Fake Natural Bodybuilders Have The “Photoshop” Look

| by Truth Seeker |

If it looks too good to be true, it was probably made in Photoshop.

The Photoshop look common for bodybuilders and fitness models on heavy steroids represents a physique that is muscular, full and dry. The skin of the PhotoShop athlete is as thin as the skin on the back of your hand. This conditioning results in an unbelievable definition. There are visible striations all over the body. The deltoids of the bodybuilder or fitness model are full, dense, detailed, veiny and round.

The body neither wants nor can enter this mode without drug support. The organism does not want to be dry (dehydrated) and super shredded. This state is considered dangerous. Being 5% body fat is a condition that is almost impossible to maintain as a natural for a meaningful length of time. Yet professional fitness models and fake natural bodybuilders do it all the time.

At the end of the day, our bodies are preprogrammed to survive, not to impress the judges. There are higher priorities than being an anatomical chart.

Another characteristic of the Photoshop look is fullness. Natural bodybuilders do not look full when very lean. The muscles are depleted and appear small. On the other hand, bodybuilders and fitness models on steroids rarely lose their fullness even when they are shredded. Their diet may not be perfect, but the drugs make up for it.

Have you ever noticed that the abs of most fitness models are very deep and sharp? True natural bodybuilders have a hard time carving a similar mid-section. In fact, it never happens. You will never meet a true, lifetime drug-free natural bodybuilder who has deep, razor-sharp abs and while also looking full and powerful.

By the way, most bodybuilders do not use just one steroid. They take a variety of compounds to look Photoshopical. One drug alone will not give you that hard and dry look. Bodybuilding is nothing but a prolonged chemical experiment after all.

Bottom line: if someone is very big, three-dimensional, technological, dry and has a shiny skin as thin as silk, he is enhanced. Similar characteristics are not part of the natural look.

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  1. Thomas Oliver

    What about lazar novovic and frank medrano. They claim not only natural but 90 percent calisthenics 10 percent wieght lifting and are huge as well as deep and shredded.

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