Ryan Terry – Natty or Not?

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Ryan Terry is a professional fitness model and IFBB Pro Physique champion from the UK. He displays a physique that many people consider perfect – deep symmetrical abs, wide lats, round delts, aesthetic legs…etc. He also has many followers willing to do anything to get his body. Question is, can you do it naturally?

Is Ryan Terry natty or not? Consider the following points when making your decision.

1.Ryan Terry has the Photoshop look

Ryan Terry presents dry, lean and muscular physique that looks made in Photoshop. The skin all over his body is as thin as silk. A similar condition is really hard to achieve and maintain when you are natural.

2. Ryan Terry is as big as Frank Zane

Ryan Terry is 5’10” (178cm) and weighs 187 lbs (85kg). On the other hand, Frank Zane won Mr. Olympia weighing 185lbs (84kg) at 5’9” (175cm).

Obviously, the condition of both athletes is very similar and so is their contest weight.

Makes you wonder… How are modern fitness models reaching the level of bodybuilders from the Golden Era?

3. Ryan Terry shows fast growth

The transformation in the picture below happened in a year. Those are some solid lean gains.

Ryan Terry - Natty Or Not?

via: bodybuilding.com

4. Ryan Terry is a professional fitness model

How do you remain competitive in an ocean where everyone is on the juice? How do you fight when your rivals are not playing by the rules? Or maybe there is another set of rules that the ignorant public doesn’t want to see.

5.People fail to get as big as Ryan Terry

There are many beginners who are willing to do anything to get to the level of Ryan Terry. They train hard, diet hard, read a lot but never achieve the same results. What are the followers of Ryan Terry doing wrong? They have the dedication, the motivation, but the end result is different.


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