Why am I fat? Because you have fallen into the trap of modern society.

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I said it many times: this world is cursed. It’s a prison planet whose rulers want to steal your energy.

People have become bio-robots deprived of critical thinking and originality. We have been degraded to morons who love their servitude and live to serve. We are lost in marketing. Everyone’s priority is to make money and buy junk.

Believe it or not, this is the real reason you’re fat. There are some exceptions, but the larger percentage of fat bio-robots walking around experience this unpleasant state because they’ve fallen into the trap of modern society.

Value is no longer available. It’s all about how cheap you can make something while keeping the final price as high as possible. The goal is, of course, to increase the net profit. The result? Just look around when you’re in the supermarket. What do you see? There are many products, but most of them are simply a disgrace to the used resources. Instead of producing quality goods while paying respect to nature, we treat everyone and everything as garbage.

When you get lost in marketing, it’s easy to become addicted to junk food full of bad fats, artificial flavors, and tons of processed sugar. As a result, XXXL clothes become a deficit in the so-called developed world.

If making a quick buck was not the main priority in this crazy universe, the number of fat people would be really low. In addition, the hospitals will have fewer clients because illness caused by sugar overdose and obesity will plummet too. But who would want that? Really? It’s Christmass! Let’s go to the supermarket and buy a ton of chocolate. I heard there is a huge holiday discount. Let’s be like the idiots from the TV sitcoms.

If you want to un-fatten yourself, you have to start thinking clearly and change your attitude. The guys who produce and sell the products do not care about you. They only care about making paper by selling you happiness in a box full of sweet trash. From now on, I want you to think of the following once you enter the supermarket:

1. 90% of the food there is shit. The corporations and the big supermarkets disrespect you, their employees, and nature.

2. The food producers are greedy bastards, but we also have to admit that the superstore chains have them cornered.

Allow me to explain.

Many popular supermarkets literally force the producers to make cheap food because the


is bought at low prices. Consequently, maintaining a higher standard becomes impossible.

In addition, the producers use growth hormone, steroids, and other chemicals to speed up the process. Every animal is loaded with drugs so that its head becomes ready for the guillotine quickly. The end product is tortured carrion and plants used in chemical experiments.

The truth is that everything of good quality is expensive, but not everything expensive is of good quality. Quality does not come out of thin air. It requires attention, love, effort, and respect.

3. Food is very important, but past a certain threshold, it just makes you fat while giving you nothing else in return.

4. Look at the zombies around you. Every time there is a discount people act like morons. Little do they know that nobody will sell you anything of value at a discount. No business can operate with negative margins.

When they’re selling you a box of chocolate from overseas for 50 cents, the red light in your head has to activate. Just the travel costs alone cannot be covered. That’s why you get goods of inferior quality. Ultimately, all ends suffer, except the big corporations which are always protected in this fascist society.

When you don’t know any of this, it’s easy to get trapped and get fat. The biggest evidence is provided by the kids. Look at them. They have barely appeared into this 3D reality and yet they act like mass consumers already. I used to beg my parents to buy me all kinds of garbage foods. When I was little, I was more material than I am today.

Back in the day, McDonald’s was a privilege for my family. We didn’t have a lot of money, and my mother took me there only a handful of times.

Meanwhile, I had a classmate whose parent owned a coffee factory. He was eating at McDonald’s as often as he wanted to. I recall being jealous of him. It’s funny how marketing works. The system made me feel bad about myself because I couldn’t afford to put poison in my body.

Today, I can see how stupid and ignorant I was. Unfortunately, my parents used to share the same mentality even though they were adults. At the end of the day, however, I was lucky not to be a big part of McDonald’s circle jerk.

Last year, I got a chance to refresh my memory, though. I wrote a lot of material from the same fast food restaurant. I went there for the Wi-Fi and had a chance to see many ignorant parents and grandparents loading innocent kids with all kinds of junk food. Sadly, they were “loving it”. The children there were getting sucked into Fatland since a very early age. Their eating habits were getting destroyed before my eyes.

Of course, we can always blame the person and say that the only reason for your fatness is you. That’s indeed true, but the really big problems are caused by the food industry and the greed of the bio-robots. You can have the weakest will power in the world, but when there’s no garbage food to buy, and everything costs as much as it needs to in order to be of good quality, the number of fat people will decrease a lot. However, I am looking for explanations, not excuses. People need to take control over their own minds. We shouldn’t let corporations and media tell us what to put into our own bodies.

Stop looking at the shiny labels. I want you to hate them because they are truly something that deserves a massive amount of hate. If I can summarize the food industry in one sentence, it would be something like this – bad products produced by slaves for slaves, so that the mafia can make a nice profit.

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