Why Are Bodybuilders Doing G4P

Bodybuilding is a cult sport and while the dedication it requires is very high, the salaries of professional bodybuilders are not something to brag about. The prize awards after the third place at the most prestigious and famous bodybuilding show, Mr. Olympia, are less than USD 50,000. This may sound like a lot to you, but in reality it’s not. An average IFBB pro bodybuilder spends a few thousands dollars each month on anabolic steroids, growth hormone, food, gym membership, professional coaching and other expenses part of the sport. When you do the math and calculate how much the preparation for a single shows costs, the prize pool looks ridiculously low. Some bodybuilders may have businesses generating good income or rich families but there are many who struggle to make ends meet. This is why bodybuilders are constantly looking for different ways to earn extra money, and one of the option is doing – G4P.

G4P is an abbreviation for “Gay For Pay”, which means getting paid for performing homosexual related activities. There is a relatively wide variety of similar services. One of the most common ways to do G4P is web-cam modeling. The activity consists in dancing naked in front of a web-camera while in a private chat room different users are suggesting what you should do with your body parts and genitalia. The clients are essentially paying you to show your naked body and masturbate in front of a web-camera. Many famous bodybuilders are doing regular web-cam shows and are counting dollars coming from homosexual muscle worshipers. A popular example is the fake natural bodybuilder Matt Ogus who was performing G4P shows prior to becoming famous on YouTube.

There are many benefits to doing web-cam modeling – the money is not bad and you don’t have to be in physical contact with your clients. They can’t touch you and the show ends whenever you want it to end. This is why this method is highly appreciated among bodybuilders – especially the newcomers. However, it does end here and there are many cases when bodybuilders become complete homosexual prostitutes.

Turn off the TV and think for a second! Bodybuilding represents a sport where men in scanty lingerie, called posing trunks, flex their big muscles in front of a crowd. Prior to the show the competitors have removed all of their body hair and have also covered their whole bodies with oil. There may be a lot of women in the audience, but there are also a lot of men who are homosexual and did not come to the show just for an autograph. Truth be told, many rich gay men are sponsoring bodybuilding events and athletes. It should not be a surprise that homosexual men are interested in paying for sex with bodybuilders. It happens very often, but since it’s not marketable all activity remains hidden from the unaware public eye. Bodybuilders are supposed to represent strength and masculinity – being gay does not quite fit the definition.

Another popular way to make a few extra buck through G4P is, of course, being an actor in gay porn movies. Directors of similar pornography rely on bodybuilders more often than not. The popular YouTube character Kali Muscle, who is a fake natural bodybuilder, is a popular example of a bodybuilder who was an actor in gay porn movies prior to his Internet fame.

While the above activities are part of the repertoire of many bodybuilders out there, the most famous for doing G4P is Kai Greene, who is an elite IFBB pro and constantly finishes at Top 3 of Mr. Olympia. There are many pictures and movie clips on the Internet revealing his homosexual activities. The most famous is a a video of him having sex with a grapefruit. The clip was part of a homosexual porn movie.

As always, everything boils down to personal beliefs and the truth can only be hidden for so long – there is a lot going on behind the fake smiles and the big biceps of professional bodybuilders. G4P is one of the many occult (hidden) activities IFBB pros are involved in. Unfortunately, this carnival has been going on for many decades and an end is nowhere to be seen. Whether it’s moral or not is up to you to decide.

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  1. Sean

    Unless there is actual homosexual sex happening, can much it really be considered gay for pay? Can flexing for someone on a webcam really be considered gay for pay when people flex on stage at official contests all of the time? If you jerk off on camera, is it really that much different than doing it with no one around? Again, unless there is actual gay sex happening, much of that falls under exhibitionism.

  2. Franc

    I consider there is a reprehensible double standard in condemning what people call G4P while heterosexual prostitution offered by bodybuilders is also another lucrative reality that everybody consciously overlooks. You can’t criticize one while willingly ignoring the other which belongs to the same nature: sex for money.

    I’m ready to read an article exposing male bodybuiders in the straight porn industry and offering sex for money to women with the consequent moral condemnation of these acts. Is heterosexual prostitution among bodybuilders not worth strong exposure and criticism?

    1. Dave

      It’s not immoral, but it’s sad. Prostituting yourself is sad, but if you perform homosexual acts, even though you are not a homosexual, how bad will you feel? It just shows, how sad that lifestyle really is.

        1. JG

          Because bodybuilding is shielded with an aura of hetero-masculinity and all the guys who idolize them think it leads to getting girls, when in reality it leads to getting gays guys.

          1. Necarin

            I think I disagree with the hetero-masculinity aura thing since most people instinctively perceive the homoerotic nature of bodybuilding. I would agree though that the bodybuilding industry has a pathological anxiety to convey an idea of exacerbated heterosexuality.

            Now, of course, there’s a huge double standard in this respect in that bodybuilders exploiting their bodies sexually for gay guys is constantly vilified yet there is no mentioning of straight prostitution which also exists in the bodybuilding world.

            Bodybuilding is inherently sexual, sexuality is one of the main reasons why men bodybuild and we all know this. Bodybuilding exploits muscularity and profits from it for its sex appeal factor. I mean, fatness is not protifable because it is not sexually appelaing hence not celebrated as muscles are.

            Everybody (gay and straight) who follows bodybuilding, everybody who goes to bodybuilding shows is projecting sexual thoughts on bodybuilders. Some project themsleves on the bodybuilders as how they would like to look and be perceived; others project their dreams of what type of men they would like to sleep with. Likewise, for bodybuilders the look is not devoid of sexual connotations connected with their own sexuality either.

            Your average straight male bodybuilder who is having paid sex with a woman right now is not any holier and more moral than those doing it with men. It’s the same act, the same consented act; it only changes the sex of one of the partners.

  3. Age Haynes

    G4P is not gay. I jacked off to Kali Muscle a few times and fantasize doing a chocolate snake fight yo!

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