Eating Clean All The Time Is Counterproductive

| by Truth Seeker |

Many bodybuilders have been brainwashed to believe that eating clean all the time will produce the best possible physique and send them to heaven. This is not the case at all. Eating clean all the time could actually be counterproductive.

Living your life around the clock and walking with a box of chicken breast and broccoli under your arm is the definition of an unhealthy obsession. Dedication helps. Obsession hinders.

By engineering your whole day around bodybuilding, you are limiting yourself. It’s also a sign that you are trying to overcompensate for something. Your body is not as fragile as the mainstream bodybuilding magazines want you to believe. A slice of pizza will not kill you. By eating a little dirty food, you reducing some of the pressure in your head.

It’s better to schedule your cheat meals to avoid binge eating, though. In order words – plan your “failures”. Do yourself a favor and follow a semi-clean diet. Don’t be a food whore, but also don’t become a food snob.

Do yourself a favor and follow a semi-clean diet. Don’t be a food whore, but don’t become a food snob either.

Q: Is it true that modern fitness models and bodybuilders don’t eat as clean as they say?

Yes. They cheat all the time but get away with it because they have a higher metabolic rate due to the incredibly amount of muscle they are carrying. Of course, many also take fat burning drugs that speed up the process even more. You will be hard pressed to find a bodybuilder or a fitness model who actually eats like a saint. Truth be told, the eat clean thing is nothing but a show for the camera and social media. Those liars cheat all the time.

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  1. regular guy

    Hi, first that all, I want to congratulate you sincerely about your web page, is just AMAZING, you are like a prophet in this modern times. You are opening the eyes for those who really want to see the truth and be prepared to leave “the matrix”. I´m almost closing my cutting phase, as you should imagine, I have so many anecdotes about these crazy times.
    I have a big question: what does you eat for your clean bulking and maintenance diets? what do you eat in the day by day? rs, …yes… I know by your older post that you dont eat meat, but I dont have this inconvenient, so, what do you recommend me to eat normally? does I required to eliminate all carbs? Could I have a normal life respect to my eating habits (talking about eat rice, potato, etc, and not junk food) ? what does you meant when you talk about 15% junk food frequencies?
    thanks a lot

    1. Truth Seeker

      I eat fish, eggs, cheese. I am not a vegan. I just don’t eat red meat I guess. I am not a fan of 0 carb diets either. I just know they get you shredded fast, but living on them for a really long time can drive you crazy. Regarding junk food – I simply make sure that not much over 10-15% of my food intake is junk. You can put whatever you want there as long as it fits your overall calorie intake for the day.

  2. Kabir

    Hey bro, can you write your take on EAT STOP EAT book. its a 24hour fast twice a week for fat loss. please look into it.looking forward to read your article on it.

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