Mike O’Hearn – Natural or NOT?

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Michael (Mike) O’Hearn is a popular American bodybuilder, actor, powerlifter, and fitness model. He is famous for his aesthetic physique and “classic look”. Mike O’Hearn claims that he is a natural bodybuilder. However, there is serious evidence suggesting the exact opposite.

1. Mike O’Hearn is bigger than former IFBB pros

Mike O'Hearn - Natural Or Not

via: bodybuilding.com

According to Mike’s page on bodybuilding.com, he has the following body stats:


6’3” (190cm)


247 lbs (115kg)

Bodyfat levels:


In comparison, Arnold Schwarzenegger (7 times Mr.Olympia) had the following body stats in his prime:

Mike O'Hearn - Natural or Not?

Image via: bodybuilding.com


6′ 2″ (187.5cm)


235 lbs (106.5kg)



Body fat levels:


To summarize: Mike O’Hearn is an inch taller than Arnold Schwarzenegger, 12lbs heavier and a little leaner. The LBM* of the two athletes is as follows:

*LBM – the percentage of total body mass that is lean (muscle, bones, water, organs..etc.). LBM = total mass minus body fat.

Mike O’Hearn – 235lbs/107kg (96% of 245lbs)

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 223/102kg (95% of 235lbs)

Conclusion: Mike O’Hearn has 12lbs/5.4kg of LBM on Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Turn off the TV and think! How in the world is a natural bodybuilder bigger than one of the greatest bodybuilders ever?

Note: When Arnold Schwarzenegger competed steroids were legal. The doctors were writing prescriptions easily. The gyms were full of dealers, and most competitors were open about their use.

2. Another factor to consider is Mike O’Hearn’s strength

Mike O’Hearn is not only a bodybuilder and a fitness model but also a powerlifter. His best lifts are:

815 lbs/370 kg squat – about 3.3 times bodyweight
505 lbs /230kg bench press – about 2 times bodyweight
760 lbs /345 kg deadlift – about 3 times bodyweight

Similar lifts are impossible for a lean natural and have never been performed in TRULY tested powerlifting meets.

3. Mike O’Hearn looks composed in PhotoShop

This alone is a clear indication. The fullness and the quality of the muscle mass are speaking the truth. Natural bodybuilders rarely, if ever, look like that. At the end of the day, however, the decision is yours. You can believe in anything you want.


Q: Can I build a physique like Mike O’Hearn’s naturally if I train for 25 years?

A: Nature says it’s impossible. The natural potential of most people is a lot lower than what Mike O’Hearn represents.

http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/mikeohearn/ (visited on March 10, 2014)

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  1. BostonIrish

    This article is so inaccurate. Arnold’s competition weight was 265 pounds not 235… Do your homework.

    1. kw

      Do your homework…that was his off season weight:
      Name: Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger
      Website: http://www.schwarzenegger.com
      Location: Los Angeles, CA
      Born: July 30, 1947
      Birthplace: Graz, Austria
      Height: 6’2″
      Off-Season Weight: Around 260 lbs.
      Competition Weight: Around 235 lbs.
      Arms: 22″
      Chest: 57″
      Waist: 34″
      Thighs: 28.5″
      Calves: 20″
      Favorite Exercise: Bent-Over Rows

      1. Mitch

        I think it is more likely that he is lying about his stats. There is NO WAY his arms are only one inch smaller than Arnold’s. It looks more like three or four inches difference to me. That would put him at about 18 inch arms, which is still a little outside the “natural” limit. He is tall though, so it could be possible. I doubt it though. He wouldn’t be able to keep all of that mass below 8% body fat or so.

        1. Jun

          That picture is old and if you look at mikes arms now and his size, those stats are more believable…mike is definitely larger than he is in that pic

    2. trandana

      Mike was also taller than Arnold, which gives a big advantage. People underestimate how much an extra inch will add in weight to your body.

    3. Craig

      Off season…. Just watch pumping iron .. 238 in competition weight

    4. james

      Maybe you need to do your homework his competition weight was 230

  2. AC

    Natural or not? Any one who competes is using. PRO level or not. It’s a fact. Most people understand this.

    As for the “Mr Natural Universe”..I’m sure there’s ways around it knowing when they are going to be tested. And for what substances. Cheaters always find ways.

  3. John

    True. Arnolds arms and chest dimension is much bigger tan Mike. But Mike being on better drugs today ‘s much more ripped in terms of body fat. But at 235 vs 247 and per pound was way bigger.

  4. Breezy

    Family genetics plays a role in body composition. What do his dad and brothers look like? My buddy Dan is a big dude like his Dad and Gramps. He kills us in the gym. When he eats right he gets pretty lean too. We don’t get all jealous over it and talk about whether he’s secretly juicing. You guy’s need to get a life and stop caring so much. If you want to get big then kill the weights and eat right and get out from behind the computer. Typing bullshit about others doesn’t get you in shape.

    1. jai

      What an idiot u can be?? I mean people, simpletons like you at everywhere… instead bashing a liar who profits off people and their innocence ( mike ), u call people who expose him as jealous..
      U are pathetic…

      1. Adam

        Who tf cares if his juicing or not, can you not take anything positive away from his stats. No matter how you look at it, his powerlifting stats are incredible. And i admire his hard work in the gym, he is someone i can take inspiration from. So you lasy nerds behind the computer, stop being so petty and get your ass in the gym.

  5. Ryan

    Breezy- Keep dreaming pal, keep dreaming.. The guy is on the cheddar……..

  6. BigBlue

    The crazy thing is how people dismiss everything to gear. Cheddar or not, the results are impressive. Dude raw lifts high weights most never get to, on or off juice. Check YouTube when he squatted 315 42 times for his 42nd birthday. Keeps a 29″ inch waist while most pros show bloat. Natty or not, it takes dedication and hard ass work to get there. I’d rather know his secret combination and would show no shade if some supplements are mixed in.

  7. Paul Jacoby

    O hearn has tested negative repeatedly but you really can never tell because he is not tested every single day. People do need to recognize genetics play a crucial role. People arent that diff than dogs. Some of us are born with t-cup poodle genes and others of us are born with genes of Cane Corso. I hope im somewhere in between. I do think most nfl athletes are natural and some are not much smaller than Mike O Hearn. If they had time to only lift and diet could be as big. O hearn looks nothing like the OLYMPIA pros. Roelly is 5,6 285 he is juicing HARD

  8. Paul Jacoby

    Genetics do play a role. Im sure he takes everything legal. Also people are forgetting hes been working out for longer than some of you guys have been alive. There are guys in the NFL who are natural just a bit smaller. Imagine if they had more time to spend in the gym.

  9. Dj

    Jealousy is a bitch when it comes to this site. There are very few of us on here who still appreciate people’s work ethics and physiques regardless of what they are doing. And it’s funny how I read that the steroids now are better. Hell no they aren’t we have all kinds of fake stuff now and after everything being banned and company’s coming out with prohormones and things like that. They had it made back in the day. I would like this site a lot more if they didn’t dismiss everything any of these people achieve.

  10. james

    The guy walks around at 290 lbs competition weight is almost 250 . Absolutely 100℅ not natural

  11. Derik

    I’d say he’s on trt and some growth..don’t think he’s currently blasting..who’s to say he hasn’t in the past?

  12. Joe

    O’Hearn is 100% NOT natural. Nobody can be 240+ lbs of muscle at 4% (OMG) without juice. The MF makes money out of young believers. That is what he does for a living, for pete’s sakes! He lies, lies, lies. There are many ways to beat the testing. Haven’t you heard of Lance Armstrong and ALL his team mates?
    These guys are on it for the money, is their profession.
    Most supplements out there are crap, but then some like creatine and whey protein help, if not a lot, some.
    Almost anybody can get 10 or 20 pounds heavier through some years of training. But to put 20 pounds and stayed ‘ripped’ at that wait DOES not happen. Muscles turn flat, you lose part of it. Steroids work, no doubt about it, but who wants or needs to be that big and nicely ripped anyway if by doing so you risk your health and waste your money. What for? Are you going to make money from showing your body? O’Hearn is and he will lie forever to keep business going.

    1. Cesqui

      Joe got it absolutely right! But even here you can see all kind of moronic kids believing he is natural. No wonder he makes money. As long as these silly kids believe, they will keep on feeding him.

  13. Chris

    I honestly find the Mike O’Hearn story quite sad. He’s achieved an incredible physique and pioneered modern aesthetics. He’s achieved a vast amount in the industry and we should all be looking up to him – natty or not – in awe, and looking to his methods for our own personal growth. For years his physique has been one of the greatest on the planet. But because of his incessant refusal to admit what we ALL know, every lifter on earth sits here bashing him for being a hypocrite. He’s done a thousand good things for the industry but sticks by 1 big bad lie, and that ruined him in the eyes of his peers. But he’d never have had the success and endorsements he’s had if he admitted, so… it continues.

    1. Oscar

      Build a thousand bridges and suck one d*ck – you’re not a bridge builder, you’re a c*cksucker 🙂

  14. Brian Lockhart

    Yes you would have to be a freak of nature to weight 247 with 4% bodyfat and the weight he pushes around is crazy

  15. Lamarck Leland

    Well, if you go to the site of the Maximum Muscular Measurements Calculator – by Dr. Casey Butt – and input Mike’s stats it will say that his measurements are possible even at 4.5% bf. Whereas if you input Arnold’s stats the calculator won’t accept then.

    Of course, his age makes it that much harder to believe.

    Here are the measurements I used:
    Wrist: 10 (because he claims 21″ arms)
    Ankle: 12 (couldn’t find his calf measurement so I induced the value to reach the body-weight of ~250lbs).

    If his wrist and ankle are smaller than that, I wouldn’t believe he’s natural.

  16. GG

    Hackenschmidt, an obviously natural lifter, benchpressed 361lb. This record has been surpassed 18 years later (1916) by 2 lbs only. Think about it.

  17. Yarbay

    max squat and deadlift numbers are way too wrong 😀

  18. Lamarck Leland

    I just found this website again after realizing that things really aren’t what they seem.
    I’m binge reading everything now. I still have much to learn, definetly subscribed.
    Now I know what natural people look like, namely, like normal people with a good body – nothing alien.

    Btw, Casey Butt’s calculator was never intended to be used for bodyfat lower than 8%, meaning that also according to the calculator O’Hearn cannot be a natural.

    Besides, I haven’t seem any evidence that calves can even grow (without drugs) as a response to bodybuilding exercises.

  19. Rich

    Who cares? lol. Is anyone reading this site remotely going to be in O”Hearn’s league? No. But where it matters is what he teaches and what he does. What you can see and what he says is all you can go by. I can assure anyone if you follow O’Hearn’s lifting and eating program you will be an ox.. Just not like him but still an ox. I also enjoy his you tube videos and he looks great at 51 years old. Incredible actually. Sure, he got some botox on the forehead because he literally has zero forehead wrinkles at 51. lol.. Either way the dude still looks great and is jacked to the max. So if he does some roids, whatever. I sure as heck never will. It’s not a good road to go down. Plus how many people make a living literally from their looks? Few. Just enjoy the information MIke puts out in interviews and on You tube and follow it. You will for sure be a beast. Count on it.

  20. Steve

    Arnold didn’t train year-round and was competing at over 250lbs in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Prior to that, as a young powerlifter, he had a 500lbs bench, a 710lbs Deadlift and a 545lbs squat to his credit.
    According to “Openpowerlifting” Mike’s best lifts were a 705lbs Deadlift, a 451lbs bench and a 700lbs squat, but whilst impressive, it is worth remembering that these were “equipped” lifts whereas Arnold’s were Raw lifts.
    Mike doesn’t drink, trains and eats clean year-round and has done consistently for decades. He has been in drug-tested shows as a natural, although I doubt he’s been anywhere near 240lbs onstage and his contest history is a little patchy. Still, for the sake of comparison, let’s assume he was, but rather than compare him to a bodybuilder from an era where you couldn’t even get Whey Protein, let alone Creatine, Gutamine BCAA, etc…, and instead, let’s compare his stage weight to bodybuilders of similar height who competed a bit nearer his era and who had access to similar training knowledge and supplementation:
    Mike O’Hearne – 6’ 3” and a very generous 240lbs
    Toney Freeman – 6’ 2” – 285lbs
    Paul Dillett – 6’ 1” – 285lbs
    Greg Kovacs – 6’ 4” – 335lbs
    Gary Strydom – 6’ 2” – 285lbs
    Gunter Schlierkamp – 6’ 1” – 300lbs
    Roland Kickinger – 6’ 4” – 280lbs (skinny legs; retired well before he even got close to his potential)
    From this more reasonable comparison, it is clear that Mike has a stage weight on average 50lbs lower than his drug enhanced peers.
    Mike could be secretly using, equally he could just be natural and genetically gifted. No one can know for sure, but certainly the “evidence” put forward in the article proves nothing.
    I would be inclined to give the benefit of the doubt and try and learn from people like Mike.

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