Jeff Seid – Natty or NOT?

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“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Jeff Seid is one of the most popular natural bodybuilders out there. He carries quality muscle mass and a solid set of shredded six-pack abs. Consequently, many of his followers aspire to have his body and be him in general. Young men believe that acquiring a physique like his will get rid of all their problems. However, is it really possible to achieve this state of perfection without the use of anabolic steroids?

Is Jeff Seid a natural bodybuilder?

One of the best ways to find out whether someone is natural is to perform a simple comparison between him and a known steroid abuser.

According to the official web-site of Jeff Seid his body stats are:

Jeff Seid - Natty Or Not?

Jeff Seid – Natty Or Not?


6’0” (183cm)


205 lbs (93 kg)

Body fat level:



18 inches (45.7cm)

Update: I wrote this post in 2014. Since then many people have informed me that the stats of Jeff Seid should be lower. However, the official site of Jeff Seid claims that he has the following stats:

Height: 6’0 • 183cm
Weight: 210lbs • 95kg
Age: 22 years old

source (checked in April 2017)

As you can see in the table above, Jeff Seid has very impressive measurements and lean body mass.

Now, let’s compare him to a well-known user of anabolic steroids who competed in the Golden Era Of bodybuilding – the legendary French bodybuilder Serge Nubret.

In his prime as an IFBB pro, Serge Nubret had the following body stats:


Off-season weight:

212 lbs (96.6kg)

Competition weight:

200lbs (91kg)


6’0” (182cm)

Body fat level


The data reveals that Jeff Seid has pretty much the same body stats as one of the most aesthetic and admired bodybuilder the world has ever seen – Serge Nubret a.k.a. the Black Panther.

Of course, many would say that the advancements of modern natural bodybuilders and fitness models like Jeff Seid are due to improvements in nutritional science and training, but this is simply not true.

Most of the research is funded by nutritional companies trying to market their own products. Even one of the most popular supplements out there – whey protein – is not all that helpful.

There are many true natural bodybuilders who follow the programs of the pros religiously and yet never get remotely close to the same level of development. Why? Because the natural potential for growth is lower that the development presented by the mainstream muscle media.

The fitness crowd needs to understand that popular fitness icons like Jeff Seid have a reputation to protect. Admitting to the use of anabolic steroids is considered a crime in most countries.

Additionally, fitness sponsors are not very happy when a promoter of theirs talks about steroids. It hurts their credibility and sales.

Those are the facts.

Whether you choose to believe that Jeff Seid is natural and gives good training advice is up to you, but in five years, when you are nowhere near the level of Jeff Seid despite training religiously as a natural bodybuilder, remember my words.

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  1. Poptartgainz

    Lol Jeff is more like 190 in contest shape

    1. fuarkinaestheticbrah

      yeah back in 2013 jeff was 173
      his most recent contest he claimed he was 190. Imo his arms are probably 16 3/4 maybe 17.

  2. Justin

    Just to clerify. I enjoy this site. Keep exposing and educating. That said get your sh*t together please site. Present accurate info. He does not compete at 205 not even close. 185-90 max with that pic. And idk if I’ve seen 18in arms but serge has them therefore Jeff’s not close. Maybe 16-16.5.

  3. abhishek

    Candy ass mother fucker you are jealous because you don’t have enough muscle.
    I know a lot of natty shredded lifters.

    1. 4U

      Jeff, I know it’s you. The cookies are ready in the kitchen. Jeff pls go.

  4. Skommelling champion

    He may well take steroids but I’d be willing to say you could achieve his body (not his stats) naturally with hard work. His stats look very exaggerated compared to his body, also I don’t trust photographs of these dudes, they manipulate lighting and process, photoshop etc etc. I’ve watched videos of Jeff, he’s not really that big, definately not on par with Serge Nubret, also his genetics could well be in the freak range, look at the pictures of him through school and you’ll see he was always more developed than his age would suggest.
    I think he’s a complete twat and wouldn’t be overly surprised if is using steroids but his body stats seem over exaggerated, the same way most Youtubers will be like “Keep your reps in the 8-12 range for hypertrophy” go and grab big dumbells and have to grind out their eighth rep clearly gassed and say “Ok now that’s 3 sets with 60 second rests between” We all know he hit failure on eight reps and won’t get there again in the next sets unless he uses lighter weights or a much longer 2-3 minute rest.
    Wouldn’t be surprised if he was lying about being natural either but he bullshits his way through body stats and workouts regularly so let’s not take those body stats too seriously we can see he’s not anywhere close to Nubret

    1. nani

      Damn, you may actually be insane.

  5. sam

    this comment is 4 all u mother**kers
    Jeff is natty. he attained that type of body because of his passion,and hard training. u haters !!!!!

    1. dario dolci

      hope you are not serious…

  6. Jay

    He’s not 6 ft more like 5’9-5’9.5 also his arms are not 18 or 18.5inches more around 16-17. I don’t think he’s natty bc he was too big at too young of an age 18 year olds CANT look like that but I do believe a very select few with unbelievable genes can attain his look in their late twenties. (With that said I truly believe he has one of the best looking bodies in the industry )

  7. Nathan Morales

    This shit is so fucking stupid! Natty this! Natty not. Obviously Jeff is completely natural. And obviously the person writing this is a pure dumbass! Get your shit together! Get a life! Focus on your mother FUCKIN self!!! Oh and by the way if Jeff isn’t natty then Phil, Dexter and the other mother FUCKIN mass monsters are natural!!! That’s fact because I said so. This shit is so bogus! Oh and is Matt Ogus Natty!?! Or Goku Flex?! Who fuckin gives a flyin fuck!!!!!! Go to my IG and tell me if im natty by looking at me. Stats 5’8″ 180lbs 8 percent bf. @mr.hyde_5

    1. DYEL

      You’re nowhere near 8%, you’re double that and barely look like you’ve spent a year in the gym

    2. Vtp123ez

      Well your text is 4 years old so hopefully you’re not as naive as you were as a teenager. I’ve been lifting twice as long as you are old. If you understood FFMI you would not even think for a moment Jeff was natural. I could care less either way and it’s understandable why he says he is natural bc his livelihood depends on it. Also went to your old Instagram and saw pictures. You look good you’re on the way to a great physique however don’t know what method you used to measure your body fat but you aren’t anywhere near 8%. Hate to burst your bubble but you are between 13-15%. At the very best 12%. You can easily pull up a visual chart for comparison. Use a picture not the mirror and you will see for yourself. I’m assuming you used calipers which the margin of error is astronomical. The best method is a dexa scan. Assuming you are 12% that makes your lean weight 153lbs. So if you were to diet naturally to get to 8% realize you are gonna lose lean weight also which is also water you would weigh about 160 to achieve 8% (147.5/12.5). So to achieve 200lbs at 8% you need to pack on 40lbs of muscle. Once you have lifted seriously for 4 years don’t expect to gain more then 2-3 pounds of muscle a year NATURALLY and I’m being generous.

  8. Nathan Morales

    Oh and im 17 by the way.

  9. Black guy

    I’m gonna fall for the bait and post on this article, even though I know it just makes the website owner ad money. It is 100% possible to attain these stats, even as a teenager. I grew up with a ton of guys who looked close to this in high school, never took steroids and only did body weight exercises. I’m a hard gainer, but I went from 149 to 196 lbs in less than a year by strict dieting (4000 clean calores a day) and lifting 6 days a week. If my only job was to eat, lift and be aesthetic it would be easy to look like Jeff. The owner of this site is a pathetic hater who went through the trouble of making a website because he is genetically inferior.

    1. dario dolci

      If you eat 4000 kcal per day and stay really natural you get fat. Body does not convert calories nor all the protein you eat in muscle. It converts them into energy store=fats. Your arms and chest will grow, but also your gut will and you become fat not muscolar. Remember not suggest huge calories diets: their are unhealty and you become fat even of you train 7/7

  10. Cyguy

    Not even close to Natty. What people dont get is that there are MANY MANY different type of steroids. Even some fat powerlifters use em. Jeff uses the kind that does not make you overly bulky but rather burns hyper fat and tones. Look at zyzz, died at 22 or 23 from steroid complications to his heart, and he had the exact same type of body as Jeff and at least he didn’t lie and admitted to being a user. Many diff kinds, not just Hulks use em. Get educated before calling out the writer (who is sorta dumb to use a BB’s pic to compare to Jeff).

  11. rottenapple

    I watched some videos from this guy and he looks too much artifical (like a inflated rubber doll with fake hair) to me
    Just another lying steroid junkie

  12. Paul

    This stuff makes me laugh….. seriously who cares if jeff or anyone takes steroids, if you wanna look like that (or rather have the best body for your shape) then get off your ass and work for it. Get off this website that criticizes bodybuilders who are working their ass off with their gym, diet and lifestyle. Who cares what they are doing fact is they are doing very well to have people asking these questions fo them.
    Wanna get big? train til your muscles are screaming every session, get your diet in check and stick to it!
    Need to lose weight? lower your carbs and get your heart working at the gym.
    If you really want something that bad you will get it with hard work and no slacking trust me. Want proof? i used to weigh around 160lb at 6ft 3″.. skinny boy… 3 years of gym with last year pushing myself hard with no slacking like previous years.. and now im 205lb and looking close to jeff seid.. hell ive been told im bigger than the guy. But again who cares about me and what ive done.. no doubt most of will think im chatting BS anyway as an excuse to not try.. but i dont care.
    Seriously you want something go and get it! And dont let some hater claiming not to be a hater :’) tell you that its not possible

  13. Carlo

    Nubret is really bigger then Said, they can’t have a so much similare weight/height, I think Said is around 85 kg in his best bulk shape, not more.

  14. BobdeeNobdee

    Serge being 200lbs was a myth. He was 200lbs in Pumping Iron, but that’s it. He was usually heavier. From his own mouth in an interview… “When Arnold competed against me in the 1975 Mr. Olympia, I was 200 lbs. and Arnold was 220 lbs. But 12 days prior to the contest, I was 212 lbs. When I arrived in South Africa for the 1975 Olympia, this was my condition. I was told I could not compete. The reason given for not allowing me to compete was that I was accused of doing a so-called porn film and therefore did not represent bodybuilding in a respectable manner. I have done 25 films in my acting career–none of which are porn films. I was so disappointed, I stopped training and eating for 12 days and lost 12 pounds. When my drop in weight and spirit was noticeable to everyone, I was allowed in the last minute to compete on the day of the contest. That’s why I was not in my best condition the day of the contest.”

  15. You're so stupid

    Even tho Jeff propably is a juicer, there’s no point in saying that “One of the best ways to find out whether someone is a natural bodybuilder is to perform a simple comparison between him and a known steroid abuser”. That’s totally absurd. You’re ignoring every other circunstance and focusing only on the stats. So it doens’t matter if you’ve been training for your whole life or started right now? Your diet doesn’t matter? Nor your training routine? Nothing matter but the stats? That’s so stupid.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Correct. Nothing matters but the stats and the look. All else is irrelevant.

  16. T

    Jeff is not natural, And his body stats are fake, go look at steve cook thos are 18 inch arms, jeffs is more like 16 maby 17 but I doubt it. You cant look like that at his age witout steroids, He uses gear and maby even ran 5-7 cycles of steroids already, Believe me stop trying to be like him, he looks good yes, but he is no ambassador for the sport at all !!!!

  17. Stan

    I am from India. For genetic reasons I have zero fat. At six feet one inch I weigh a 108 pounds – a massive eighty pounds underweight. According to the medical textbooks I should not even be alive. I am a living miracle. The funny thing is I have been trying to gain just a kg of muscle by weight training yet am unable to do so. Girls ask me my dieting secret, and are appalled by how thin I am . The amazing thing is girls still like me for my good looks – face wise.

    1. Arun nt

      No moron if u had zero fat u will look like a crippled fuck why none of those Internet liars like u post their pics

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