A Hater’s Synthesis

Does a world without dislikes make sense to you?

A world where everything is shiny…magical…awesome…cute?

How about NO?

I don’t buy into it either.

This place has become a politically correct pink club where humanoids live to protect their digital alters egos.

Congrats, social media. You screwed us.

For a long time, I felt like there is something exceptionally wrong with me because everyone describes me as a “hater”.

I felt like a bugged device until it hit me:

A man who cannot hate can never love.
A man who cannot die can never live.

I’ve tried talking about my frustration with people I know, but most don’t care.

One even said sarcastically, “You know what? Shut up. ‘Great revelations’…Write a book..”

And that’s what I did. (Thanks, buddy.)

Allow me to present:


A Hater’s Synthesis is a book that shows the worldview of a person fed up with fake positive thinking and social media likes. 

It’s spread into three parts.

The first part focuses on the muscle game and follows the typical journey of a man trying to make sense of life through an obsessive construction of thicker muscle fibers.

The second part expands the analysis outside of the muscle world and presents the overall labyrinth we have been placed in.

The third part presents the solutions I have found so far. It’s the shortest part, but probably the most important one. I plan on expanding this section of the book as life goes on.

Table of contents



How to Play the Game MU$$LE and Win
How to Become a Real Lifter
The Perfect BodyBuilding Workout [THE WHOLE STORY]
Bodybuilding – Replica or Real Manliness?
Looking for The Secret to Hypertrophy [My Quest to Getting Swol]
The Perfect Rep Range [Give Me The Formula]
Will I go to hell if I take steroids? [Are juicers sinners?]
The Life of the Desperate Natural [Time to Break Out]
Fitness Gurus A.k.a. Dream Dealers
Dominating The Gym as a Natty
Timeless Exercises and Principles {Piano Vs. Video Games}

PART II: Many masters, many slaves, one labyrinth


The System Is Not Here to Save You. It Came to Burn You Alive and Urinate On Your Ashes
What if you are way too ugly to be a movie star?
Generation iFone
Generation Let’s Go The Mall & LoL
The POWER of the NIPPLE [Reality Shows]
Living The Corpo-Dream
Taxes/Got milk?
Busy people are encouraged. Active people are killed, silently.
Money. The ultimate proxy?
The System Is a Drug Kingpin. We are addicts and dealers
Would You Run Naked in The Rain in Exchange for A Dirty Chicken Wing and A Few Coins?
Generation Ebay Hunters
The devil writes in a tiny font. Where’s your magnifying glass?
Got Time, Money and Soul? The Masters want them.
Everybody talks about true love, but what about true hate?
What if God and the Devil are in this game together?
The System Hides by Exposing Itself [The Illuminati Exposing Renaissance]
Twisted Ideas That Keep You in a Fantasy Labyrinth
The System’s Identity Store Is Open 24/7, Choose Your Label
Are Emotions a Weakness?

PART III: Solutions


Who is going to help me?
Focus on producing and using rather than buying and collecting
Don’t wait for the prom. It’s going to suck.
Find The Pain You Love.
Bonus chapter {basic training routines}

Format: PDF, Mobi (Kindle), ePub
Words: 64,450
Delivery: instant download of all three formats.

What are others saying?

(screenshots of comments I have received since the launch)

Note: Now A Hater Synthesis 1 and A Hater Synthesis 2: No More Dreams come as a 2-in-1 package.

When you buy one, you get the other for free. 

Only USD 11.99