Arm Day? You are wasting your time, stupid!

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Everyone wants big arms. The vast majority of the lifting population is secretly measuring its arms every few days. It’s an obsession. An addiction. Madness. People simply want to have that big, ”what the fuck, dude?” arm. The common path to arm ascension chosen by most humanoids is to mimic the pros by adding a specialized arm day.

Rumor has it that people show their true colors on their arm day. The poses in the mirror, the wannabe bad boy looks, the tape measures…say a lot about the modern human nature, don’t they?

Most arm days consists of giant sets, super sets and all kinds of different techniques presented by the superficial muscle magazines full of advertisement. Curl after curl, pushdown after pushdown, until the end of times.

Guys like CT Fletcher who can only think about arm training are usually extremely insecure individuals. The guy who screams: “I am not scared!” the loudest is the one holding the most fear. The guys who only train their vanity muscles are the ones who try to overcompensate the most.

Arm Day - waster of time.

Phil Heath doing his arm exercises.

Your arms don’t require an arm day to grow. All you need for your arms are a few sets of compound exercises (bench press, dips, weighted chin-ups) coupled with a few isolation exercises such as biceps curls. Be careful with triceps isolation, though. It can wreck your elbows.

Ultimately, don’t waste your time with an arm day. It’s boring. Leave the arm day to the vanity lifters, the attention whores.

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