How To Bulk as an Ectomorph?

| by Truth Seeker |

There are two main types of ectomorphs – skinny and skinny-fat. The skinny ectomorph is an individual who weighs little and has a low body fat percentage. Most skinny ectomorphs have visible abs.

The skinny-fat ectomorph weighs little too but has a higher body fat percentage. Small to medium size guts are common for skinny fat ectomorphs.

The two types of ectomorphs should bulk differently. The skinny type can just increase the calories and gain weight more aggressively.

The skinny-fat type cannot do that because he/she will simply get fatter since the starting body fat is high. If you are a male skinny-fat ectomorph with 17% body fat, dirty bulking can easily get you to 22-25% body fat, which is quite fat.

There are three options in front of the skinny-fat ecto.

a. Get fat and cut later. In my opinion, this is quite painful. I know because I have done it. I was a skinny-fat ectomorph and bulked up to 24% body fat. I had a 38-inch gut. Then, I lost 40lbs and got to a leaner state. Looking back, I would not repeat the process. The end result is not better than the other approaches even though the process is probably the most painful.

b. Cut first. If you are on the fatter side, you can just cut and get rid of the annoying gut right away. Most ectos are scared of cutting due to fear of looking skinnier. I guess looking fat and skinny is better. The worst of both worlds, right? Honestly, you will look better without the gut, albeit you could expect to lose some strength.

c. Eat at maintenance. The middle ground calls for eating at maintenance and hoping for the best. This is a fine approach too, but don’t expect miracles. I am almost sorry to inform you that most ”recomposition” pictures presented by bodybuilders are powered by steroids and Photoshop. Losing a significant amount of fat while gaining muscle is impossible for

Losing a significant amount of fat while gaining muscle is impossible for naturals unless you are extremely fat, which isn’t the case for the skinny-fat man. The good news is that eating at maintenance will allow you to build some muscle too. Contrary to popular belief, muscle mass can be gained while eating at maintenance.

Don’t Eat Too Many Calories

The industry is often constantly talking about some mythical ectomorphs who can eat a restaurant without getting fat. Ironically, those guys are nowhere to be seen in the real world.

Truth be told, many ectomorphs are eating significantly less than they think. Eat 5k calories every day and tell me how much of an ectomorph you are.

Having said that, I don’t advise extreme bulks. The end result is not pretty. I am sorry but supplying your body with unreal amounts nutrients will not break the natty chains either.

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