5 Reasons Why a Kinobody Look-alike Is Banging Your Girlfriends

| by Truth Seeker |

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I’m afraid I have a sad report for you, bro. A Kinobody look-alike is banging your girls. It’s been happening for so long that he is bored of doing it. Yes, bro. I am talking about all the girls – the high school sweetheart that promised to be with you forever; the one that said she loves you; the one that you will meet in the future. A Kinobody look-alike has been extracting moans from all of them on a regular basis.

Why is it happening? As always, I have the answer.

1. He is handsome.

As we all know, women don’t like ugly guys. If you feel left out, don’t. You don’t have to be ugly to qualify as ugly in a modern woman’s eyes. Average is sufficient. In fact, average is a synonym for ugly in female lingo.

Kinobody look-alikes have the facial features capable of triggering the desired response within a woman. Anything less results in a left swipe.

As social media and online dating continue to drill towards the deepest layers of the human heart, the standards for males rise whereas those for women keep falling like a helicopter hit by Godzilla. Fat and grotesque pigs receive comments such as “my sunshine” while cute and smart guys are ignored and treated like garbage.

A few decades ago, the women who administrate this killer treatment were running after men described as losers today.

If it was 1980, she would have been with you, in your kitchen to be precise. Today, she is in the bed of a kinobody look-alike, ordering pizza in her yoga pants while liking things on Instagram.

Yes. bro. It’s the same girl – the one selling discount shoes in the mall is now in the mansion. They met on Tinder or something like that.

Why do women like handsome men?

Two reasons.

A. Instinct

A woman would rather have sex with an attractive criminal than a righteous average dude who is shorter than her in heels. That’s her “biology” speaking.

B. They can have them.

In the past, the average woman was with an average man. Today, she wants only high-end men. Of course, there’s isn’t enough of those for everyone, and many women lose precious years hoping that they will secure a kinobody look-alike. Before you know it, they are 30 something and still swiping. Good job.

2. He has a mansion and a Batmobile.

A wise man once said: “Bitches love mansions.” He wasn’t lying.

You gotta see the faces that women make when I tell them that I don’t have a car. Sometimes I add that I am also dying to restart the compassion chamber in their hearts.

What can I say? Money matters, bro.

A mansion may be overkill, but it works. Lie to your girl that you have inherited one, show her photos of Kino’s castle and see her reaction.

“What happened to the girl who runs away with her Romeo to live in a tent,” you ask

Two things.

A. She existed only in the authors’ imagination.

B. Why live in a tent when you can live in a mansion?

In the past, “Juliets” didn’t have as many options. They were pretty much stuck with a member of their social circle. They couldn’t travel the world and connect with international alphas as easily as they do today. Why would she settle for the handsome poor man when she can find his rich version via social media or Tinder?

The life of a proper slut used to require a lot more skills and effort away from the keyboard. Today, the whole world is helping them by supporting the infrastructures needed for digital whoring.

“I just want a good provider for my kids, screams the bitch”

That’s touching, honey. Let me tell you something – you don’t. You want that money printer primarily for yourself. Proof? Most of you don’t even have kids anymore. And if you do, it’s only one when you are pushing your mid-30s. So, don’t give me the “I do it for my kids.” explanation.

You do it for you and only you.

3. He has a fuck-me-now-physique

Kino’s body is the epitome of the fuck-me-now-physique. When women think of a hot body, they think of him. Don’t believe lies such as: “abs don’t matter”, “muscles are for insecure men”, “it’s all about the soul”.

It’s all lies, bro. Abs are cool. Muscles matter. The soul is a myth.

Ever since you were a little kid they have been trying to shame you for looking at women in a shallow way i.e. “Becky has nice tits.” They told you that men are pigs who resent long-term relationships whereas women want only that and are never interested in the flesh. It’s all about the “family” with them.

It this was true, the retarded romantic novels would not rely on male models for their covers.

When women write “no abs pics, please” in their Tinder bios, they don’t mean it. What they mean is this: “Pics of your face and wallet first —- then your abs.”

Men are smart and know that women like the kino physique. This is one of the main reasons why we sacrifice so much to get it. It requires a lot – dieting, training and of course drugs. Sure, there may be some mutants out there who can look like that naturally, but let’s face it – the average bro can’t even though we have been conditioned to believe that the sky is the limit.

As I told you yesterday, the sky is not the limit. The ceiling of your room is. Skipping breakfast and heavy weights do not change this axiom.

4. He has status.

Peasants don’t do well on the dating market. Bruce Wayne on the other hand does. Women love men who are praised by society regardless of how shallow the motivation for that may be.

Once a woman straight up told me: “Your facebook profile is too empty for your age. There is something wrong with you.”

One could only wonder how many more have thought the same thing and simply didn’t say anything.

Why does my profile matter? Because in the digital age, it acts as an exhibit of your status. When women see only a profile photo and maybe a pic of your old cat, they die inside. What they really wanna see is you traveling around the world, your car, your friends, your workspace…etc. They want to know how much you can offer them. Hence they block poverty profiles.

Kino does not have this problem. He has a nice following, mansions, batmobiles, drones, helicopters and anything else you could think of. That’s why she does not ghost him. She wants to be a part of HIS world and not yours. She wants a role in HIS movie.

Yes, bro. It’s still the same girl – the one selling discount shoes in the mall.

5. He is already successful.

She does not have time to wait for you to build up your portfolio, bro. She wants it all NOW. You can try to re-qualify for the championships once you have finished your homework but don’t call her in the meantime.

She has plenty of options already. Why would she choose you, the man who has nothing, when there are men with something. You are an unfinished product. Go found Apple 2 and come back to her.


Are you really expecting help and support from your woman? What kind of man are you? Real men become millionaires on their own. She does not want weaklings like you.

Guess, what?

Kino qualifies. His gold factory has been working for a long time. He is not one of those men in a perpetual state of “making it happen”. He made it happen, and that’s why women want him over you.

Never forget that women are always looking for a reason to say no rather than to say yes.

And that, my friend, are all the reasons why kinobody look-alikes are banging all your girls. It has nothing to do with your character or your “game”.


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  1. Vee

    I read a lot of sosuave stuff and they dance around the truth

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      They all know it. Don’t worry.

      1. RK

        TS, are you on sosuave? you don’t have to say your username. Would just be cool to know. Brutal post by the way, haha.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          I don’t post there. I have read some of it.

          1. L Lauper

            This is brutal but yet true. I onse dated a girl from gym and things were geate initially. I’m not even close to looking a like kinobody by the way. She must have thought that I’m that Bruce Wayne type. Well she came to my place for a visit only to find that I live like Bilbo Baggins. We had a good time that day and she left and that was the last time she spoke with me. She ghosted me and started dating another dude in the gym who has a car and probably a mansion as well. LOL!

  2. Mike

    Women love opportunistically. True female human nature.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author


      Great way to say it.

  3. CJ

    Aside from the physique, he isn’t that great looking of a guy, face-wise. Being lean helps anyone look more attractive, but even Gregory falls into the contemporary “average” class despite his year-round chisel (in my opinion.) Again, from the neck up that is. And the guy genuinely seems like a tool. If I can read his insecurity, superficiality through the screen from a few videos a year, some ho will catch on like wildfire, and then what? Idk, I get the idea, and ultimately it’s still accurate even with this guy, but I just think that there are better examples out there for what I think you’re trying to get across. A pleasure as usual.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      He is a handsome man. Don’t know what you are saying. Maybe the false and corrupt modern female standards have gotten to you.

      1. CJ

        Regardless if its gotten to me, it is what it is. He is handsome, I just think not enough considering the standards today, as fucked as they might be, and particularly if it werent for the physique factor.

  4. simone copetti

    pure brilliance….. this is one of the few sites that doesn’t make me cringe

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support.

  5. joe santus

    Regrettably, yep.

    As a 62-year-old who’s been married for 39 years, first-and-only marriage (she and I are atheists…I’ve always been relatively poor…we’ve been mutually, consensually sexually non-exclusive since before we married for the-then financial and legal advantages in 1980, and she regularly solicits and initiates sex from me… sooooo, her reasons for staying with me aren’t the typical ones you might expect of long-term marrieds, lol)….I’ve watched the deterioration of the male/female social contract which was still the norm as late as the 1980s, when I was in my twenties.

    I began expecting the lop-sided, gynocentric dynamic which has replaced the earlier societal norm in the US (which was far from optimal and had its own set of problems and potential abuses, but which I conclude better-served to balance the instincts, needs, and desires of each gender) when I observed the societal changes accelerating during the 1990s.

    I feel badly for you guys under age thirty (and have a son in your age group, so I’m not altogether uninvested). I see the still-growing unfairness of being born among that 80% of guys whom women don’t instinctively find sexually attractive added to women expecting lean physiques and to women being enabled to not only be financially independent (whether via employment or government support) but also feel entitled to “the perfect lifestyle”.

    Women have always instinctively wanted all these things in one man, but, historically, usually have had to settle for less, at least in one aspect or another. Today, most under-thirty women won’t settle, or at least , apparently believe they shouldn’t settle. It’s a bleak situation for most of you under-thirty guys.

    My hope is that, as usually occurs with social shifts, the yet-to-be-experienced-and-unforeseen problems which will inevitably develop will pull the dynamic more toward balance, for guys’ sake.

  6. Kumar

    Hello Mr. Truth Seeker,

    Just wondering..

    Do you think that if someone is natty and has 80% of the stats of Greg, he is still good looking?

  7. Zsofi

    It’s not women you’re talking about but girls or chicks. All my (kino body) gym mate boys are nonstop talking and complaining about girls. They do this, they are like that, childish, needy etc. Why don’t you go out and get a real woman? Maybe because you are looking for a Nicki Minaj butt and Kardashian face with fake hair, tits, nails whatever and overlook the nagging and the stupidity for the possibility of posting a “girl – preferably in a thong- leading man through the world, breathtaking” picture to make all your mates salivate. You are not talking about real men, women, relationships. I am a real woman, I have a real man, he is my rock who loves me and treats me well, I love him and treat him well, and he is not one just “having muscles” , he is strong like hell. That’s a huge difference. I don’t have to look at his muscles, I feel his strength. Physical and mental. He is a man and he deserves a good woman. Vain boys, go on steroids and get the fake girls. Once you grow up, you may find women.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Sure, baby. Every man is looking for a Nicki Minaj. You got us.

    2. Marek

      100 % true
      But mature women nowadays are really hard to find.

    3. Brett

      Let me guess, you don’t have to look at his muscles, but he conveniently has them anyway?

      He doesn’t have to look at your bubble butt, but you conveniently have one anyway?

      If he is your rock, then how are you a real strong woman if you rely on a man to complete you?

      Every man and woman appreciate the superficial and outer appearance before the inner self becomes relevant. That’s how relationships all start, and that how yours started too.

      The strength you are describing is being able to make decisions and being able to control ones emotions. Since women hate making decisions and are not emotionally stable (period), this leaves men theoretically speaking as the only ones capable of this. This has nothing to do with muscle mass.

  8. Darek

    Actually here in eastern europe girls would call you a boy with a face like kino. But society wise we are still closer to 1980 America then America today.

  9. DonneTheConquerer

    TruthSeeker, I do love and respect you and your work man, but as I said to you before, do yourself a favor and get some vitamin P. Make it your New Year’s promise if it helps the cause. Hell, just bang something at this point to get your momentum going…nothing with breed newfound optimism into your work like a little pussy juice! đŸ™‚

    Stay fun and awesome, your still my morning therapy and entertainment.

  10. richer morin

    great shit no pish posh?

  11. Andrés Lapaix

    It’s all about looks bro, women don’t care about the confident shit. They say They like good guys, but that happens when they are old, when young they fuck bad guys and get pregnant by them. Don’t be fool, they know exactly what they’re doing.

  12. Shutup

    It is time to accept that you can’t land the “hot superficial wannabe ig model”, which in turn just makes you also seem very superficial and immature to even want that kind of girl, bro. Many “average girls” hate this kind of self absorbed douche bag. Most want a guy who isn’t a total gym rat, who wants to chill in comfy pants and eat pizza without worrying about his calorie intake. This is a girl who is not obsessed with her own looks and also relies on her awesome personality and good judgement to find a partner. This is the girl you need (too bad if it isn’t the one you want, boohoo). Quit your whining and just accept that you aren’t hot enough or successful enough to get the hot chick. It isn’t her fault and its yours for wanting these superficial “hoes” to begin with. Stop feeling so sorry for yourself and stop thinking you are so above the average chick.

    1. Brett

      Every woman is obsessed with her looks though, only a naive boy would not think so. That’s why even fat ugly women wear makeup and dye their hair.

      Woman don’t want a gym rat, true, but they do prefer a lean fit body over a couch potatoes. They just don’t really care for the work that goes into the physique that they like.

      You can be the first to date a fat girl who eats two minute noodles on the couch, be our guest. I’m sure there is a special place in heaven for you.

      Awesome personality and ‘good judgement’ has never started any relationship. The superficial and outer appearance does, only after the initial attraction does the inner self become relevant.

      All women hate douchbags according to them, but they all love to date them.

      Its not hard to land a Instagram ‘model’. They are gold diggers, they don’t care how hot you are.

      Sounds like you are the one who is whining, bro.

    2. SmallNatural

      Man, don’t take it so seriously đŸ™‚ He exaggerates sometimes, a little bit, but that’s what makes all these articles so hilarious. It’s mostly truth though. I’m pretty sure TruthSeeker doesn’t feel sorry for himself, he just know how it is. The money matters, the looks matters, the social status matters. Period. I feel that you quite didn’t get it: the thing is that a lot of average girls feel like super models these days thanks to the society, instagram, facebook etc. The result? You have to be a lot better than you had to be in past to get the SAME pussy quality. On contrary, women need to be LESS better to get HIGHER dick quality.

  13. jim

    How as he got so rich?

    Inherrited wealth? or from his Youtube channel?

    100% he’s not natural….can see that right way.

  14. Jeremy

    I like the article but after doing some digging I was able to find out that’s not his mansion nor did he inherit one. He actually rents the house from someone else to film his videos and then pays the guy who actually owns it. Not his and not his cars either. He is a master of lying and manipulation. Most narcissists are though

  15. Jason

    Google kinobody offcycle. The guy is nothing when not on the gear

  16. Vincent

    Well. So say something about Zayn. The boy gifted by god

  17. IlluminatedOne

    One word. I learned this word’s power a long time ago. Women are attracted to one thing, and one thing only. Everything else you might think they are attracted to is a mere branch of this one thing.

    That thing is: STATUS.

    You live in a small town, you are decent looking (nothing special according to the world), you have friends, and you have a job. You have status. People look up to you here. You meet a hot ass little number who loves you for “who you are”. Now you and your hot ass gf move to the city. You’re surrounded by men with godly physiques, huge wallets, nice cars…you have lost status. Your gf starts acting strange. You start fighting more and more. Status. Suddenly, you don’t care about her, she says. Status. You aren’t the same guy because you are slaving yourself at your new job and are never home and it’s your choice to do so! Status. Your new “friends” are like sharks around blood, who see your hot ass gf and move in. Status. You have no status.

    A man once said: “First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women”. What he was really after was status. Remember what she said? “I don’t fuck around with the help”. STOP BEING THE HELP.

    Money, looks, charm, influence, charisma, etc. These all feed status in varying amounts. Some you can obtain (money), some are set for life (personality). The largest contributors are money and looks. No looks? Get more money. No money? Use your looks. No money, no looks? GET MORE MONEY.

    That said, once you obtain status and a hot ass woman (or two), treat them with respect. Love them and they’ll give you the drug you are looking for. There’s nothing wrong with this arrangement, it’s just part of the bigger picture.

  18. Shit

    Yes but what girls? I don’t have girls, so this kinoboy is fucking with girls that I never met or never cared about, and I don’t give a shit honestly. I’m alone and I’m fine

  19. Erik

    One of the best and honest posts ever. This is some real shit
    If you ever wonder why women on tinder don’t respond. This is why

  20. Mehh

    But he’s 5’9 and I’m 6’4, and I’m handsome as well, only bad part is I’m skinny af

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