The Truth About Hardgainers in Bodybuilding The industry lied to you...again.

| by Truth Seeker |

The modern muscle industry coined the term ”hardgainer” to describe individuals who, as you can probably guess, have a hard time gaining muscular bodyweight. The term refers primarily to people who remain skinny despite lifting weights. In this post, I will clear some of the misconceptions surrounding this term.

Here’s what you need to know.

a. All people are hardgainers. No one gains muscle mass easily. All natural bodybuilders have a hard time forging thicker muscle filaments. Some individuals are labeled as hard gainers because of their thin bones (small frame) and unfavorable muscle insertions. For instance, a man with 6-inch wrists and long biceps and triceps tendons would have significantly less muscular arms than a man 8-inch wrists and short tendons. This is why your bone thickness and tendon length have a profound effect on your natural potential.

However, the guy with the big wrists won’t gain a lot of mass on top of his untrained bodyweight either. He looks bigger not because he has gained more muscle, but because he had more, to begin with. Therefore, in a sense, even the guys with good genetics are hard gainers past the starting point.

b. Hardgainers don’t have to train differently. The mainstream muscle media want you to believe that there is some sort of magic workout regimen for hardgainers. Let me save you a lot of time. There isn’t. Forget about magical routines designed for hardgainers. They don’t exist and never will. People may be different, but not that different. The fundamental principles are the same for everybody.

c. Dirty bulking doesn’t work for hardgainers. I am almost sorry to inform you that dirty bulking will not cure you either. When naturals consume too many calories, they simply get fat. Hardgainers are not an exception. If you eat a lot of food, you add fat cells to your body.

d. Cardio is fine even for hardgainers. According to the self-proclaimed muscle scholars, hardgainers should avoid cardio to save energy. Nonsense. You can safely do cardio even as a hardgainer. You will not evaporate into the nothingness as long as you consume a sufficient amount of nutrients. Do you really think that 30 minutes on the bike will kill your gains? Get serious.

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