Is Scooby Werkstatt a Natural Bodybuilder?

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Scooby Werkstatt has been flooding the Internet with bodybuilding videos for years. He built the foundation for the rest of the YouTube fitness channels, which are now taking over the bodybuilding world. Scooby Werkstatt also claims that he is a natural bodybuilder, but is it true? Let’s see.

1. Scooby Werkstatt is too big

According to Scooby’s profile on, he has the following body stats:

Height: 6’3″ – 190 cm
Weight: 238 lbs – 109 kg
Body fat: 8%

In comparison, Arnold Schwarzenegger has admitted to steroid use and had the following stats:

Height: 6’2″ – 187.5 cm
Weight: 235 lbs – 105 kg
Body fat: 5-8%

Conclusion: Scooby Werkstatt has body stats very similar to those of prime Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2. Scooby Werkstatt is not a young man

Scooby Werkstatt is over 50 and yet displays a muscular development that shames younger guys with higher testosterone levels. Scooby’s transformation over the last decades indicates that he was bigger at 50 compared to his 30s.

3. Scooby has the Photoshop look

Is Scooby Werkstatt A Natural Bodybuilder?


In many of his photos, especially the ones between 2007-2010, Scooby Werkstatt looks somewhat synthetic.

He is too lean, too dry and too full, especially in the chest. A similar look is known as the Photosop effect and is not common for true natural bodybuilders.

An additional factor will once again be his age. It’s a well-known fact that old men have a really hard time dealing with stubborn body fat around the mid-section.

Scooby does not have similar problems and is actually leaner in this area compared to his younger days.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Conclusion: There is data suggesting that Scooby Werkstatt is most likely not a natural bodybuilder despite his claims and powerful online presence.

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  1. soren

    atually, a lot of arnolds winnings was done while he was under 230 lbs

  2. John

    You should research Arnold height is not 6’3 his actual height is 5’10

    1. notrollingforealsies

      Are you sure? I’ve heard he’s at least 5’4.

  3. T-Moron

    Scooby is natty… he is gay and gets natural testosterone injected naturally (not synthetic lab made stuff). Being gay is no pun, he has admitted on his website that he has a husband :S

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