Lazar Angelov – Natty or Not? Can you become as muscular and aesthetic naturally?

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Lazar Angelov displays an aesthetic physique that most people would kill for. His thickness and leanness make him one of the most popular fitness models. He has thousands of followers, and many of them would be more than happy to exchange their bodies for his.

But how do you get to that level? Is hard work all that is required? Do you have to take steroids? Is Lazar Angelov natty or not?

Let’s see.

1. Lazar Angelov looks composed in PhotoShop

Lazar’s body attracts attention. He holds a tremendous amount of muscle mass and presents an otherworldly set of six-pack abs. His musculature looks composed in a photo editing software such as PhotoShop. Moreover, Angelov’s skin is very thin and dry, like paper. This gives Lazar the so-called hard look. Continually looking like that is not possible for natural bodybuilders. When natural bodybuilders are in a dry state, they appear frail and depleted.

2. Lazar Angelov rivals former IFBB bodybuilders in size

Lazar Angelov has the following body stats:

Lazar Angelov Is On Steroids



5’11” (180cm)


195-200lbs (88-90 kg)

Body fat:


Let’s compare Lazar Angelov to Frank Zane – a very popular bodybuilder who has won Mr.Olympia three times.


Off-season weight:

200 lbs (91kg)

Competition weight:

185lbs (83kg)


5’9” (175cm)


18” (45cm)

To summarize: Lazar Angelov is two inches taller than Frank Zane and about 10lbs heavier. The lean body mass of Angelov is 185.25lbs (95% of 195lbs), and that of Zane is 175.75lbs (95% of 185lbs). This equals a 9.5lbs difference, which is probably a consequence of Angelov’s height.

This literally means that the current fitness models are becoming pretty much as big as former IFBB professionals who have used steroids.

How do we know that the pros from the Golden Era have used steroids, you ask.

Simple. During that period, steroids were legal and widely spread. It was easy to get a prescription. Moreover, every gym had a dealer. Pros like Mike Mentzer used oral steroids such as Dianabol and Deca.

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3. Lazar Angelov is part of the current “natural” trend

Today, even people like Kali Muscle are claiming natural status. Kali is as big as the current Mr.Olympia Phil Heath, and yet he wants us to believe that he is a drug-free athlete. It’s a blatant lie.

The current fitness world is trying to be politically correct. This means that controversial topics are banned, and the critics are labeled as haters. There are so many, supposedly, natural bodybuilders that people just can’t catch a break.

The drama gets real when the naive followers fail to acquire results similar to the ones displayed by men like Lazar Angelov.

They eat right and train hard, but the mirror says:

“You are not even close to Angelov’s physique.”

Genetics? Genetics are truly important in bodybuilding, but even the man with the best genetics cannot overcome his human nature. The natural potential for growth is just not as high as people want it to be.

What is the secret then?


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  1. Toni

    The hight of Frank Zane is not correct in centimeters. The comparison appears to have a difference of 5 cm between him and Lazar. The hight in foot however is correct.

    Great article!

    1. Jon

      You should really use more scientific parameters when determining use of aas at non theraputic levels.

    2. Ian

      actually it IS correct look it up

    1. Orlando Gonzalez

      You guys really need to wake up. THEY ARE ALL ON GEAR !!!!!

  2. Gman

    Good article… Don’t like the fact you got the heights wrong if lazar is 2inches taller he could easily be 10 lb heavier

  3. Bill b


  4. litko

    When I compare pictures of nattys before and after transformation, I can not believe that they achieved their looks without roids. Lazar Angelov looked as a usual skinny guy, you can find his pictures as non bodybuilder on the internet. He has no fantastic genetics but now he looks very impressive.


    Lazar is heavier because hes FATTER than Zane! you think those two are similar hahah just search them in google and youll see the difference! hahaha WTF Lazar on roids, hes looking normal for 6 years of working out! I can’t belive the mass of shit that comes out from this page! If you thing all the stuff that is wrote on this website you will go nowhere! There are also articles such as Steve Reeves on roids, haah pure bullshit! Also the one about RegPark and Leroy Colbert! these are the ones that you can truly belive that they were natty! If you want a modern exemple of Real Natural Bodybuilder of FItnessmodel Jeff Seid is one of them! You cant say that he looks like Zane because they have not the same skin, they dont even look the same, i could say that I have Lazars arm size, witch is a normal size, but maby i dont have the same body type, maby im fatter or leaner, and remember that the golden era bodybuilders took theyre physicque to an EXTREME level and you cant compare them to the actual fitnessmodels witch most of the photos are photoshopped!! IF YOU LISTEN TO THE STAFF WROTE ON THIS PAGE YOU WILL HAVE NO FUTURE IN BODYBUILDING.

  6. nattyderp

    Your logic in drawing conclusions based off these simple comparisons is so ridiculously flawed. There are numerous factors to account for other than measurements. One obvious one, while comparing modern-day athletes with former IFBBs, is the flippin time gap! The collective advancement of knowledge in this field- as any other- is enough to draw the obvious “people get better at doing shit over time”.
    stupid post.

  7. James

    Lazar is not that impressive. Why people think he is on roids is beyond me.
    He has a low bodyfat composition but he really doesn’t have alot of mass. He comes no were close to frank sane. Lets get angelov on a scale. Lucky if he is 180 pds

  8. Emix

    I trained six years as a teenager, 8 hours a week and I didn’t have that kind of 3d definition, non even close.

    1. Orlando Gonzalez

      No offense but just because you spent all the time in the gym means absolutely nothing. That is like saying “I went to the library everyday for 8 hours a day for 12 months straight and I did not pass the MCATS to get into Med School”. Cmon buddy, your nowhere near on that level

  9. Mathwiz

    Frank Zane shouldn’t be the standard which we use as a “cut off” to tell whether or not an athlete is natural. While he was on roids and fairly impressive, at 5’9, 185 lbs, 5% bodyfat, he only had an FFMI of around 26. While this is high, easily over the broscience “limit” of 25, several known natural bodybuilders in early bodybuilding history have surpassed it, with Jack Delinger hitting an FFMI over 28 in 1949 and George Eifferman hitting around 27.7 in 1948. These and other high numbers were obtained before steroids were even available to the public, before Russians even gave steroids to their Olympic team. Likewise, these were before leg development was emphasized in bodybuilding to the degree it is now, so these people may have been able to attain higher levels of physical development than even then. Now, your current numbers list Lazar at 200 pounds at 5’9 and 5% bodyfat. This would put him at an FFMI of around 28, which is hard to achieve, but believable because of the above examples. However, other sources, such as SimplyShredded and HealthyCeleb put him at 5’11” and 195 lbs, which at a bodyfat percentage of 5%, would put him at an FFMI of 25.87 – which is well under previous natural achievements. At the end of the day, he may be natural, even though it is way easier for him to be where he is with the help of steroids.

  10. reaktary

    for those who claim lazar is natty ….i workedout for 10 years im 171 cm and 75 kg about 14’%bf …. but you wont know the truth untel u cut . u look small and drained . dont belive me check youtube for naturals telling there stories about cutting . in 2011 i had the lowest BF at 7% and i was small really small and its hard to mainain for more than a week . THOSE models are below 5% all year and u telling me lazar is natty . even when he had injury he didnt lose as much muscles . im not against roids . im a big fan . just for the newbes be real please

  11. Jack Kenney

    Given that his shoulders are large and striated and he keeps this 26FFMI at only ~5% body fat all year, he must me on steroids. I don’t think he is taking nearly as much steroids as those MR olympia guys though. He also does not appear to be on the insulin or GH since he has a controlled gut. One of those light cycle guys.

  12. Orlando Gonzalez

    “I dont think that he is taking nearly as much as the mr guys are ” …. LMAO !! Ya think ? what gave THAT away ? Man, nothing gets by you. “Light cycle” another good one …. Trust me he is doing as much as he can get his hands on. The main difference is he is NOT using insulin and GH …. both are contributors to the bloated gut that everyone is talking about recently. But I PROMISE you a cycle of 100mgs of Anavar daily, and 500 mgs of test, equipose, and masterone weekly is not necessarily “LIGHT” by any means. And yes that is what it takes, along with extreme dieting and training to achieve that look.

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