How Do I Get Arms Like Phil Heath Naturally?

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Phil Heath is known for his exceptional arm development. The muscle bellies of his biceps and triceps look extraterrestrial.

Since the upper arms are the modern symbol of strength and muscle, many beginners are wondering how one could get arms like Phil Heath. Many extremely unaware individuals think that food, whey, and creatine can get you there. After all, this is what the IFBB pro say. Is true, however? Can you have the arms of Phil Heath without taking steroids?

heath-arm-training (1)

I am almost sorry to inform you that the arm size of Phil Heath cannot be achieved naturally. It’s impossible. You can get close to that circumference naturally if you are into sumo, though.

Phil Heath is a professional bodybuilder with above average genetics. He uses grams of steroids, GH (growth hormone) and insulin. It would be foolish to believe that anyone on this planet could match Heath’s arms naturally. Unfortunately, or not, the natural limits are lower. Yet you can still build a decent set of arms, especially if you have good insertions.

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