Kali Muscle Is On Steroids

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Kali Muscle is a YouTube sensation. He is big (about 250 lbs/114kg of raw muscle), and his videos have millions of views on YouTube.

As expected, the guy is an alleged natural bodybuilder who owes his extraterrestrial musculature to top ramen and tuna – the most anabolic cocktail in the world according to prisoners. Obviously, he isn’t natural. Here’s why.

Kali Muscle is as big as IFBB pro bodybuilders.

The weight to height ratio of Kali Muscle reveals that in terms of size he rivals modern day IFBB pro bodybuilders.

According to Kali Muscle’s bodyspace on bodybuilding.com his body stats were/are as follows:

Kali Muscle Is On Steroids

via: youtube.com


5’9″ (175 cm)


250 lbs (114 kg)



 In comparison Frank Zane who won Mr.Olympia three times had the following stats:

Off-season weight:

200 lbs (91kg)

Competition weight:

185lbs (84kg)


5’9” (175cm)


18” (45cm)

As you can see Frank Zane, who competed in times when steroids were widely used, is the same height as Kali Muscle and 65 lbs lighter. If we compare the LBM* (lean body mass) of the two bodybuilders, we have the following results:

Zane: 176 lbs (95% of 185 lbs)
Kali Muscle: 238 lbs (95% of 238 lbs)

*LBM – the percentage of total body mass that is lean (muscle, bones, water, organs..etc.);

To summarize: Kali Muscle has 60+ pounds of LBM on top of Frank Zane (three times Mr. Olympia). Both athletes are the same height and lean. This is an unreal amount of muscle mass compared to the natural potential of most humans.

Moreover, Kali Muscle gained most of his muscle as an inmate thanks to top ramen and tuna.


The madness does not end here, though. Let’s compare Kali Muscle to a modern day IFBB pro – the current Mr.Olympia Phil Heath.

The official site of Phil Heath says that the guy has the following body stats:

Kali Muscle Is On Steroids

via: media.muskuli.com

Off-season weight:

280 lbs (127kg)

Competition weight:

250lbs (114kg)


5’9” (175cm)

Kali Muscle has the body stats of the current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath.

They are the same height and weight.

Do you really think that Kali Muscle is naturally as big as Phil Heath?

If Kali muscle is 100% full-blown natty and weighs 250lbs shredded, how much would he weigh on steroids, growth hormone and insulin? 350lbs at 5’9” lean? Come on. Get serious.

The Truth: Kali Muscle is claiming that he is natural to attract uninformed individuals who are going to buy the products he is promoting. He is using anabolic steroids, GH (growth hormone), insulin and many other muscle elixirs to maintain his size. Kali Muscle is also famous for his G4P (gay for pay) services. He was an actor in gay porn movies under the name of Chuck Basher.

But can we really expect anything different from the system?

At least, now you know.

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http://www.phillipheath.com/ (visited on March12, 2014);
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  1. Yo moma

    Genetics you piece of shit. Go fuck urself as well twig.

    1. cry

      Yeah he has a genetic predisposition for substance abuse.

      1. dick1

        He has a turtle shell belly of all the steroids he used organs have enlarged

    2. tu madre

      lol what are you doing here kali?

  2. Fuck u

    I hope you will die in sleep.greedy piece of fucking shit

    1. dennis wells

      so did he take steroids in jail,,,,no u dummys dont understand hes been lifting weights since the 90s…went to the pen and never stop…yall just hating on kali…and thats what people do in the cale penal system to get swole noodle hes not lieing..you might as well say tookie williams took steriods to..all them train in prison so stop it..and if so come with some real proof

      1. Jamal Baker

        shut the fuck up, you’re as dumb as a fucking bag of rocks if you think people in prison can’t get steroids. They can get any type of drug they want.

        you’re just so blinded by wanting to suck kali muscles dick that you come up with this incoherent rant about shit your 40 IQ brain can’t understand.

  3. fjd

    You are basing your argument that he is on steroids because of his body composition relative to others? So if someone looks like a person that has AIDS then by comparison he must have it? C’mon!!!

    1. J. Bean

      Tookie Williams got swole smoking sherm. On sherm you feel no pain and it produces steroid like results. When you feel no pain you work out harder, longer and heavier. Tookie and Jimel would come in the gym in street clothes with no warm up and do back arms on a flat bench with 250-265 for sets and reps. I’m not telling you what I heard I’m telling you what I saw standing 3 feet from them. They were like 16 or 17 years of age. Those guys would stop traffic just walking down the street. They got big working out in their backyard and later in our neighborhood gym.

  4. joe

    wow there sure are a lot of kali dick riders in here bet they love chuck basher dick with no lube

  5. damn u stupid

    just cuz someone is, ripped and naturally doesn’t mean he is on steroids. if I looked the same as a guy who has Parkinson’s, that by no means signifies that i have it too.

  6. Duncan

    Of course he’s on roids are we supposed to believe that he looks the way he looks just eating tuna and pushing weights.Like most of the you tubers that claim they are natty they are never going to admit that they are on the juice cause they want you to believe that they just some kind of genetic freak when the reality is that they have taken boat loads of drugs to look the way they look.The only ones to be admired are you tubers like Rich Piana who at least admits to taking roids to help him build the muscle to freakish proprtions

    1. dennis wells

      no he got it from the pen wheres theres no steriods..but thats hard to concept

      1. Kali Hustle

        Lol @ no steroids in the pen @ lol at “wheres theres no steroids…” I guesses yous didn’ts passes the 6th’s grades?

        1. ssssssssssssssssssss

          Need a translator….

  7. Nikolay

    natty FFMI = 19-24

    shady zone (shitty roids users and top 1% genetics hardworkers) = 24-26

    totally on roids FFMI = 26+


    and people are claiming hes natty :DDDDD

  8. joe

    The reason I think he is on steroid. Is because one video he said he don’t do fruit or vegetables because it make him have gas so he stay away from it. But another video he juicing fruits and vegetables. And common sense would tell you that a lot of meat and no vegetables can lead to digestion problem

  9. sLayeR

    It’s unbelievable how fucking stupid are this assholes that keep claiming “oh my idol is so natural because he says so”, i want to think that all this douches are trolling ’cause i can’t believe there are so much “brahs” with so low intellect

  10. Fuk dis site

    Wheres the proof tho? Because I’m 6’3 185 pounds and my half brother is 6’3 220 pounds! U dumb fuck it’s this thing in your biology called genetics! Most of mine came from my mom and most of his came from our dad

    1. To fuk dis site

      Tell me ur adress im gonna beat u up. U are a disgrace to humanity and a manchild incel. You really like sucking kalis pee sized balls u potential abortion. How do people believe kali is natty? All you dickriders try to achieve his form naturally and then we will talk 5 years later. You guys gonna feel dumb and gonna jump of a bridge.

  11. science ftw

    FFMI is science bitches so soak it up

  12. Are you a troll or preteen?

    Your parkinson and aids comparisons are cringeful. Yes, if you showed the biological symptoms of either condition then it’s pretty clear you have it. This man supposedly claims to have achieved naturally, the size it takes Phil Heath (the current top bodybuilder in the world), large amounts of drugs to achieve. It is literally impossible, his balls would need to be the size of baseballs to make all that testosterone naturally. Go get a better role model kid.

    1. c

      He said he takes l-arginine 3 500mg pills 2x a day too boost testosterone

  13. nigga DaZ

    Fuck u all, ignorant ass monkeys. This dude has roids running throughout his veins.

  14. TJ

    Kali’s wife has put him on blast in an interview with Alpha Male Wisdom. There isn’t any reason to debate his steroid use. Here is the link to the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUl6LoFahHE

    and you can go to 20:55 to hear her comments about steroids. He has been using for many years.

  15. keith

    shut up you puss
    he has good genetics and he came out with that built from jail. stop being jealous you skinny loser.

  16. nikdimitrov

    I take testostorone booster however, my frame as a 6ft3 140 genetic freak is due to my biological superiority to RUBEN who took more scoops of creatine than me but I can still bench DOUS.

  17. Robert

    I can’t believe there are dickheads on here that actually think this guy is natural!!! Fucking losers!

  18. Plz compare sizes

    Someone of this size calling to be natural,people here is so stupid hahahah,the best way to spot a fake natural is comparison and 95% of shitty youtubers fitness shit are on steroids or were in the past.

  19. Abg

    Wtf man there are fucktard that think that Kali is natty
    *facepalm*. ROFL seriously these cuckolds think that genetics can make a person as big as an ifbb pro who has the same if not better “genetics” that these assholes are talkin about
    Bunch of fucktards
    The motherfuckin highlight is that it’s 2017

  20. Goldust

    I seriously think that someone would have to be borderline retarded to actually think that this guy is natural.

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