Can You Get 20 Inch Arms Naturally?

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You can’t get 20-inch arms naturally unless you plan on joining a sumo team in the near future. During the Golden Era of Bodybuilding, legit 20-inch arms in a lean state were a rarity of the first order.

There is evidence suggesting that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arms were smaller than the official 22 inches. Arthur Jones, the man who popularized HIT (High-Intensity Training) and the use of the Nautilus machines, reported that Arnold’s arms were “only” 19 7/8 inches. When you keep that in mind, it becomes painfully obvious that obtaining a set of 20-inch arms without anabolic steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs (PED) is a pipe dream.

Virtually every modern IFBB bodybuilder uses more drugs than the former champions and yet even today 20-inch arms are relatively rare.

Truth be told, most natural bodybuilders will have a really hard time getting their arms to 15-16 inches in a lean condition.

Having ripped 15-inch arms is not bad at all. In fact, if you have that, you are doing better than 90% of the population. Once again – be grateful for what you have. Try to elevate your spirit and don’t kill yourself and others over trivial things such as arm measurements:

“People are strange: They are constantly angered by trivial things, but on a major matter like totally wasting their lives, they hardly seem to notice.”

― Charles Bukowski

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  1. Hooper

    Age 52 5′ 10″ tall 210lbs with 23″ waist and 49″ chest arms are just over 19″s and aiming for 20″ this year

    1. John schultzFe

      When i was 35 years old I had 19 1/2 in. arms without steroids. I weighed 190 lbs and was 5 ft 7 in. I worked out 4 times a week before my 2nd shift job at VW.

    2. Mark

      23″ waist, twenty THREE ?? Bollocks

    3. Terence

      My biceps is 20 inches , never used any booster nor artificial products ! Consistency with a 2.5kg additional weight , brings more experience and different training techniques to earn good results.

  2. tim

    I am all natural and 43 yrs old. My arms are almost 18 inches lean. And yes I can send photos to prove this. You will just have to take my word about being a natural bodybuilder. But it is attainable if your willing to chunk some heavy ass iron and smash on about 4000 calories a day. It’s a little more complicated than that but I have developed a program through trial and error called tact training. I would love to share it with everyone but it is a lot of typing that I don’t feel up to right now.

    1. Dillon Hensey

      Hello my name is Dillon I’m 25 years old, 211 lbs 6′ 1″ I would realllly appreciate any tips for a workout routine.

  3. Johnny

    False, anyone can have 20 inch arms if they are willing to train properly and eat the proper macro nutrients based on their age, weight, and goals.

  4. ed

    yes we can have 20 inch or bigger with no drugs-I have 19 and growing –so shut your yappy mouth

    1. Jim Bean

      Prove it with a measuring tape and pic…Also prove it with a pic ~4-8% body fat in competition shape without supplements and then maybe believe.

    2. Charles Denham

      Agree 100% I am all natural and have 19″ arms and will have 20″ arms in another year. My thighs are close to 30″ as well. I train and eat and sleep. Then I repeat that everyday.

  5. Neverseennatty20s

    32yo. Very good genetics. Training extremely hard and excellent diet for 9 years. 18.5″ arms at 12% bf. Anyone says they have 20s or close to is fat or a liar, or both.

    1. Big I

      I am 100% natural. Got 19.75″ arms, 19.5″ calves, nearly 30″ thighs, 54-57″ Chest but with 40″ waist. 5’10” and 19st.
      I have trained nearly 30 years and am very strong but bodyfat, although not really high, would probably be north of 15%. Still look decent tho. Can squat close to 300kg, deadlift same and bench around 500lb (225kg) RAW. I can hammer curl 60kg for 15-20 reps. I can do skullcrushers with over 100kg for reps. No world records but pretty good results for a natural. I live in a small country and don’t know anyone hitting those weights never mind, even with all their drugs. So, don’t judge. I’m quite sure there are others out there but it takes years naturally, so few and far between. Most people give up.
      Yours in Iron,
      Big I

  6. 19's

    Lmao I’m 22yr old natty bodybuilder been training consistently for about 3-4 yrs have always had big arms before I even started lifting and good genetics I’m just under 19″.. I’d say it’s possible if you eat clean and train mean and have the genetics to back you up.

  7. JohnnyCockman

    LOL at these comments.

    Get on my level phaggots. I’m 14 years old and my arms are just under 19 inches (all natty, no creatine). I drink won glass of buffalo milk in the morning with bowl of cheerios and for lunch I have nudles on top of bread like a nudle sandwich then at night i workout that mostli it.

    1. Lj

      Your grammar gave me an aneurysm.

  8. Erik

    This is complete nonsense. I am 38 years old, 6’3″ and 13% body fat. I just now started weight lifting and my arms are just short of 15.” This guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  9. donmiguelc

    It is possible to gain 20″ inch arms naturally, My arms at an 18.5″ without being fat. The secret is working them often the right way like you would work your legs. Consider this, why do you think the muscles in your thighs are the thickest muscle. When you do a heavy leg day, you don’t go straight to bed. Most people will walk or jog further stressing the muscle which in fact makes it grow even more. Train your arms heavy on your hard workouts, then everyday do light to medium sets just to pump the blood not heavy weight. Stress the arm muscles hard then massage with pump session to speed up the blood and the recovery process. That’s what I do. I have 18.5″ arms 7.75″ wrist. Hit triceps hard first. 3 heads then the 2 heads

  10. Christian

    My arms were sitting at 15s when i was 16years old,
    and now that im 21 they sit at 18s… sorry but this article only places limitations on whats possible.. the guy who wrote this article must have his arms sitting at 13’s.

  11. JP

    You are wrong my arms are 19 1/2″ and they are ripped and I don’t even work out that much 2 times a week for 20 minutes. I have never taken anything other than protein shakes.

  12. Eddyg

    Leroy Colbert had was the first natural body builder with 21 inch arms

    1. Truth Seeker Post author


  13. D J

    Everyone gives advice about what works for them. Until you experiment on what your body responds best to with training and diet all the advice in the world doesn’t mean anything.
    Everyone is so different and you need to find out how your body responds to specific workouts and diet.
    So all the specific advice is trash.
    And gear or no gear if you don’t train And eat what your body best responds to your wasting your time.

  14. Margaret

    I eat ten pounds of fish a day and also fifty pumpkin seeds. I train my arms once a month and they are 19 inches. I weigh 155 pounds and i an 6’2″

  15. Bobby

    I just turned 15 months and I’ve already got 17.5 inch arms. I’ve been sucking about four liters of milk from my mommy’s tit every day as well as curling my toy chest just a couple times a week. There’s a bit more to it than that, but it’s obvious that this means ANYONE can get 30 inch arms. I’m willing to provide pics if you want me to prove it, but I can’t reach the camera on the shelf.

  16. JonnyDeath

    This article is shit.
    Without focusing on it I was sloppily hitting 16 cold measured and in 2 weeks of intention got up to 17 cold measured. In the past I was 18″ cold measured and that was through common calisthenics and resistance bands let alone proper hypertrophy and strength training with serious weights and goals.
    The author is an idiot I guarantee I can hit 20″ without drugs, and as a vegetarian, and I just turned 41.

  17. Mark Thompson

    Weird, my left arm struggles to get over 15″ yet my right arm is 19″ ripped….

  18. Jon Deth

    That’s because your workouts reach progressive overload by curling a handful of tissues.

  19. bru hhhh

    Hello im from Nigeria and my arm is 10 inches but when I drank my urine, my arm transformed into 20 inch bicep we africanos have testosterone in our pee pee so dont use steriods and if u are natural dont use protein powder or creatine USE AFRICAN PEEPEEEE so you can get 20 inch arms guaranteed and at the same time get aids.

  20. Tyrome Ellis

    At 52 years old my arms are a little over 19 inches and still growing. So I do believe it’s possible to achieve 20 inch arms without steroids you just have to put in the work. I workout consistently and found this as well as proper rest to be the key to my growth. And no I have never taken any kind of performance enhancing drugs as I have no intention of competing I just like working out and staying in shape.

  21. bob

    I made it to about 19 inches at 10% BF. The trick is to be short and have short limbs. I have a 28 inch inseam at 5’8″. My calves run 19-20 without anything. I believe I could make 20 barely if I pushed it for a couple of years at my age of 60. Heck jus juicing up with carbs and water would add 1/2 an inch.

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