Body Fat Levels – Underestimated By Natural Bodybuilders

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Recreational natural bodybuilders underestimate their body fat percentage all the time. Achieving a contest ready conditioning is not nearly as easy as it seems to many. Most bodybuilders are often surprised by the amount of weight they have to shred to get ready for a contest. It’s not uncommon to lose over 2 inches off your arms during a few months of contest preparation.

There are many methods to measure body fat – online calculators, formulas, skin calipers, DEXA scans…etc. The best, however, is the mirror. Bodybuilding is an optical illusion for the most part.

The pictures below are meant to help you judge your body fat more accurately. The measures are not perfect as they are part of a basic guideline.

25% body fat

25% bodyfat


The picture above shows what happens after GOMAD. You get fat, brah.

This is Zack Evetts – an unlucky man who trained under the guidance of Mark Rippetoe many years ago. In a few months, he got to about 25% body fat. This is not a joke – 1/4 of the individual above is fat. Maybe even more. Despite that many delusional supporters of Coach Rip’s bulking plan put him at about 19% BF.

Delusional much?

15-17% body fat

Underestiomating bodyfat


The picture above shows Christian Bale at 15-17% body fat. The image is taken from Batman Begins. Bale has lean arms, but his abdominal area is covered with layers of fat. He would have to lose about 10-15 pounds to acquire a more defined set of six pack abs. Most people who look like that usually say that they are 12% body fat.

11-12% body fat

Underestimating bodyfat percentages


This is Christian Bale at 11-12% BF. Closer to 11%. The shoulder, arms, and upper abs are defined. The lower abs still need some work in the kitchen. Many delusional bodybuilders would consider themselves 8-9% body fat when they look like that.

9-10% body fat

Underestimating bodyfat


Oliver Queen from the TV series “Arrow” at 10% body fat. The six-pack is clean and visible. Arms, shoulders, and pecs are defined. This is how a true 9-11% body fat looks like.

5-6% body fat

Underestimating bodyfat


Manny Pacquiao at 5-8% body fat. Notice that there are visible striations on the shoulders. The obliques are super-defined. He has even lost water weight to get ready for the weigh-in.

To summarize: Most people have no idea how it feels to be contest ready. On the Internet, everybody is 5%, but reality says otherwise.

Note: Unless you are a professional bodybuilder or a fitness model, you don’t have to be under 10% body fat ever.

By the way, the natural potential guide was written with contest conditioning in mind. Since many naturals underestimate their body fat levels, they try to prove the table wrong

For example, according to the guide, a bodybuilder who is 5’10” (178 cm) tall will weigh about 170lbs (77kg) at 5-8% BF. This is actually a sick physique. Before saying how you are 220lbs (100kg) @5’10” @ 10% BF after 1 month of training, measure your body fat. Chances are it’s 25% or more.

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  1. forossa

    do you think that a physique similar to bale’s in american psycho can be achieved without peds?

      1. forossa

        thanks for the swift response. i’ll try to achieve it. but i don’t really know if this can be maintained though. Keep up the good work man. I really appreciate this site.

  2. Alvaro

    I went on reddit claiming to be under 9% body fat, and just like your claim of delusion, I’m actually 11.8%, looking like Christian Bale over there.

    But, I really find it hard to spot the difference between Christian and the guy below him.

  3. TruthSearcher

    Not sure that guy fron Arrow is leaner

  4. Mark Thompson

    Luckily most of my fat goes to my backside (family trait), so even though im 15% my front looks like I am 10-12% there are variations from person to person so it is not always set in stone the exact number once you get to the 15-17% range and below. I could end up with shredded abs at 12% but still have a bit to pinch on my glutes and inner thigh. Having said that 15% is easy to maintain all year round, I don’t look too bad and there are no bulking and cutting routines. I do it for me, and that is reasonably healthy and I can see my abs and have plenty of veins on my arms, sorted!

  5. Edward

    Omg that’s me. Im 172 lbs at 5,8 I tought I was at 15% bf wich is not ripped but not fat either, today I taked the measures of the fold on my abdomen, pectorals and quadriceps and 15% turn out to be 19.5% lololol

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