seems to come close to the natural guide that you presented.

  57. Lasse

    Have been a reader since nattyornot. Your writings has made a great impact, fitnesswise as well as on a personal level. I made a donation, a thing i rarely if ever do, but in this case i really think it is well deserved ! Thank you so much.

    1. Truth Seeker

      Thank you for your support! I hope the site continues to be useful to you.

  58. powershrug


    I have a request for the following natural bb:

    Ig: quangbangs
    fb: quangbangs

  59. Monchy

    i was gonna ask you a review of a pair of guys but after what i’ve learned in your post it’s not necessary.
    Just letting you know that im gratefull for the time you give to all of us in your posts.
    keep it up.
    Regards from Dominican Republic

  60. Smithd892

    I will immediately grab your rss feed as I can not find your email subscription link or enewsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly let me know so that I could subscribe. Thanks. aeeeaegbckgbdeck

  61. Noel

    this site is very addictive and the articles are a real eye opener for freshers inspiring to be the big buffs shown in the magazines. Keep up the good work….greetings to you from India.

  62. Ingo

    Would like to read something on Tim Ferris, who got quite famous as well here in the German language area with his book “The Four Hour Body”.
    In that book he describes his transformation “from geek to freak”, that means how he gained 15 kg of muscle in 4 weeks steroid free. What do you think? Well, I can figure…

  63. Ben

    Hi… writting because your posts have changed the way I see weightligting, you have waken us up from the dream using a water bucket… and I cant do any other thing just say thank you. and ask you if you have any recommendation on AC sprain (acromio clavicular sprain) injuried doing bench press since april 2014 and I cant do a single dip, bench press is hard, cant go beynd 8 reps using 60kg (135 lbs), push ups are fine but I have tried to progress and I cant go beyond 15 kg (35lbs) on my back… thanks in advance. You inspire me a lot ,keep posting please. hugs

    1. Truth Seeker

      Thanks for the support, but I have no experience with similar injury.

  64. Zam

    Great site, it’s amazing that so many people still believe you can look like a cartoon character just by eating chicken and broccoli.

  65. Rob

    Fantastic blog! Exposes all them IFFBB roided up fat bellied fakes for what they really are. Can’t believe people think these guys are natural!

  66. klaudio

    tHANKS DEAR for giving us a lot of useful information about this industry thats full of liars.

  67. wqdwdwdw

    got to much of an opinion… You can watch the article about rob riches. It was a supplement, that made him fail the drug test. Get your facts together.

  68. Andrew Massefski

    I just want to say thank you for truly opening my eyes about not only the muscle industry but the lies and the truth about the entire world and system that we live in. You have truly changed my life for the better and I can now see through all of the lies, deception, and manipulation the muscle game and world uses. Thank you again and continued luck in exposing the truth. I hope some day I can do it as well.

    1. Truth Seeker

      Thank you for the support and the nice comment.

  69. Marc

    Hey, love the website, but i still miss something. I would like to see a review of some spanish gurús that are quite famous right now: such as Gero, powerexplosive or mistermarkinos..

    There is nobody on bodybuilding giving tips as they do (legit seems to me).


  70. tyro

    No new posts for a while!
    I might get caught into the matrix reading fitness magazines.

  71. Noel

    Screw your fake post you little ass ectomorph got rot in hell.

  72. Martin

    Please, remove those annoying alerts telling us to subscribe. They are terrible. You see them every few minutes even though you subscribed it. It’s as bad as the system you critize. A good example of an aggresive marketing strategy, which try to force you to do something.

    1. Truth Seeker

      I am sorry. I don’t want to be this exact way. Will try to fix it. I don’t know why it doesn’t remember you.

  73. Mia

    Guide: How To Spot A Woman On Steroids- Please explain how having breast implants means you’re on steroids…

  74. Jason

    Another self proclaimed know it all….think red sheet tabloid like the Sun newspaper….take everything you read here with a pinch of salt as this one talks and writes more than he reads…some of this stuff is utter trash but maybe his heart is in the right place. The articles are at least thought provoking.

  75. A reader

    I think your writings are deep and dark. But every time, I bust into a laughter at least once.

  76. Wade

    This website is a joke!
    1. You show no pictures of yourself or your training regimen, yet criticise others,
    2. You make dubious claims about what is attainable for a natty, yet offer no scientific evidence for those claims.
    3. You claim that deadlifts and squats will not make you strong, and that super strength is unattainable without roids, yet Arthur Saxon, Pytor Kryloff, Eugene Sandow, and many others did long before steroids.

    I can go on and on. Instead of using the internet to take your failings as a human being out on others, how about you actually try to stop limiting yourself and get strong!

    1. Cry me a River

      Yea, literally everything he says is anecdotal. “I did calf presses for 10 months and didn’t see any results, so obviously they don’t work”. Great research, moron.

    2. zoso

      maybe he does not want to be known and have all the corrupted industry after him

  77. Alexandre

    I appreciate many of your articles. There are strong suggestions you are an INTJ. I’m sure you’ll be interested in reading the God Series by Mike Hockney.

  78. Cry-Baby

    Only you would write an “article” called “My Experience with Surge Nubret’s Training” and turn it into your own therapy session of how evil and cruel the world is because you can’t make gains.

    I, and tons of other people, have made gains naturally.

    This whole website is just bitterness and every article inevitably turns into you exploding into a heap of physchological and personal issues. You’ve literally dedicated an entire site and hundreds of hours to justifying why you can’t build muscle and why lifting and muscles are stupid, yet no one even knows who the fuck you are.

    You constantly talk about how insecure people who want better bodies are and how having a nice body won’t make you happy. What about crying about that shit all day? You seem more miserable than any natty weight-lifter I know.

    I’m sorry the football platers shoved you into the locker in high school. Kids don’t know how much they can psychologically destroy someone. Try to get past it and do something productive with your life, instead of spending all your time writing about how you don’t care about lifting and no one else should either. The irony and hipocricy of this website is ridiculous.

  79. Cry me a River

    Wow, you really made a whole website to justify why you have a shitty physique. No one even knows who you are. Get a life. Every “article” turns into a completely off-topic therapy session with yourself. I could lick my monitor and taste your bitterness.

    The irony is incredible. A whole website devoted to telling people that lifting and muscles are useless when you’re natural. Plenty of natural people have great physiques. I’m sorry that you started lifting to try to look like the bloated cows that people call professional bodybuilders. Just hop on juice already so you can justify living your shitty life. It’s clear that you place all of your importance on how you look, or else you wouldn’t have an entire site just to deny that.

  80. Shane

    I appreciate your skepticism. I’m rather new to training and have been steadily sorting through what I can identify as useful information, ignorance and intentional obfuscation for profit.

    I actually found this site after seeing one too many embedded unrealistic advertisements in T-Nation articles about a supplement called plazma. It’s both reassuring and dissapointing to have confirmation of my suspicions that their greasy looking spokesmodels are juiced to the gills.

    Taking steroids or not is a personal choice, but misleading the ignorant with an ideal they can never achieve strikes me as sadistic.

    I’m glad that I found something sane to read regarding weight training and not more “train till your biceps tear… THEN KEEP TRAINING! ONLY PUSSIES LET INJURIES HEAL” type articles.

  81. Vangelis

    Great site and info….i was wondering if you could also analyze Bradley Martin…natty or not??

  82. Mahatma Gandhi

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

  83. nattyornot sucks hairy sacss

    nobody cares about your site and you delete most of your negative comments cause you scared what people think and you make up the good comments. what a crock

  84. PV

    Hey! I was curious to know if Mehdi from Stronglifts 5×5 is a natural?

    1. Truth Seeker

      Don’t know much about him. Could be natty.

    2. Fatman

      If Mehdi is on steroids, then steroids don’t work.

      1. Truth Seeker

        You don’t have to be on tons of gear to be on gear.

        1. Fatman

          But Mehdi… seriously now. If he’s on any amount of gear, that’s a waste of gear.

          1. Truth Seeker

            I am not saying he is 100% using. My point is that you don’t have to be huge to be taking. There are big doses and small doses, and when it comes to the latter, you can never know who is on and who is off.

  85. sLaYeR

    Hey man greetings from Mexico, really appreciate that you share some light in a world full of darkness, you open the Pandora’s Box sharing some truth, hope you don’t decline with this task, and a BIG FUCK YOU to all the truth haters and pins & needles junkies.

    1. Truth Seeker

      Thanks for the support. I won’t stop unless they kill me. hahha

  86. Rich

    Could you do an article on some taller guys? I’m thinking like Aaron Reed or even strongmen like Hafthor. Most of the people on here are 5’6-6’0. Who’s an example of what a natty my height (6’7) could look like? Your site is pretty beast, you’re the only person I know who does this. Respect!

  87. John Wee

    I’ve tried different routines over maybe 6-7 years without much results. Being skinny most of my life I surely struggled to put on muscle. Changing to heavy duty was like the best thing I could’ve done! I mean one set to failure, none of that warmup sets and one final set – yes one warmup with 50% weight followed by a one allout set to failure!
    In the past two years I have made more progress in all of those 6-7 years of higher volume training. I train a bodypart once every seven days, with two different sessions a week.

    PS You mention that Mentzer used steriods, well so did Arnold! Heavy duty works perfectly for me. That’s all I’m saying

  88. Sam

    Sean Nalewanynj! His physique is suspicious 🙁 Even though he is such a NICE guy ! Also, love your website! You really opened my eyes and helped me progress with your training cycles ideas 🙂

  89. Pépé LePieux

    Hey, pal, what you said about the “here and now” philosophy in your discussion of some scumbag named Gallagher from kinbody dot com is extremely intelligent and perceptive.

    It’s my first time here, and obviously this is not a philosophy or mysticism website. I was just searching to see if the guy who goes by the name kinbody is indeed a douchebag (which he is), and I fell upon your piece.

    There’s nothing more nauseating than this new age garbage of “living in the moment” and, as you point out, nothing more unnatural and moronic. Men are being turned into hybrid mutant half-pussies and half-Bruce Jenners buying into this type of garbage mentality. A man, a real man, lives and dies for double-fisted skull crushing vengeance … when he’s not settling scores, he’s burning with rage planning his move. However … above all living in peace and harmony with Nature and others, but when trouble comes knocking, he never leaves home without his Glock21, 44-Magnum and the 12-inch K-Bar. We can never progress into the future in our individual lives until we have faced and have come to grips with the past in all its raw and brutal ugliness. Bury the hatchet and move on? Sure, I will move on, after I’ve buried the hatchet in the scumbag’s skull.

  90. Alf

    Get a life. Citing Arnold’s steroid usage is ignorant. He didn’t even have proper nutrition till he got to the States. He’s spent hours in the gym literally wasting himself. And he would do it day after day without letting the muscles recover. So only thanks to steroids he was able to gain results in the first place. Nowadays the science of bodybuilding is insanely great so comparing contemporary BB to Arnold’s time BB is irrelevant.

  91. B

    Keep up the great work and don’t be discouraged by ignorant people.

  92. Charles Darwin

    I took this blog seriously until I read this passage:

    “I do not believe in evolution as a creation theory. To me this is just a made up concept for people who seem to have their right brain hemisphere (creativity and spirituality) shut down hard.”

    I now can’t take what you say seriously. You blast people for being ignorant and peddling unscientific bullshit yet you shoot down a scientifically proven theory as big as evolution in the most unscientific and nonchalant way. Please tell me that there is some kind of bigger irony I am not seeing this.


    1. Truth Seeker

      No, it’s not an irony. I don’t believe in evolution. I think it’s a lie.

  93. Johnny Hopkins

    I love the website for its realistic views on bodybuilding and fitness. Your blog is not the only one out there raising these issues. I do want to mention that the IFBB is creating a new competition class called “Classic Physique.” They define it as an individual with mass without the size of a bodybuilder. I hope I am describing it correctly. The organization is trying to open up competitions for all sizes and physiques, but those classic guys will eventually become the “size monsters” we see in classic bodybuilding. Keep telling the truth and be careful.

    1. Truth Seeker

      Thank you for the support.

  94. Curious.

    Would be great speak about, Calum von moger, sergi constance and other like this….

  95. juicer

    is it possible to bench 405 natural? I can bench 95 for 4 reps and i was thinking about buying creatine… plz respond

  96. Powerlifter

    The author of these articles seems to have an extremely skewed view of…pretty much anything related to exercise/exercise physiology/pharmacology…etc.


  97. 00Potato

    You should make an article on Blaha(the guy who claims he’s a former mercanary and shit..). He’s a perfect example of the insane/delusional people in the fitness world who work out to cover for their insecurities

  98. Rohan Joseph George

    I don’t know what to say. I’ve been working out for a long time, intensely. I haven’t even got a decent chest. I thought it was my fault. I still want to think that. The truth seems just…..too harsh…

  99. John Smith

    How many banana plantation workers in a third world country prematurely die in average per 1000 kilograms of the exported product? How many pigs die in average per 1000 kilograms of pork?

    One could rephrase your misleading article into a single phrase: “Impossibility to be 100% ethical means a good excuse to be 0% ethical”. Is it what you have tried to tell us?

    BTW did you know that besides killing of 199 animal individuals an average meat eater consumes yearly about 61 kilograms of soybeans grown in a “third world country” ? An average vegan consumes only 6 kilograms of soybeans yearly.

  100. BigDBandit

    Dude, what the fuck, cmon… when is the book dropping .
    Oh, and thanks for this website, I would still be trapped in the fitness bs like a fucking retard if it wasnt for you.
    I will be forever grateful.

    1. Truth Seeker

      Very soon. Thank you for your patience.

  101. Aussie girl

    This website is fantastic .. At first I felt like I did when I found out Santa wasn’t real .. For a couple of days it really got me down .. Knowing I had been a fool and been duped.

    I would really like you to look at my fav bikini athletes .. Justine Munro, Ashley Kaltwasser, sheena Jayne anderson .. In fact all of the top ifbb girls .. Tell me .. Could they all not be natural? What about Paige Hathaway?
    Am I killing myself training /dieting when really to get those results I need a course of Anavar ?
    Thanks for waking me up .. I really thought natural meant natural .. I’m still hoping the bikini pros are in fact natural

    Love your posts can’t wait for your book

  102. Notare

    What do you think of the generic bulking routine?

  103. Mad hater

    Guess your dreams always end.

    1. Truth Seeker

      It’s coming very soon.

  104. Glen Edy

    Can you please do a nattyornot on Brooks Kubik?

    He wrote one of the most inspiring books on strength training in modern times and claims to be against drugs. Awesome book. But I still think he’s lying. The guy benched 407# at a bodyweight of 220# with a flat back (zero technique, all muscles) in nothing but a singlet. And based on my knowledge of the bench press and having been around world class powerlifters, I’m quite sure that’s absolutely impossible. Not without an arch in the back, not for a natural and even a tough feat for a user.

  105. dmitry

    Thank you so much TruthSeeker.

  106. anon

    I am very grateful for this website. I’d still be a delusional mong thinking I can be 225 lbs shredded natty, especially on my frame (6 feet tall, 5.8 inch wrists) that is impossible. After I stopped comparing myself to roid users and people with way more favorable genetics I have to say there was a certain feeling of relief when I realized I have an above average body and strength levels for my frame.
    I l’m looking forward for the book and just wanted to say thank you and I’m very grateful.

  107. Hugo

    Your book is amazing. I really feel represented by its words. Very acid and yet very honest, smart and true. I’m still in page 59 and I already love it. Great job! Congrats.

    1. Truth Seeker

      Thank you for the support. I hope you enjoy the rest too.

  108. Franck

    Hey i bought your Book. i wanted let you know that you are really a genius. your writing skills are really great. keep the good stuff.

    1. Truth Seeker

      This has to be the best compliment I have received in the past 8 years. Thank you for the support.

  109. sLaYeR

    Hey brother, i am reading your book and i share the opinion of the majority of your readers, you are a genius, i don´t want to sound like i am a genius too, but in my humble opinion, it´s fine to justify your “fuck the system” mode like every one of us seeking the truth, but it seems that the system won the battle against you, you became what this fuckers wants to, a nihilist that believes they will continue to do this for the eternity, all this duality needs to be transformed into unity, you need to stop lurking in the dark waters with all of this rage and hate and truly realize that this deceit have expiration date, so you have the guts to search within you and realize this, or you will spend your efforts, energy and life supporting this need of hating every aspect of life, just what they teach us and want us to do. Just like you say in your book, we need to serve and please the universe, because there is great tribulation upon us all, but the universe needs all of us with open eyes and open minds too, to stop this corruption and all this decrepit narcissistic psychophats bigots. Keep on the good work “truth seeker”, keep on searching.
    Greetings form Mexico.

  110. Ola

    Whats your opinion on back to the wall headstand pushups? Do you think they can work as only pressing exercise for the uppdr body together with pull ups? Or do you think dips are far superior?

    1. Truth Seeker

      Dips seems much better to me. But anything can work if you put it in the right machine.

  111. Jack

    Hey, so when I found this site last year january i was 15, now im 16 and im still lifting last year I had plans to be the next Natural Mr. Olympia. Then I googled “Is (bodybuilder I can’t remember) natural?” And I was directed to nattyornot.com and I was told how he was not natural. After that I’ve pretty much every article here and you’ve changed the way I think about bodybuilding. It’s less optimistic, but it’s more honest. I haven’t been discouraged, I’ve just learnt to do it for the enjoyment and discipline I learn from it. Thanks nattyornot guy!

  112. Gregg

    Hey, faggot! U suck. I am pretty sure ur book sucks too. Mad brah!?

    peace out anyway

  113. S

    I´ve been stuck now for 2.5 years strengthwise on pullups. I maxed out my weighted pullups at +40kg x 2 reps and 21 bodyweight reps (at 82kg bw). Half a year later I was down to 17-19 reps and +40kg x 1 rep and I´ve been stuck here ever since. Ive mostly trained with full body workouts 3 times a week, 3 exercises each workout (Pullups/Chins, Dips/OHP, Pistols/Bulgarian Lunge) for 3 sets of 3-8 reps.

    Do you have some thoughts on why it could be that im not progressing? My form is pretty good and I´ve been very consistent all through this time.

    1. Truth Seeker

      What methods did you use to get to that level?

      Have your tried some form of cycling?

      Guys much stronger than me say that in order to get to massive chin-up numbers you have to treat them like a main lift.

  114. S

    Found my notes from around that time when I maxed on pullups, I basically did two types of workouts around that time. Either Full Body every other day or upper/lower/off/repeat

    On upper/full body days I either did 3-5 sets of bodyweight pullup, rings archer pullups or reverse pyramide weighted pullups (+30kg x3-5 –> +20kg x5-8, +10kg x8-12)
    I also did 3-5 sets of pushup variations or dip variations.

    Before I saw through some of the workout days now I kinda thought that I must have worked out pretty smart back then, but seeing back at the notes it looks a bit like a mess. As it was a mix of Kinobody´s reverse pyramide style training on Weighted Pullups and convict conditioning on Handstand pushups, pistols, bridges, l-sits, pushups. Got me some decent results though. This was back in late 2013 that I had my last PRs on Pullups. Around this time I put all my attention into training, so I guess I would get some good progress whatever I did.

    But in 2014 I started focusing a bit more on school and studied abroad for a semester so I kinda just tried to maintain the strength, atleast thats what I told myself when I didnt make gains anymore. I came back around Christmas and didnt train before January 1st 2015 but I suddenly got some big PRs again (100kg x 4 reps in bench up from 2 reps, and 180kg deadlift without belt up from 160kg)
    I could not make sense of this as I felt like a weak sissy most of 2014 as I couldnt get close to my Dip and Pullup strength from 2013.

    Forward to 2015 and 2016 I´ve done Full Body workouts mon, wed, fri pretty much consistensly every week, trying to add reps or weight to chins and dips/hespu but havnt gotten past my old PRs still.

    Last few weeks I´ve switched over to doing full body twice a week instead and doing my Chins and Dips preferably on rings (weighted ring dips & chins) and I´ve seen some steady progress again which has been enjoyable.

    But now I´m travelling for a year and probaly wont be able to add weight to my ring dips and ring chins, so I guess I´ll be working on progressing to some harder variations of dips and chins on rings instead, I´m thinking Ring Turned Out Dips and Archer Chins, what do you think?

    Became a pretty long story there 😛

  115. Mason

    Dear Truth Seeker: I have been working out with weights for 38 years now (age 23 to age 61 -pls check my math) and my calves still will not grow even when I followed Arnroids advice of doing calf raises with 1000# for 15 sets of 20 reps every other day which he apparently stole from Reg Hercules Park. My self esteem suffers greatly when I wear bermuda shorts and black knee-high socks to avoid calf-shame. Do you have any advice?

    1. Truth Seeker

      Man, just let go and live your life.

      That’s the only advice I can give you.

      I know it’s frustrating but it is what it is.

  116. Warmach1ne

    Please never quit this site ! U are only one… 😉 You open my minds and eyes…. I go throw out all my supplements ^^

  117. Hugo

    Truth Seeker, I’ve read your new Training Focus book. It is really good, full of valuable information and the usual eye opening comments about the muscle world. If I may give you a suggestion, I believe that people would really like if you added at least one detailed training program, including exercises, sets, reps, days of the week, progression, etc. You provide the rationale and principles in the book, but most guys (me included) find it challenging to build a training program from scratch. Keep up the good work.

    1. Truth Seeker

      Thank you for the support.

  118. GailQTozer

    Heya! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my
    new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog
    and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the outstanding work!

    1. Truth Seeker

      Thank you for the support.

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    kind of info written in such an ideal means? I have a mission that I
    am just now running on, and I have been at the look out for such info.

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    Hey man what happened to IronGangsta? I really enjoyed the content there :\

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Currently, it’s in a menopause. Can’t say it will stay that way forever though.

  121. Esteban Malsana

    Shoulder impingement through Overhead Press / Handstand Push-up: Doing a little research on the internet and talking with a physiotherapist, I am still pretty confused about whether the acromion impinges tendons and ligaments of rotator cuff during the entire movement of the above two exercises and what is the role of the shrug at the top of the Overhead Press.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I don’t know what’s the problem. I’ve never had shoulder impingment from the overhead press.

  122. PiggyPermabulker

    I bought your book about Training Focus and read it completely in one night. Especially the part about how to do proper Deadlift and that the mixed grip puts way more stress on the lower back, helped me to do proper Deadlift with at least something between 1.1x/1.2x BW without pain in the lower back. What do you think about the racklift? Did you ever take in consideration to take steroids ? Keep up your amazing blog and please make some new nattyornot Reviews.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thanks for the massive support. I am very happy that you have found something useful that you can apply directly to your training. Rack pulls are a good upper back exercise. I’ve done it only a few times. Looks fun. I may take steroids if I need them for health purposes. Currently, the side effects are not worth the trouble for me.

      1. Merky

        Are you ripped? What are your stats? I like your website btw.

  123. Jodie

    Truth seeker I love your website but would love it more if you had a look at the ifbb bikini girls, Ashley Kaltwasser, justine Munro, narmin, stephanie mahoe etc .. Can you please do an analysis on those girls and tell us if that’s achievable naturally? Thank you

    1. PiggyPermabulker

      I think there is already an analyse about women and steroid usage. If they got abs and developed shoulders they are juicing. Even if they aren’t on test/tren to build lean mass many of them take some drugs to reduce while keeping the lean muscle mass they gained before.

  124. Nicholas Z.

    I can’t believe a book written by a guy who calls himself “truthseeker” turned out so good. I liked it better than Le Candide by Voltaire. lol

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support. I am happy that you liked it.

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    Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing
    around your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  126. You're Pathetic

    Typical NattyorNot reader says:
    “Oh no, my pathetic muscle won’t grow, but I’m too much of a pussy to take roids”

    1. Zher0

      I think the NattyorNot reader is getting smart enough to ignore some comments. Period.

    2. Merky

      Lmaooooo u mad that we are natty and don’t take roidz because we want to achieve things through hard work(agh that was a terrible argument). u mad that we aren’t so desperate to take roidz and waste money on pointless stuff, bruv? I’m kidding, forget about the insults, but just because someone doesn’t want steroids doesn’t make them a “p*ssy.” Being between a women’s legs does, however. It’s just that they care about their health.(well, it can be argued that roidz only accentuate whatever characteristics you already have and the media portrays roidz in a bad manner than what they really are.)

  127. alfie

    roids will make what you can do natty in 5 years in 18 months with 2 course of roids you can then abuse them and get futher but im telling you train and eat right after a few years people hater will say your on roids anyway

  128. Lasse Høi

    Regarding your article “The Truth About Powerlifting Squats”, could you please elaborate on how the ROM of a high bar squat is greater than the ROM of a low bar squat?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Technically, it’s about execution rather than style, but the whole point of low bar is to lift more and people stop at parallel or slightly below. Besides, ATG low bars require more flexibility and defeat the purpose of the exercise, to be honest.

      1. Lasse Høi

        Ok thank you, I will check if I can go deeper on the highbar.

  129. Javier

    You have literally changed my life, saved me from future embarrassment and have given me the equivalent of the red pill. Honestly life wouldn’t be the same without you

    Other than exposing the system and talking about REAL bodybuilding in general, every article you write has a life lesson in it, something to learn about, whether you put it in intentionally or not. Respect for your English too bro. One of the best and always a pleasure to read your damn eye-opening articles as your language and the content are seemingly one, beautifully inseparable from one another.
    You’re an inspiration and I sincerely wish that there will be more people like you in the future so that the others may be helped.
    Have my respect and eternal gratitude.
    Don’t know whether you believe in a God but my prayers are for you to succeed and for your well-being

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the massive support! Good luck to you too!

  130. Roland

    in the 80´s there was “my” time doing workouts in hope for gaining muscles.
    It worked – with some limits.
    After 3 years of hard work you could see some “structure”, nice shape but never spectacular mass oder definition. I was looking fit and healthy but I was never as spectacular as the big guys in the gym. Asking my coach what I am doing wrong he stated, that I do anything and everything pretty right, BUT I have to do a cure.
    “Well, you have to take much Steroids – a cure of three months will bring you in good progress and your appearence and performance will change dramatically. …”
    I never followed his advice because another guy in the gym (competition bodybuilder) got serious liver problems and most of all he was no more able of peeing when sitting, because his prostate was swollen permanently of his roid abuse (he told me when he struggled especially hard with his bad health) .
    I am glad that I never did steroids. Fuck the prices and all the fame when you have to pay such a high price in the most valuable currency: With your health.
    Love from Germany 🙂

  131. Hates

    Hey hater,
    ‘A Hater’s Synthesis’ is a remarkable piece of work. Thanks for writing it and accepting a few measly coins as a token gesture for sharing.
    Another hater,

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support!

  132. Robert

    I was going to start a blog which clears all bullshit and how a natural should train but you already covered it all. Truly remarkable and I like your type of humour! HarryTheBicepsFlexKilla my favourite character.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you man!

  133. Justin

    Dude, awesome work on exposing the fake natties and slap the reality into the novice face.
    Where do I need to refer to make a donation to your site, I love the way you convey the message with sense of humour. Somehow remind me of the late ‘George Carlin the word smith’

  134. Paul

    A word is not enough, but I’ll try : intellihonest. You are an intelligent and honest man. Keep up the good work ! Respect from Romania.

  135. simon

    where the hell did the search function go??

  136. Jollibee

    Hi, can you do one on Mario Tomic?

  137. Chris Van Houten

    A Hater’s Synthesis is one of the finest books I have ever had the privilege of reading. I feel so stupid for having bought the whole bodybuilding game for so long. 2 years of supplements and heavy lifting have resulted in very little noticeable gains. Thanks for pulling the wool off of my eyes and I very much enjoyed all of the additional topics covered in this great book. Thank you for the free copy!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I am happy that you liked it.

      Thank you for the support.

  138. Christian

    Hello Sir, Bro, homie?! I would like to ask you 2 questions, one of them is how can i buy “a hater’s synthesis” cause i already boutgh the other 2 books and i enjoyed them a lot especially “e-mu$cle” and when i subscribed for the other free book (a hater’s synthesis) , I actually got e-mu$cle again for free lol… so i would like to know how i can buy “a hater’s synthesis” since it is the only one that i am missing and i couldn’t get it for free :/
    And the second question is there is any book that you recommend for entrepreneurs or financials topics?
    Hope everything makes senses
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Go back to the mail you received after subscribing. And click on the link. It contains everything.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      As natural as sex in a bottle.

  139. Brien Todio

    I am so proud I came across your site. You really have opened my eyes with the truth, especially with your philosophy and view of the the world in general. I am always looking forward to more of your new brilliants posts, I learned so much from you, Forever grateful, Keep up the great work! Respect.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the kind words.

  140. Visto

    when are you gonna do a review of Mike Matthews??!

  141. Kai Heath

    Thanks for the website. When I stumbled upon it i was merely a boy, 6ft tall 105lbs at 37% bf. After reading some articles n shit I am now beating the pussy off left n right with my 6’2 210lb 4%bf frame. Couldn’t be happier, thx m8.

  142. Gabe

    Incredible content. Love the no bs, stripped-of-fat knowledge.

    I have been slapping people in the face with knowledge bombs at the gym, ever since I found this site.

    Thank you for the effort and all the work you put into your site. The eBooks are gold!

  143. Max

    You’re definitely one of those bloggers of whom I wish they were around when I was 18.

    It’s remarkable how people labeling somebody as ‘bitter” just because that person says things that have to be said (what’s wrong with bitterness anyway?).

    In my view you’re the black pill amongst fitness bloggers. There’s always only so much one can do but it isn’t futile (That’s my interpretation of the “black pill” idea. Nowadays its associated with “nihilism” which isn’t what the “black pill” originally stood for.)

    I’d like to say “Keep up the good work” but it looks as if everything that has to be said has already been said. Can you tell us which direction you’re going to take with your blog?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support.

  144. Alonso Alvar-Anal-Organza

    You website sucks and is perfect in the same time. Sucks because you write articles so rarely these days. The rest is perfect.

  145. therealshady

    Hey dude,
    I can still remember when you started this site. I really like to see how it has evolved. The blog posts you write nowadays are gold too. Even though you are fighting a losing battle, don’t stop. You’re actually a really good writer.

  146. Nade

    What are your views on Menno Henselman being Natty??


  147. ettore

    your advice is awesome, i learned a lot of things about the world of lifting and what’s around it.
    I hope you will write more articles, sorry for bad english. Thank you from Italy

  148. Balotelli

    Read your new book in an hour. Loved it. It seems very good for us – the young natties distracted by YouTube and social media.

    Greetings from Italy.

    Keep up the good work, bro.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you, Balotelli. I hope that you like it once you finish it. Good luck.

  149. BigPopa

    Thank you for writing that book bro. It’s better than the ones before. You have improved. Keep killing it. GL

  150. Danilo

    Quite a rare and precious stone, actually…found by chance and reading everything you write…you are gifted with the very uncommon talent to disclose the way World works starting from a little sight of it, philosophy at its best!

    Hope to meet you in person one day!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the wonderful words.

  151. Tempus omnia revelat

    Love this site. 37 years powerlifting, running, (I know) and general all round athletics fan. At least up to 1999 when I reluctantly accepted the reality that PEDs have reached up from the basements of the world to the podiums of everything from local to Olympic level……in all sports requiring strength and speed. Now its everywhere, guys at 5’6 and 67kgs squatting 200+ with ease, benching ×2 bodyweight, deadlifting up x4 bodyweight and taking just enough gear to maintain the illusion on the net they are natural and with no respect for their fellow man and woman spout endless narcissistic lies about how ‘hard work pays off’…….groans and disgust. I have lifted and worked and lived among seriously strong tough minded dedicated men who could never hit those numbers and never did. This new breed of so called ‘smart’ trainers are a disgrace to themselves by claiming natural and they dishonour all. They grossly inflate records, skew perceptions of what is possible and dispirit many leading to the if you can’t beat them join them mentality. These fakes and flakes are a public menace. Keep up the good work. I love the overall style, info and sometimes feel like I had written the very things I read on your site. That is how I know I have found a home for this lifetime drug free lifter. Thank you.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support. I am very happy that you like the site. 🙂

  152. BigBonedFella

    I have been reading this site since 2014. So far so good. I have a slight criticism, though. The design could be better. Work on it, homie. Potential is a good fucking book by the way. Loved it.

  153. Idontknow

    I won’t lie. At first I thought that you were a complete idiot. But as it often happens in life, irony hit me and made me realize that sometimes things are not as they seem. You live and learn. Keep doing the work. Greetings from the moon (once again).

  154. Ross Lunato

    I’m 53 years old and I am beginning weight lifting. I found your site while cruising the net. Looking forward to achieving my goals with your sage advice.

  155. John

    Thanks man.

    You are truly talented at writing with a good sense of humor. I am glad you are able to inform the community at large with what is realistically possible as a natural bodybuilder. Deceit in the bodybuilding community is at an all time high these days due to rampant use of social media with money being involved.

  156. Kamlesh

    Hi, thank you for all your wisdom and knowledge, its helped me a lot, ive even bought your book Potential, its a very good read, opened my eyes to a lot of things. I am more realistic towards my goals. Once again thank you!!!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support.

  157. Nade

    Pls do a blog on current “Evidence Based” fitness people like Mike Matthews, Menno Henselmans, Gallant Bodybuilding,
    Jeff Nippard and more.

  158. M

    Absolutely enlightened to read correct information. I started bodybuilding thinking I would soon be close to Arnold with hard work and good plan, wasted lots of money on B$ supplements, endless amount of time listening and watching $experts then soon came the disappointment of truth about “celebrity nattys”.

    NattyOrNot corroborates what I learned much afterwards. A definitely recommended read for youngsters so they avoid cheapos and cheaters.

    Keep up the good work TruthSeeker.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support.

  159. Raivis

    Man with clear contect who is not confused in this world,great content!

  160. R.J.

    You provide us with a rational approach in a largely irrational fitness industry. Your writing also has improved as the months have gone by.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support.

  161. Justin

    You rip on Rip but there seems to be more agreement than there is disagreement, on the broad themes: focus on proper execution of exercises, growth through progressive adaptation to increasing stress, a disdain for gimmicks and shortcuts. It’s important to recognize that Starting Strength as its name implies is a strength program, not a bodybuilding program, and Rippetoe has never attempted to conceal his contempt for aesthetics. It is clear from Rippetoe’s programming book that the primary goal is to prepare athletes for sport, and that peacocking is secondary. You scorn “perma-bulking” but even your own nutritional recommendations exceed what scrawny people consume (RDA is 50 g protein, and that’s just about what I was eating formerly as a twig), so broadly speaking you don’t disagree with the idea of eating big to get big, just with how big “big” is. I read your criticisms of his approach primarily as a caution to choose your program and nutrition based on what your goals are.

    Anyway, thank you for setting realistic expectations for the gains that can be achieved naturally, for forcing reflection on what my motivations are, and to be on guard against obsession and addiction. In your books you seem to generalize the realism about the bodybuilding industry into a broader social commentary about being vigilant to the influence that other people and physical things have over us and what freedom really is. Frankly, I wasn’t looking for a social studies lesson or philosophy lecture, but I don’t disagree with your rejoinder to Fight Club — “the things you don’t own end up owning you” too.

    There is a small irony in your counsel against spending lots of time analyzing information from the Internet, at the same time writing e-books and a web site, all containing lots of material to read and think about. You also say that “every guru is a promoter of exercises” while promoting exercises.

  162. Michael DeFilippi

    The Chuck Palahniuk of Fitness. Bless you

  163. Mattias the working man

    Thank you for your excellent write-ups regarding the whole fitness-con-industry.
    It would be really interesting to read a piece about why professional sprinters look a lot like bodybuilders, are they on juice or what is the deal?

  164. John Ambrose

    This entire website is a joke. I’m 5’6 220 pounds natty with about 16% bodyfat, I can easily get to 190 or so and be sub 15%. If you’re not an idiot, you understand macronutrient timing, and you train hard you can easily put on real size. Your whole site strokes the bum of pathetic losers who think that everyone bigger and stronger than them is using gear. WRONG you’re too weak minded and weak willed to put in the time for proper diet and training. I eat 5 regimented meals every day, and I train 4 days a week for 90-120 minutes. Stop making excuses and get stronger.

    1. AverageJoe

      Every person has different genetic make-up. You must have decent genetics to be 5’6″ at 220. I have to eat 5-6 times a day in order to maintain 165lbs at 5’10”. I’m athletic but definitely not big. When I’m not working, I have hobbies that take up a lot of energy and time. I still make time to train 5 days a week, split program for 60-90 minutes at a time. Unless I cut out all other high calorie activities and focused strictly on increasing volume, I don’t think I’ll get much bigger. That said, I don’t think I’d get bigger without some kind of juice, not unless I trained for many, many years (and then would only see maybe 20% of what I’d otherwise see on juice).

      This website is the first truthful website I’ve seen. The facts speak for themselves. There are no natty Arnold’s in the world. There are no natty Franco’s. You can get fit, sure. You can’t get huge, not unless you are that genetic profile.

      Be real, dude.

  165. Newbie Lifter

    I really like the site, entertaining content to read, keep it up!

  166. TL

    Thank you for the great articles and books.
    Keep doing what you do!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support.

  167. IlluminatedOne

    This is the first site I’ve come across that reinforces what I’ve personally felt all these years. Without juice/gear, you won’t ever get a great physique (excluding genetic freaks and speaking in realistic terms). Thank you, especially for your blunt honesty that has gotten me in so much trouble and made me feel that I have to hide the truth in order to co-exist with the zombies of society. It’s refreshing to see I’m not alone.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support.

    2. realitybites

      It gets worse – most people won’t get a decent physique even on gear 🙂

  168. Tien

    Please make an article on John Hansen. His physique is unbelievable.

  169. Moti

    I bought the last book you published and quickly landed on chapter 7. But had to say that chatper 6 ‘ naked photos from hell’ was a killer.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support. 🙂

  170. Big Dick Energy

    “To this day, I use this method for warming up. I say “hi”, stay to see their reaction and right when they are about to open their mouth I say “bye” and leave them hanging thinking “WTF!!!”. You will love it.”
    I lose it when your sense of humour unexpectedly rears its head. Thanks.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for your support 🙂

  171. Poopoopeepee

    Lol just do a cycle bro

  172. Prof Plum

    This site as got me thinking a lot about what my goals are in the gym, and even about the wider nature of human interaction (what do women REALLY want – from my experience, Truth is spot on) … and even the nature of real happiness.

    Like many men, I want to look good, I want to look like a guy in control of his life. I am not looking to look like a roided body builder.

    The work out info in here are actually the best I have read on the web.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support. 🙂

  173. Aoi

    The best fitness and modern day philosophy site! A true gem for men trying to find a way trapped in the labyrinth.

  174. Maikel

    You are right about the story from zyzz. Even with less gains I feel better then I felt with my old life (gains, a lot of sex with hot girls, money, drugs but still felt empty from within). It’s not real happiness. Real happiness comes from within. Happy with more simple stuff now in everyday life. The God from this world traps us and the real creator is all loving and pure. Thx bro for your story, it’s real and I am the living proof. Since I live and follow the bible I feel wholesome and good even with no gains or money.

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