CT Fletcher Used Steroids To Build His Biceps And Triceps?

| by Truth Seeker |

CT Fletcher’s YouTube channel is one of the most popular online sources of powerlifting and bodybuilding information. What attracts people the most are the powerful biceps and triceps displayed by the former powerlifter champion who is now in his 50’s.

According to official statements made by CT Fletcher, he is natural and hasn’t used anabolic steroids to build his 22-inch pythons. He claims that his secret to big upper arms is a healthy daily dose of barbell curls.

However, believing in mainstream information is one of the dumbest things an individual can do. That’s why it’s time for NattyOrNot.com to investigate in detail whether it is possible to build biceps and triceps that big without the use of anabolic steroids.

The main facts to consider:

1. CT Fletcher’s arms are on the level of iconic IFBB professional bodybuilders.

CT Fletcher claims to have 22-inch arms, which actually means:

  • his arms are 2 inches bigger than Sergio Oliva’s Monster Pythons

  • his arms are ONLY one inch smaller than the arms of the current Mr.Olympia Phil Heath

  • his arms are as big as the arms of IFBB pro Lee Priest

  • his arms are as big as the arms of the legendary IFBB pro Serge Nubret

  • his arms are as big as the arms of the legendary IFBB pro Flex Wheeler

  • his arms are an inch BIGGER than the arms of six times Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates

  • his arms are four inches BIGGER than the arms of three times Mr.Olympia Frank Zane

  • his arms are three inches BIGGER than the arms of eight times Mr.Olympia Lee Haney

  • his arms are four inches BIGGER than the arms of the former IFBB pro Franco Columbo

  • his arms are two inches BIGGER than the arms of the legendary Bertil Fox

  • his arms are as big as the arms of four times Mr.Olympia Jay Cutler

2. CT Fletcher is over 50 years old.

The male hormone testosterone is responsible for strength and muscular development. Unfortunately, the natural levels of testosterone decrease with age. For that reason, many older men are advised to start TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) to negate the negative side effects of low testosterone.The age-related testosterone decline in males is explained in details here.

3.CT Fletcher recommends extreme training volume.

CT-Fletcher-SteroidsAccording to CT Fletcher, the size of his arms is the result of heavy daily curls. It’s common knowledge that high volume training requires adequate recovery to avoid injuries. Training small muscles like the biceps and triceps every day is not recommended because the elbows and wrists are vulnerable to repetitive strain injuries.

Tennis elbow and other forms of tendonitis can occur as a result of arm overtraining. Even professional bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids to speed up their recovery see no need in training arms every day.

4.CT Fletcher holds three world powerlifting titles.

CT Fletcher is considered a bench press legend. His best bench press in competition is 650lbs and was performed with equipment (bench press shirt). In comparison, the best competition bench press of Ed Coan is 584lbs or 66 pounds less than CT Fletcher’s. To this day, Ed Coan is considered the greatest powerlifter of all time. He was not drug-free and was actually banned for life from the IPF. Moreover, CT Fletcher claims to have benched 705lbs in the gym – a number impossible to achieve naturally unless you weigh about as much yourself. The natural potential of the human body is just not that high.

5.There is no official information about the weight and height of CT Fletcher

There aren’t reliable online source showing the weight and height of CT Fletcher. That makes the comparison between him and other users of anabolic steroids difficult.

6.CT Fletcher lives in America

CT Fletcher lives in North America where anabolic steroids are illegal. Admitting drug use is dangerous.

7.CT Fletcher makes money from YouTube

CT Fletcher makes money as a Youtube advertiser. His primary subscribers are teenagers and young adults. If he was to admit to steroid usage, he will lose credibility, followers, and money.

So, did CT Fletcher use steroids to build his biceps and triceps?

Yes, but at the end of the day, you are still free to believe whatever you want. {you decide}

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  1. Rex

    His arms are not bigger than Arnold’s arms, but same.

    1. juice

      Ya Arnolds body building stats have him at 20″ before he stepped on stage, that’s is with a pump

    2. Christoph Dassler

      No Arnold Has 22’s CT Also Has 22’s So They Are The Same Size

  2. Bb

    What an stupid article!
    The MAN changes lives and helps people to believe in themselves
    What the f…..
    Go to the gym an just try his training programme
    My arms blew up in 3 weeks and I am not taking any F…. steroids MutherF……

    1. Milt

      Which routine did you follow? I’m currently looking for an arms specialization program. I’d love to see my arms explode aswell lol.

      1. ds

        Your arms did not explode in 3 weeks . Wake up , or stop kissing his ass spreading lies .

      2. RLH

        You are lying arms don’t blow up in 3 weeks naturally, or should I ask what is your definition of “blew up.”

    2. not a dumbo

      This is all irrelevant. He uses steroids. Whether or not he “changes lives.” Use logic once in a while and stop believing everything your idols say.

      1. Jeremy

        Hey listen y’all are haters on the man. I’m 44 and have 22 3/8 size arms 5’11” height 262 lbs is my weight and yes I’m naturally built. I work hard everyday in the gym. EVERYDAY It is attainable to have his numbers at his age if you are religious about yourself.

    3. MeatBaii

      However, Gainz slow down over time. 24lb the first year, down to 3lb the fourth year and so on.

  3. joel

    If you all are so sure he does it and really wanna say yes go to his gym he has said in countless videos he will do any steroid test to show that he is not a steroid user

    1. Danny Blue

      Of course he isnt on sterioids now. Hes flabby and down to 215lbs. He hasnt been juicing for a while now. But Mike Rashid is roided to the rim

  4. dumpon yoo

    it’s unfortunate you offer zero proof in your OPINION piece. It appears you have an ax to grind. Unfortunately for you, no matter what you write, or how you feel, you’re pretty insignificant and nobody is paying attention to your silly waste of time opinion. He has had MAJOR HEART SURGERY. As you should know, having a bad heart and taking anabolic steroids is almost certainly a death sentence. Focus on becoming something great yourself instead of being a silly online troll

    1. Jai

      buddy, you know the issue with you..?? u are so blinded that even if all the proof were offered you would not see it. Because you seem to b very parochial. Absolute evidence can only be shown if fletcher allows a blood test or a carbon isotope test done on him ANY TIME. or if he shows himself pinning himself like boston lloyd does.. i absolutely admire boston. that guy has guts. not like this bloody bastard fletcher who misleads young teens and shows them false hopes.
      Previously i used to get mad at these rascal fake natty guys lolzz. but now i fervently feel that those who support them and defend them deserve to be mocked at and deserve to be fleeced of their money only to realise in their late years that they were ROBBED in broad daylight. but yes by then it would be too late.
      Arnold is one of the most genetically gifted guys out there and in his era drugs were legal and they were of premium quality.. and it was reported he used to take dianabol like candy !!!!
      so the great ct fletcher comes along and gets to this level???? naturally????? i mean, isnt this laughable?? have you been so cerebrally depleted that you say you want more proof for this fool taking steroids?
      I have done a course on steroids. I know what i am talking.. do you know the amount of testosterone that needs to be there in the body to bcome that big?? its hundreds and hundreds of times more that a normal human. sometimes thousands of times more. no matter what your genetics are the human body cant produce that much naturally. bro.. before you post hate comments, do your homework.. dont just blast people who are telling the truth,
      the vascularity the size the conditioning the appearance that he has CANNOT and i repeat CANNOT be achieved naturally.. if you believe that either you are
      1) ct himself
      2) some mindless follower of his just like politicians have dumb followers who endorse whatever they do without using their brains
      3) You are probably getting a cut out of ct’s money, and therefore you are doing it with a vested interest
      4) you are incredibly naive and dumb.

      Please dont even argue with me on this, its a closed case because you can have NO VALID ARGUMENTs to support your case other than the usual ” you are pathetic, you are a hater. you dont know what can be achieved naturally. genetics blah blah blah. all nonsensical and general stuff”
      If you still want to believe he is natural go ahead and do it.. but i know that there might be people reading this who will wake up and see the truth..
      read about steroids,. read about the human body, read about how steroids change your appearance strength etc etc and see their effects research them and then come and argue.. in fact theire is nothing to argue because its a closed case

      1. JayLau

        Lol what proof do you have? You say he has no valid argument, but neither does your stupid self. Keep hating little boy. Some keyboard gangster talking on someone bigger and better.

        1. Cashmeoutside

          Only people who have never gotten rich, think the system is rigged that you can not. Only people who are slovenly and lazy and don’t go to the gym, think that you need steroids to get big. Well, to those who think “you can’t”, they can’t and they won’t. Like I tell people when they say, I had to be on roids to get this big……it must suck not to believe in yourself.

      2. Uncle

        CT is no pussy ass human like you! Believe it, achieve it! And yes a pussy like you who wastes your time in the gym may need hundreds or thousands times the natural levels of testosterone given off because you were always handed everything you wanted and never had to nut up and do shit yourself.

      3. Wolf

        Thats why he has a bad heart! Too many years of abusing steriods.

  5. Gladiator

    Keep up the good work bro.

    Keep enlightening the lay public. Maybe, one fine day they will realize that they were taken for a ride.


  6. Stevie

    Not a fan of this site and their clumsy obsession with demonising steroids and steroid users. However, anyone who believes CT Fletcher is clean knows nothing about the mechanics of hypertrophy. The difference between the upper limits of what is possible naturally, even for the most genetically gifted, and CT’s physique are so vast it’s laughable he even attempts to claim being clean, let alone have a bunch of googly eyed fanboys buying his shit. Your choice I guess..

  7. Jeff

    He had OHS. How the f do you think he got OHS in the first place you morons. He took steroids for so long it fd his body up. What beats hard ass work? Steroid users who need hard ass work in order to get big quick.

  8. Mick

    Who gives a f@#k how he got his arms or chest or what ever…the mans worked his ass off and for him to look like that at the age of 57…credit and respect…so in short stop bitching and start lifting ladies…

  9. based on true FACTS

    HE LIFTED IN ONLY drug tested competitions !!! NASA and so on.. HUNDREDS of drug tests in his prime and NEVER failed.. its not everyday someone is so strong so that is why most think he’s on roids but really he is a 1% of REAL strength.. out of 6 billion+ people on earth there is one who is gifted.. just like some who are math smart they didn’t take brain roids lool good day

  10. Jade

    Well believe what you like. People with insecurities and self doubt will always try to destroy the success of another. I reckon CT is beast and a bad ass!! Man he commanded his biceps to grow and they did. I am no where near CT size, but IO am in good shape, completely naturally, freaking dick heads when I’m out all the time try to tell me I am juice head. Just because they don’t have the ability within themselves to reach their goals naturally doesn’t that everyone is as pathetic as they are.

  11. Alexander Filatov

    You sure put a lot of effort into bashing CT for ‘possibly’ using ABS to increase his muscle mass and strength. My suggestion is to put a bit more effort into writing about his message. He’s not only an amazing role model for young men and women, he’s also someone people admire for his life journey. Personally I don’t give a rats ass about any use of ABS, it’s his life story that is most compelling that should be discussed and celebrated. You wrote what gave you the most page hits, hopefully this comment is what gives you even more!

  12. Tim

    I agree with BP. I’m 51 and I have 21″ arms and I do not take steroids!??! CT is a animal but he shows and tells people how to win. I have big arms because I work hard not because of juice. Try putting real work in MF before you judge!

    1. Burt

      Keep fighting the good fight. Its Positive. Thats all that matters.

  13. blank

    When someone has a sponsor it’s kind of late to admit to anything but being natural. We are talking about maybe a thousand dollars to six figures for being sponsored by a supplement company. Admitting to steroid use would be like losing a million dollars. Who in the right mind will say they want $0 vs $1,000,000 when they are not rich.

  14. Mike

    we all know that CT had open heart surgery and was risking his life by continuing to train. His existing condition along with steroid use surely would have killed him.

  15. silva

    Guys the man trained arms everyday for a year and a half. He has elbow injuries and all. You try to bring him down but what do you do for others coz last time I checked CT has been motivating and putting out good content for us who work out. I bet all you guys who are trying to bring him down don’t even work out and proberbly leave in your parents basement. Say whatever you want but the man will always be greater than you and his name will leave on compared to your failed pathetic lives.

  16. Richard

    Don’t know, but if you look at his workouts and watch his video’s, you would bet he would be the guy who could go without using them!

  17. Ryan

    I mean odds are he was using steroids and if you doubt this than you don’t know much about high level competitive power lifting. Tested or not even Olympians have been shown repeatedly to use steroids, and of course beat the tests. Watch bigger faster stronger….atleast Rich Piana can admit to it.

  18. Monopoly

    Fck you non believers the guy is a complete monster in the gym .. instead talking sh*t go challenge his 57 years old a*s in the gym and show what you got

  19. Toby

    It’s possible to be like that naturally. There are a few genetically gifted humans. Not all humans are created equal, sad but true. The human is amazing.

  20. Lukec C willey

    Worked in prisons for 15 years watched inmates do dips push-ups pull ups and curl water bags all day long watched them get jacked just like ct Fletcher or bigger off body weight exercises all day long trust me you don’t need no steroids if you a Lift like crazy all day and b have genetics to back it up.

  21. Paul

    Comparing Fletcher and Coan is nonsensical. Ed Coan competed in the 242s in full meets, so he’d squat 900+, then bench.

    CT Fletcher competed in bench only meets, never lighter than 275. Of course he’d bench more.

  22. Lroy

    Who gives a shit if he takes steroid or not.

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