A Desert In The Sky

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A Desert in the Sky is a fiction book starring Harry TheBicepsFlexKilla – a character present in many stories on the site.

Harry is a man trying to survive in a gynocentric world that seems to hate him no matter what. Women and society’s coldness become the main source of his suffering.

Many of the love stories in the book are inspired by what happened to me over the years, especially this summer. Unfortunately, women left me dead inside.

However, I am not Harry. Harry is a collection of many personages, and I just happen to be one of them. Some of the events in the book have never taken place.

If you like A Hater’s Synthesis, you will probably like this book. Both present similar ideas but in two different formats. A Hater’s Synthesis 1 and 2 are philosophical books whereas A Desert In the Sky is realistic fiction.

This is the most emotional book I have written so far.

I dedicate it to all the hearts that find themselves in it.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Tinder Cam Whore
Chapter 2: Biceps Pump
Chapter 3: The Giraffe
Chapter 4: The Apartment
Chapter 5: The Actress
Chapter 6: Naked Photos from Hell
Chapter 7: Perception
Chapter 8: Overcharge
Chapter 9: The free sandwich
Chapter 10: Simone
Chapter 11: Rolling
Chapter 12:  A Desert in the Sky

Excerpt from Chapter 1: The Tinder Cam Whore

The entire three-bedroom apartment was empty, and yet Harry TheBicepsFlexKilla found himself isolated in his room once again as if everybody was present. Hugged by the light of his smartphone connected to an outlet with the help of a 2-meter cable allowing comfortable use of the device while charging, Harry fired up Tinder – a digital drug that had synthesized a lifetime of turbulence within his heart. Despite the accumulated disappointment and pain, Harry couldn’t help himself. His instinct and despair were too strong for the skeleton supporting his dignity and rationality.

Harry was not an ugly guy. Throughout his life, many people, predominantly soccer moms, had even called him handsome on many occasions. Yet he was not doing so well on Tinder. Women on the Internet were mean to him. He would rarely match with a girl that didn’t own the face of a witch and the body of a lard collector. And when that would happen, she would either unmatch him after the first line or make him walk on thin ice only to ghost him a few days later.

To battle the odds, Harry had developed a palette of tactics designed to overcome both – the app itself and the women on it. Why the app? Because it was mean to him too. It offered a paid boost, but the effect was short-lived. He would get a few more matches upon activating the feature during rush hours, but very quickly his account would find itself buried under those of more attractive men since the algorithm of the software seemed to favor the winners – the more women right swipe on you, the more you show.

Harry’s strategy was simple and yet effective – he would delete and remake his profile very frequently to benefit from the initial “new user” status. He had noticed that a fresh account gets more matches than an old one. That morning he’d renewed his.

Tinder captivated the screen, and Harry’s trained eyes lit up instantaneously. Throughout the day, he’d matched with a blonde girl represented by a selfie taken in a bathtub. She looked somewhat insane but wasn’t ugly. Her name was Nottirb. Weird…but who cares? She was almost hot. Her bio said: “A true romantic. I am over tinder hook-ups.”

Harry immediately opened with his default line – “Are you as interesting as you look?”

Her reply was – “What a neggy compliment! Wanna try again?”

Harry hit her back with: “It’s neggy only if you want it to be. Btw you have the face of somebody I would kiss.”

“That’s better,” she wrote.

Nottirb was an American from New York passing through Harry’s homeland. She had many tattoos and was dropping alarming personal facts by the second. Apparently, she was a cam whore. Of course, she didn’t phrase it like that. She wrote: “Lately, I have also been camming (hence my anonymity) but that’s more for fun and creative release.”

Last edit: November, 2019
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Words: 55550
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Note: Now the books A Desert In The Sky + TREN: The Tale of Riki Violino come as a 2-in-1 package.

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  1. Daniel

    Hell yea, bro. Love all your books. Have read several of them multiple times. Keep em comin.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Daniel.

      I hope you like the book.

  2. Roland K

    Finally! really looking forward to reading this book. I will start right away.

    1. Hopper


      Je suis français, existe il une version française de vos livres y compris l’histoire d’Harry s’il vous plaît ?

      1. Truth Seeker Post author

        The book is only available in English.

  3. Penefattore

    Nattyornot meets redpill.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      For better or worse…

  4. Iron Berserk

    In Truth Seeker we trust…

  5. Mad Pelox

    Every book by Truthseeker is what I understand for money well spent.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I really appreciate your words.

  6. JD

    Not trying to steal the thunder or make this about me, but I have the strange suspicion this one’s going to read like my own personal autobiography. I think this will read like an autobiography to many. Thanks Truth Seeker.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I hope you like the book.

  7. Bicepflex

    Can’t purchase outside of US?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      You should be able to.

    2. pierre farine

      Hey Laila,
      He do not hates woman.He is just a guy that is looking for a girlfriend that maybe this girl he will marry and have a family.But my bro has not find a real woman that likes him.Bro,i feel you looking for real love is hard.I have read all your books in the future maybe i read this one but i know this one is a really sad story .Love you,bro.

  8. Marked Wolf

    Wow I’m amazed how you progressed from a blog writer full of grammar errors and now to a published novelist.

    Cheers Truth!

    When will we have a discount or name your price?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support. I know you have been following me since the beginning.

  9. JadedBrah

    I just finished reading the book – somewhere around midnight. I cried during the actress story and in the end. It’s a very well written book TruthSeeker, C. Ru or whatever your name is.

    Will there be a second part?

  10. MuscleMafia

    If there is a sequel to this book, it should feature adventures of JimmyTheTrenBrah. The king of shreds with model face should have it easier in the twisted modern dating world…

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Jimi will be a part of the next book. 🙂 But it won’t be a sequel to this one.

  11. Harps

    Any chance of uploading a pic of yourself, truthseeker? You seem to be an expert in lifting. So how about you show to us that you’re not just another arm chair, keyboard warrior expert?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      There are plenty of muscular big guys to follow. I am not one of them.

      1. Harps

        So you’re not the experienced expert you make yourself out to be then? Understood.

  12. Niki

    Read the book in two days. It’s very well written. The plot is good too, although a little too sad and realistic for my liking. 7/10

  13. CJ

    You probably hit on many truths, but this is all becoming some incel shit dont you think? But I guess someone has to talk about this stuff

    1. SEA or Bust

      if women treat you so bad in your home country why not go to southeast asia like the rest of us incels?

  14. MS40

    Congratulations on your new book. I have been following you for five years. You are yet to drop the ball. Your effort is greatly appreciated.

  15. Laila

    Why do you hate women so much?

    1. Marcin

      Does he? It’s more likely a disappointment.

      1. Laila

        The first chapter is entitled “The Tinder Cam Whore”. That tells you enough.

        1. John

          That doesn’t mean he hates women.
          Although, they might hate him.

  16. LatsBrah

    It’s pretty decent. But one’s mind have to be ready for that type of literature.

  17. Francesco

    This tops A Hater’s Synthesis 2 for sure.

  18. FunkSoulBrother

    Harry wrecked Rosalinda 😉

  19. SkiMask

    I may not like you. But I like your books.

  20. chris

    Love all your material you have written about what the real world is all about!
    Keep up the realist work!

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support, Chris.

  21. Ivanovich

    Bought your book a week or maybe 10 days ago. It’s grey but addicting like crack on steroids. Love it. I am Harry.

  22. Elliot

    Great book. Fucking loved it. Made me sad, though.

  23. Kierrow

    Hi truthseeker,
    I can’t purchase your last book from another country (europe)

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      It should work. What error are you getting?

  24. Baron2Duke

    Spoiler Alert:
    This book is strongly black-pillish. Not recommended for soyboys or anyone drinking soy-latte on a daily basis. Can irreparably hurt them feewingz.

    On a side note, as understood from the book I believe that you are not a lost cause with women, NattyOrNot. A few improvements will take you a long way:

    1. Definitely get another job where you feel more at ease with yourself, and try to become better paid. This is not about women, but you being more content with life as such. The more time you spent in one single depressive cubicle, the more synergistic the adverse effect on you mental state will be.

    2. Your live approaches remind of NY dating company Date Masters (shut down years ago?), it kind of mirrors theirs; direct interest, small talk, being misterious, no large investments before she proves herself, well-dressed, and so on. However, this ‘game’ does work in NY simply because of the sheer number of available women. You filter through no and maybe girls untill you find a yes girl. These guys claimed the same rate as the majority of modern daygamers do via cold approach (3% of approached women will be attracted to them from the first sight). For this approach to work, you must move to a multi-million agglomeration, thus rapidly expanding the pool of potential targets. If you live in the ‘burbs, finding 100 approachable girls will very difficult.

    3. Definitely buy a car; a second-hand one with less than 50k miles is perfect. When choosing the model, play on the stereotype you internally feel to belong to and want to be identified with women: e.g. a sporty/outdoorsy guy does not buy a Mercedes 180 without any off-road capability. Owning a car signals that you made it with one of the ‘masculine’ status signals. Girls want to be driven around in a car princess-style. Society has been like this since long time ago and even pheminatsizm hasn’t changed that.

    4. Get out of your head overthinking things and stop being overly judgemental to others. Most people are ‘basic’, that is, semi-brainless sheeple, and nothing can change that. Negativity shows itself outwards in your mojo and behaviours. Do some profound lifestyle change.

  25. Alex

    A Desert in the Sky is a captivating and moving narrative. Harry appears to represent many young white men who are disillusioned with social life but still want to fulfill themselves by engaging with it, albeit in unorthodox ways.

    English is not my mother tongue. However, I found it quite annoying to see the almost systematic use of the present instead of past tense in sentences of the sort: ‘He knew that it does not work’, instead of ‘He knew that it would not work’ when referring to a subsequent event, from a past perspective. Some editing would be nice. Also, as in the articles on this website, many sentences are awkwardly long and convoluted. In other cases, however, there are excellent similes and metaphors that made me laugh.

    I recommend this book as well as ‘Tren’.

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