Why You Will NEVER Have Freaky, Thick Forearms (stop dreaming, now!)

| by Truth Seeker |

Does this old man have bigger forearms than you? Don’t worry. Things will NOT get better. đŸ™‚

Sup bro,

Still dreaming of those thick and meaty forearms that the Hollywood projectors showed you. You can stop now… or not… if you want to remain on the losing side.

I am here to tell you that your dreams are a certified waste of time in 99.9%+0.01% of the cases.

Yes, they told you that the sky is the limit, but in reality, the ceiling of your room is the limit.

What is the most popular recipe for achieving barbaric forearms? Wrist rolling, wrist curls, deadlifts…

Those are some cool exercises that can give you an erotic pump, but they will not make your forearms grow any more than playing WoW will. So, just play WoW, bro.

The main reason why forearm upgrades fail is this:


Short muscle bellies is what you see on DYEL (do you even lift) individuals such as myself. They are often located on the forearms and calves and result in impossible growth since there is nothing to grow apart from a few centimeters of meat. And since there is nothing to grow, nothing grows regardless of how hard you squeeze things.

Big forearms are like big calves, sex and money – those who have them in abundance do nothing to acquire them. It all comes naturally like the Sun in the morning.

The men with the nastiest forearms do not train them harder than you. Their secret is proper genetics i.e. long muscle bellies. This isn’t a joke. The poster boys for forearms DO NOTHING specifically to build those forearms. They just exist, eat and sometimes inject. That’s it. Mystery solved.

“But AlphaDestiny showed me some underground arm wrestling exercises. I will get huge.”

Be my guest, bro. If you don’t have long muscle bellies, your forearms will be “lacking” forever regardless of the wrist twists you do to make them grow. You wanna know why? Well, I already told you, but it never gets old – because tendons do not grow. And when you have long tendons, the bones remain “naked”. Case closed.

What if I just inject, bro?

Now you are starting to make sense. One problem remains, however. Injections do not change your genetics – they amplify them. If you have lacking forearms as a natural, they remain poor even when you become unnatural. There are many professional bodybuilders who eat tren like a fat kid eats cake, and yet their forearms and calves are still resembling a table’s leg.

“But, bro. I started forearm specialization 2 weeks ago. I’m seeing nice growth.”

It’s called hallucinations and pump, bro. You are toning your forearms muscles by keeping residual tension in them through frequent exercise. This is not actual growth but a state of “preparedness.”

Furthermore, you are appreciating fibers that were there before.

Let me tell you a story.

After my permabulking years, I cut and decided to do a bodybuilding high rep routine. After 6-8 months, I looked at my legs and said: “Those quads have grown.” I even took pictures.

Eventually, I found myself in a downtime period. I stopped training for at least six months. I guess I was finally getting smart. One day I went to a swimming pool near work and took photos in the locker room like a total narcissistic jerk. Don’t worry. I was alone and no people were traumatized.

I couldn’t find a difference in my quads despite not training them for half a year. Yet I am sure that if I was to begin a specialization routine, I would be seeing mutation after a few days. Sadly, the transformation would be happening only in my delusional mind.

Notice how short are the muscle bellies of Beckles’s arms and forearms. That limits growth.

“But what about Albert Beckles, bro. He has super short insertions and had thick forearms.”

I knew you are one of the dreamers.

Have you ever heard the expression: “Exceptions prove the rule.”

Beckles had developed forearms, but they were still lacking. His forearm above describes perfectly what I mean by “naked wrist”.

The sad truth, my friend, is that short muscle bellies have always sucked for bodybuilding purposes and will continue to do so until you and I become dust in the wind.

The megaphones will try to flip things with consolation tactics e.g., “shorter biceps make it easier to build a nice peak”, but honestly, that’s just one of the many stupid ways people lie to themselves.

Let me crack the code for you. Whenever someone says, I have genetically gifted “insert body part here”, he actually says this – “Body part X has long muscle bellies.”

Short muscle bellies NEVER help when your goal is to bodybuild. Wherever they go, they bring weakness with them – lats, biceps, triceps, quads, calves, forearms…etc. There are no exceptions.

Steps to getting the forearms above:
1. Be born with long muscle bellies. (if you fail at this step, stop reading.)
2. Inject
3. Repeat 2
4. Repeat 3

What about wrist size?

Bro, sad news again.

Are you familiar with the saying: “When it rains it pours.”

It translates to this – if you get slapped, you will probably get punched too.

Wrist thickness influences forearm size. As I told you in the book Potential, thicker bones equal bigger muscles by default.

Ironically, most men with short muscle bellies have thinner wrists too. This is a dual strike against the dream for massive forearms. As they say – the poor get poorer; the rich get richer.

P.S. If you to know more about the natural potential, you can check out the book Potential: How Big Can You Get Naturally (only USD 2.99 this week)

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    I love your black pilling content in general ngl, especially when you touch a bit on matters outside of the gym.

    1. Vincent

      Yea the most demotivation site in the world.

  2. Joe Brinker

    Good post however even though you may not be able to increase forearm size much you can definitely increase grip strength. Firefighters wrestlers all combat athletes in general require a strong grip. You should have added a “but section” you can still increase strength.

    1. soloshino

      Calves and forearms seem to respond better to high-volume work, or essentially being used constantly throughout the day. construction workers often have large forearms and obese people have big calves. they aren’t the type of muscles that respond well to bodybuilding-type routines. short muscle bellies and muscle bellies do affect appearance, but both types can grow regardless. obviously, longer bellies will always be more aesthetic.

      1. joe santus

        I’m age 62, have been bodybuilding for forty-six years, since age 16 in 1972. I’ve experimented with different calf-building methods — high volume, low volume, high frequency, mixed volumes, super-high reps, static stretching, extremely heavy poundages, explosive reps, giant-setting, etc, etc etc — for those four-and-a-half decades, often using a method for two or three consecutive years.

        Genetics rules, not only for aesthetics and strength, but also for determining optimal training methods for an individual.

        Whether calves and forearms respond to higher volume depends on fiber-type genetics (among other variables). I a guy has a relatively larger percentage of Type I fibers than Type II’s in his forearms and/or calves, higher volume may be more effective to maximize whatever mass potential he has.

        Each person has to experiment to determine which method(s) work for him/herself. Trial-and-error is the only way to know.

        And, of course, regrettably, if he has short bellies, fewer total fibers, and fewer T receptors in his forearms and/or calves, then even doing whatever volume of training is optimal to achieve his maximum genetic mass potential won’t add significant mass anyway.

        Construction workers are usually people with genetics suited to construction work — a light-boned, short-bellied guy is typically too fragile to last many months or be efficient enough doing construction work. So, it’s the horse-pulls-the-cart — construction workers are guys with forearm genetics suited to be successful doing construction work.

  3. Daniel

    No mention of Mark Rippetoe. I’m disappointed.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Wait for next article, bro.

  4. Gabriel

    I have reached the point where everything this mas said is true

  5. Ricky Spitzz

    I’m a six foot one inch tall natural ectomorph “black guy” with super tiny 6.2 inch wrists. Yet I was gifted with “Popeye” forearms and huge long/low calf muscles. How rare is that? I never train either.
    Forearms get worked during chins, stiff leg deads, etc. Calves get hit during my other leg work.
    I only ever worked them directly as a noob 3 years ago.
    Despite being tiny boned, I am blessed with good insertions and calf/forearm genetics. Those, along with wide clavicles make me look much bigger than I am. Provided I stay lean.
    Us ectos are nothing if we don’t stay lean.
    Grass is always greener. Everyone has their good body parts, and their lagging ones. We play the hand we’re dealt.

    Keep up the great work Truth Seeker.

  6. René

    I have good genetics for cleaves. I heard a lot of people asking me what I do?
    I answer: Calfs Rises 3 sets
    People react: ONLY THAT?
    Me: Yep

    Genetics bro. Life sucks, I know.

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