E-MU$$LE is a short book that reveals what it takes to build a successful online fitness platform.

It contains my analysis of the popular online fitness gurus as well as the strategies I have learned during my 10-year journey in the world of online fitness as a user and content creator.

Table Of Contents

Understanding The system
Marketing Strategies from the Pros
Monetization methods
How Do I Become Original?
You Must Have a Web Site
Driving Traffic To Your Website
Evaluate Your Skills and Sell them
Solve as many problems as you can and people will come
Building Your Image
The Guy with the Product wins
How To Troll With Style
To make money, you have to sell something
Use Every Single Skill You Have to Your Advantage
Turning Dust into Gold: Developing an Eye for Undervalued Assets
Summary of the Plan

Last edit: May 15, 2016
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