A Hater’s Synthesis II

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A Hater’s Synthesis II: No More Dreams focuses heavily on the dating world (from a male point of view) and the effect of the Internet on the psyche and our self-assessment.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: They still want you….3
Chapter 2: The Creation of Your Habits….6
Chapter 3: The Myth Called Change….10
Chapter 4: Work or Slavery?….13
Chapter 5: Technological Addiction, Control, Social Media….19
Chapter 6: Sex – The Puppet Master….25
Chapter 7: Selective Breeding and Restructuring of Society through Manipulation of the Female Mind…34
Chapter 8: What has “niceness” ever gotten you?….39
Chapter 9: On Police Movies, Force and Violence….42
Chapter 10: The Scam Known as Dating….46
Chapter 11: The Dangers of Dropping Out of Society as a Male….55
Chapter 12: Texting – A Man’s Nightmare….58
Chapter 13: Exposing the Online Alpha Blueprint….70
Chapter 14: The Detrimental Effect of the Internet on The Human Condition….75
Chapter 15: The Truth About Approaching Women….84
Chapter 16: Why I Had to Become a Sociopath….100
Chapter 17: The Internet Theoreticians….105
Chapter 18: Is MGTOW the Solution?….107
Chapter 19: Detox Yourself of Internet Opinions….111
Chapter: 20 Understanding the Black Pill….113
Chapter 21: Regain Your Attention Span….118
Chapter 22: No More Dreams….121

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

They still want you.

The conspiracy scholars say that modern money has become worthless because it’s no longer backed by gold. This isn’t actually true. Money is as valuable as ever. It may have lost its golden skeleton, but we are still here.

The sole fact that the employees wake up every day and do their work so that the economic mechanism can continue to turn renders money exquisite. Yes, if tomorrow people go to the banks and demand their funds, error 404 will appear on the universal screen. Realistically, however, that will not happen. Even if it does, the consequent revolution will lead us to the beginning of the circle soon enough.

The system does not need gold when it has us. Without people willing to work, precious metals are worthless from an economic standpoint. The most inestimable resource in the human world are not things but people. The servitude and the production force of a man are worth more than gold, silver and platinum combined. They are the true resource that the elite wants. When we purchase goods and services, we are buying a piece of another human’s life. A piece that he or she had dedicated (usually unwillingly) to the product in our hands.

A man who does not bind to the tribal norms which include a perpetual economic servitude suffers a painful sentence in the form of social isolation. The conditioning of the human mind has reached a dangerous point of no return. We never really ask ourselves – why are we working? We just do it.

Work in itself is not bad. We are going to do it regardless of the social layer we occupy. The sadness manifests when you become a dehumanized controlled individual trapped in a position of exploitation.

The world’s structure is designed to extract something from everybody. The grand mechanism sees you as a resource. They want you to give them your:

  1. Potential in all of its forms.
  2. Energy and cognitive prowess.
  3. Creativity.
  4. Sexual desire (they abuse it to create products that benefit them culturally and financially).
  5. Labor.
  6. Time.
  7. Money.
  8. Children

As long as you live and breathe, you have something to give. And as long as you have something to give, there will be someone willing to take it.

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