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Phil Heath Destroying The Haters Online

| by Truth Seeker |

A few days ago, Mr. Olympia Phil Heath made a series of childish comments on the Internet regarding the online haters and his competition, namely Kai Greene. Of course, nobody knows for sure whether Phil Heath is truly the person behind the comments, but the fact that he frequently posts selfies on Instagram and Facebooks […]

How Do I Get Arms Like Phil Heath Naturally?

| by Truth Seeker |

Phil Heath is known for his exceptional arm development. The muscle bellies of his biceps and triceps look extraterrestrial. Since the upper arms are the modern symbol of strength and muscle, many beginners are wondering how one could get arms like Phil Heath. Many extremely unaware individuals think that food, whey, and creatine can get […]

Kali Muscle Is On Steroids

| by Truth Seeker |

Kali Muscle is a YouTube sensation. He is big (about 250 lbs/114kg of raw muscle), and his videos have millions of views on YouTube. As expected, the guy is an alleged natural bodybuilder who owes his extraterrestrial musculature to top ramen and tuna – the most anabolic cocktail in the world according to prisoners. Obviously, […]