Pham Woodbridge – 30lbs of “steroid” muscle

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Who is he?

Phan Woodbridge a.k.a. “Pham Vu” is a fitness model and a bodybuilder. According to his BodySpace on, he is 5’5″ (165 cm), 165lbs (75 kg) at 8% body fat.

Pham Woodbridge Natty Or Steroids


Is Pham Woodbridge natural?

The factors to consider when deciding whether Phan Woodbridge is natural are:

1. He has too much muscle according to’s guide for natural bodybuilders.

Truth be told, Pham Woodbridge has 30lbs more mass than a natural bodybuilder would have at his height. A true natty bodybuilder who is 5’5” tall will weigh about 135 lbs (61 kg) in contest condition. Lifters who are only 5’5” and yet weigh 165lbs at 8% body fat are as rare as diamonds on the street.

2. Pham Woodbridge has the Photoshop look

Dry, shredded, striated, deep six pack abs…Pham Woodbridge looks composed in photo editing software. This alone makes him a big suspect. Natural bodybuilders rarely show such fullness when in a similar condition.

In conclusion

A man who is 5’5” tall will have a really hard time getting to 165lbs naturally while also showcasing a quality mass and muscular definition of the highest level.

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  1. Thinh

    ROIDS.. It’s whats for dinner….

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