Top 7 Fake Natural Bodybuilders On YouTube

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Fake natural bodybuilders took over YouTube a long time ago. Many YouTube superstars pretend to be lifetime drug-free lifters, and yet their physiques say otherwise.

They’re shredded, big and before all, showcase the good old Photoshop look so common for steroid injecting warriors. Today, presents the top 7 fake natural bodybuilders on YouTube.

1. The Hodge Twins – From Paint 1.0 to Photoshop 2014.1

The HodgeTwins are probably the most popular ‘natural’ bodybuilders on YouTube. They have 1000s of videos on bodybuilding, gossip and other ‘cosmo’ like mainstream bullshit.

They claim to be natural, but the fake natty detectors say otherwise. In the past, the Hodge Twins looked like normal human beings, but in a few short years, they successfully transformed into muscle machines composed in Photoshop.

In the image below, the HodgeTwins show clear cases of gynecomastia and puffy nipples. More likely than not, this condition has been caused by the abuse of anabolic steroids.


The transformation above cannot happen naturally.

The transformation above cannot happen naturally.

2. Kali Muscle – As Natural as Ronnie Coleman

Kali Muscle is as big as some professional bodybuilders – about 250 lbs at 5’9″. Regardless, he still claims to be a natural bodybuilder, although it’s pretty clear that he is on everything from anabolic steroids to insulin.

The funniest part is that Kali Muscle wants the crowd to believe that he has built his physique in prison naturally.

We don’t accept this explanation even for a second because there are no human beings that can look like him naturally.

Kali Muscle as natural as Ronnie Coleman

Kali Muscle – as natural as Ronnie Coleman

3.Mike O’Hearn – as natural as Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mike O’Hearn is a self-proclaimed natural bodybuilder, and yet he is bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger. How are we supposed to believe this? There is no way in hell you can have a similar physique as a lifetime drug-free natural athlete. Despite that undeniable fact people still believe in fairy tales.


4. Lazar Angelov – as natural as Frank Zane

Have you ever wondered why only a few are able to reach the epitome of perfection?

Have you ever wondered why some guys look composed in a digital machine?

Have you ever wondered why can’t gain any muscle after the first few years of training?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t reach 5% body fat without looking like a Holocaust survivor?

Have you ever wondered whether there is a magical secret kept hidden by your idols?

Well, the wondering is over.

If it doesn’t look natty, it ain’t natty.


5. Jeff Seid – As Natty as Synthetic Hormones

Jeff Seid may not be the biggest guy you’ve seen, but his conditioning and quality mass are really, really, really, really, really hard to achieve just by taking a protein shake and ”training right”.


6. CT Fletcher – As Natural as a Weightlifting Record

CT Fletcher is an old school powerlifter who recently gained an absurd popularity thanks to YouTube. He became famous for his massive arms and alleged natural bench press records powered by a junk food diet.

Yeah, right!


7.Scooby Werkstatt – as natural as silicone implants

Scooby Werkstatt a.k.a Scooby1961 is one of the ancient bodybuilding channels on YouTube. He’s been teaching kids how to lift, eat, and supposedly build muscle mass like his for a long time. A whole generation that grew up with his homemade videos.


Yeah, right.



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  1. Ian G

    Actually, the transformation can happen naturally for the hodgetwins…these photos are almost 20 years apart. The picture on the left was when Keith was in the marine corps when he was like 20 he is almost 40 now. And my nipples look like Kevin’s in the picture with them side by side and I have never done steroids.

    1. YourFutureMind

      Do you really think hodgetwins give a fuck about you and your opinion they do that shit if they want to and still lie about it for their career ofcourse they need people like you to cover their shit

    2. 1%

      Problem is they have only been seriously working out for just under less than half that time.

      1. Jacob Jonathan goldman

        Hodge twins look like they are running test/equipose for sure.

  2. Glen

    The twins don’t look like it. If it’s true, then it isn’t obvious. And it’s only further proof of how naive I’ve been for the last 20 years. Even in the latest years, to think that people aren’t on juice just because they aren’t freaky like the pros.

    Here’s a truly natty one for you: Brad Pilon. Ripped at a very light weight.

    And here’s another guy you should do a natty or not article on: Brooks Kubik. He deserves it. Awesome writer. He inspired a lot of people with his writings. But the guy benched 407# @ 220# body weight with a flat back (all power no technique) and claims to be natty and against drugs. And I’m calling “no way”. Lots of people bench 400#, but not without drugs.

  3. Andy

    After having watched a couple of Jeff Seid videos, I realized he’s so tarded he likely couldn’t claim to be anything, unless the hamster working the controls pulls the correct levers.

    1. oz

      Glen: Brookes D Kubik a drug user? He used to bag and bag drug users in ‘Hardgainer’ Magazine?

  4. Norman

    Hehehe.. question is did you do bodybuilding? If not.. try.. if you can have this body in just 5years i will give you my ball..

  5. A1rh3ad

    I doubt Scooby uses. That mans so granola he’d have a panic attack if he found out that there were processed grains in his bread. Scooby also has a passion for biking. Hodge twins on the other hand make me suspicious. They are constantly eating fatty junk and still maintain a sub 9% bf while still bulking.

    1. brandon

      I agree with you about Scooby. I also find it odd that the author always talks about being logical but often I find myself thinking he isnt. Im not into size, but I’ve got a friend who’s approaching 50 and he’s gotten bigger and bigger over the years. We’ve been working out together since our 20’s. His T levels have decreased but he’s been working out for 30 years straight. I wouldnt expect him to look worse at 50 than he did at 20, I’d expect him to look better if he was training properly. Obviously my friend isnt on scooby’s level, but I think that’s some flawed logic.

      1. Trenuser

        First of all, yeah you do look worse, your testosterone levels decrease with age and there is nothing you can do about it without any aid. It doesn’t matter if you work out for 50 years straight, there is a point when you stop growing and that is when you reach your limit, maybe your friend’s physique was bad when he was in his 20’s and now he has reached a decent level. Natty bodybuilders know that if you train and eat properly for 5 years, you’ve probably reached your limit or almost get there; the gains you make decrease with each year until they dissapear, it is not something that translates to training 30 years straight and making gains every year.

          1. Sgt Jason Blaha

            You are also forgetting that he has admitted that he is on TRT…

      2. victor

        dude, scooby is 96 kgs at 191 cm ( 215 at 6’3 ), also hes fucking 55 or soemthing.

        He exceed natural by something like 6 kgs ( which is alot and plus, he is a fucking grandpa.

        1. RedSpecial

          That picture is from 2007, so he was 45 (or 46) when it was taken.

  6. rottenapple

    Even the hair on Mike O’Tren look artifical haha

  7. Jon

    Hodge twins have admitted using PEDs

  8. Joey H

    I would never do a youtube video cuz i might be accused of using too. I trained for years quite casually until recently when i started lifting heavy and training 4 to 5 days a week any opp i got. Sometimes i only get 45 mins in. But i look at what i gained in that time and still think WOW, no way. I despise drugs in any form. Fought to get a friend off the awful things, dont even like asprin cuz i believe it teaches my body to be lazy. Not everyone who gains is on drugs guys. I personally know a guy who used a lot of stuff incl steroids and i am bigger than him.

  9. Big V

    Do you think Mike Matthews from legion athletics is natural?? a post on him maybe

  10. Kc

    No Layne Norton on here? He is a doctor as well and has been claiming all sort of things for years.

  11. No-one

    You forgot Connor Murphy, Bradley Martyn and of course Buff Dudes – They are as big as Arnold Schwarzenegger how on earth are getting as big as the most gifted and famous bodybuilder on the planet who has admitted to steroid use-

    1. huppepuff

      Have you ever seen arnold in his prime??? or are we talking arnold today

  12. annoyed guest

    hodgetwins are natural show some respect.

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