Is Layne Norton On Steroids?

“People trust their eyes above all else – but most people see what they wish to see, or what they believe they should see; not what is really there” – Zoë Marriott

Layne Norton is one of the most popular, supposedly, natural bodybuilders in the world. Over the last decade he was able to build a tremendous fan base and is constantly writing articles and talking about the “muscle” and strength sports. However, his physique and strength have been subject of controversy and many are wondering whether Layne Norton has truly developed his body without the use of anabolic steroids or other muscle enhancing drugs such as growth hormone and insulin.

Obviously, the best way to determine whether Layne Norton is a natural bodybuilder, free of drugs, would be to perform a blood test, but since this is physically impossible (he would never allow it) the best we are left with is to compare the physicals stats of Layne Norton to known anabolic steroids users who have competed as professional bodybuilders in the past. According to the online sources {source; source; source;} the stats of the bodybuilder in question are as follows:

Image via:

Image via:

Off-season weight:

220-230 lbs (105kg)

Competition weight:

190-195lbs (88kg)


5’10” (177.8cm)


17.5” (44cm)


25.5″ (64cm)

Best squat:

617lbs (280.4kg)

Best deadlift:

700lbs (318kg)

Best bench press:

386lbs (175kg)

Now, let’s see how a well known former IFBB professional bodybuilder looks compared to Layne Norton. The reason to choose a bodybuilder from the past is because back in the day anabolic steroids were legal, and all “muscle” athletes were using the stuff freely. It was not uncommon to find needles on the floor of popular commercial gyms. Even the most popular bodybuilder on the planet,Arnold Schwarzenegger, has confessed steroid use many times. Another factor to use this period as reference is that during the so-called Golden Era of Bodybuilding the physiques were smaller and drug usage was not as apparent as it is in today.

Clint Beyerle

Clint Beyerle was a popular bodybuilder from the 70s and competed in many bodybuilding competitions including: Mr. America, Mr Wold, Grand Prix World Cup – IFBB and Professional World Cup – IFBB. The stats of Beyerle were:

Image via:

Image via:


5’10” (177.8cm)

Competition weight:

208Lbs (94kg)


As you can seen Clint Beyerle was the same height as Layne Norton and the difference between their competition weights is about 13-14 pounds (6-7kg). Do you really think that the difference between a steroid user like Clint Beyerle and a lifetime natural bodybuilder is merely 14 pounds? {you decide}

Let’s use another bodybuilder as comparison – three Times Mr.Olympia Frank Zane.

Frank Zane is a former IFBB pro, training partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger and won the most prestigious and popular bodybuilding competition in the world – Mr. Olympia – three times. He used a lot of anabolic steroids and growth hormone during 70s when it was legal to do so. Here are the stats of Frank Zane:

Image via:

Image via:

Off-season weight:

200 lbs (91kg)

Competition weight:

185lbs (83kg)


5’9” (175cm)


18” (45cm)


It turns out that the physical stats between a former IFBB pro bodybuilder Frank Zane and the supposedly true natural bodybuilder Layne Norton are extremely similar. Frank Zane was only an inch shorter than Layne Norton and his competition weight was 185lbs (83kg) or 10lbs (4.54kg) less than Layne’s.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Maybe, after all, the physiques of natural bodybuilders are not solely achieved by eating chicken breast and broccoli six times a day? {you decide}

Now, let’s do the same exercise one more time. This time we will compare Layne Norton to the French bodybuilding icon and rival of Arnold Schwarzenegger – Serge Nubret.

Serge Nubret is one of the most popular bodybuilders in the world due to his extremely aesthetic muscular development and symmetry. He was awarded many bodybuilding titles, including IFBB Mr. Europe (1970) Tall, NABBA Mr. Universe (1976) and WBBG Pro. Mr. World (1977). Serge Nubret’s nickname is “The Black Panther”. The stats of Serge Nubret during his prime were:

Image via:

Image via:

Off-season weight:

212 lbs (96.6kg)

Competition weight:

200lbs (91kg)


6′ (182cm)


In brief, Serge Nubret is about 2 inches taller than Layne Norton and weighted about 5 pounds more in contest condition. Is the difference between a lifetime steroid user, such as Serge Nubret, and a lifetime natural bodybuilder,such as Layne Norton, only a few pounds (kilos) per inch of bodyweight? {you decide}

Note: Many of you will probably start the argument that the advancement of natural bodybuilding is mainly due to the improvements of nutritional science and training. Unfortunately, this is not only false but a naive and logic deprived statement. There are plenty of aspiring young men and women in the gym who train religiously, take their supplements, follow the guidelines in the magazines and are still so behind their idols. If the nutrition and training science have improved so much, how come only a few are getting the results while others are always ending up frustrated and disappointed despite putting in the effort? {you decide}

What are natural bodybuilders today doing that makes them look as big as former professionals? Are they eating better food, are they using some magical programs, are they sleeping in a more efficient way? What’s the difference?

Experts in the field would like you to believe that the difference is hidden in the supplements of today and the glorified training methods in strength books, but could it be that the ultimate goal of the industry is to create a corrupted circle where different authorities are constantly playing with their prey and giving false hope in an attempt to keep you on the hook for as long as possible?

{you decide}

Besides a bodybuilder Layne Norton is also a powerlifter who is particularly famous for his strong deadlift, which is his best lift out of the so-called big three (squat, bench, deadlift). In 2009 Layne Norton deadlifted 700 ponds (318kg) RAW* as part of the APF Illinois Raw Power Challenge in Willowbrook, Illinois.

Screenshot taken on February 28, 2014 {source:}

Screenshot taken on February 28, 2014

The American Powerlifting Federation (APF) was established in 1982 by Ernie Frantz and DOES not do drug tests. In other words, Layne Norton’s best deadlift was part of a powerlifting competition which does NOT tests the competitors for anabolic steroids. Makes you wonder: why a supposedly natural bodybuilder like Layne Norton would decide to compete in a contest where there might be enhanced athletes? How would being in a disadvantage benefit him?

{you decide}

*raw powerlifting

Raw Powerlifting is a type of competitive weightlifting that involves lifting a large amount of weight in the following disciplines: squat, bench and deadlift. The competitor with the biggest total (all weight lifted in the three discipline combined) is the winner. Raw stands for lifting without the use of equipment (bench shirts, squat suits) that helps you lift more weight.

Additional notes:

You can find out why  IFBB professionals and fake natural bodybuilders refuse to confess their steroid addiction in THIS article.

Disclaimer: does NOT support the usage of illegal substances. The content above is solely for informational purposes and is NOT written by a medical professional. The website is not responsible for any kind damages that may be caused by the uploaded articles – the very same way a knife seller is not responsible for the actions of his clients. Be wise – love yourself and your body.


  1. Evan

    I used to like reading natty or not articles on specific body builders, but Layne Norton? Really? You don’t even have his wrist or ankle circumference to calculate what his max lean weight is. Who ever writes this shit is a keyboard pussy that doesn’t lift enough and can only take it out on more successful people than himself.

  2. Truth Speaker

    Layne takes everything under the sun, he’s a fake natural bodybuilder just like everyone else.

    He’s just one of the best liars, hiding behind a PhD and “advanced nutritional/lifting science”.

    I’m really fascinated by people’s idiocy, better training or nutritional science, what a joke… People actively try to remain ignorant I swear to God.

  3. Daniel Micallef

    I do not for a second believe that Layne is natural, however this article is a total nonsense. Frank Zane uses A LOT of steroids? Really? Zane was the smallest and most ecto-morph bodybuilder to ever grace the stage. Myself, I weigh 5-7kgs more then zane used to, however I am miles away from his physique, and so is Layne Norton.

    Also, ONLY 14 pounds lighter??? 14 pounds of muscle will take you a decade to build naturally! And that is without taking into consideration that I never saw Layne Norton as tight or lean as the other bodybuilders mentioned.

  4. Joe blogger

    I’m much bigger than him after years of training, good genes and hard work yet I know many people bigger than me that are professional footballers and life long natties. Yes some out there take drugs, but so many natties are huge and don’t take photos of themselves or care for the sport of ‘natural bodybuilding’ Who do you inspired ancient Greeks to carved there statues?? No steroids back then… There’s always going to be huge guys out there, not many of them compete for you to point and slander.

      1. Bradley

        Because he probably doesn’t look as defined or as good, you fucking retard. I hope you know the difference between having muscle mass and being aesthetic.

  5. Martin

    Layne isn’t natural and like others, here is how you know;

    The body’s natural Testosterone levels do not facilitate packing on muscle while getting shredded. You will not find someone in the 5-10% body fat range with the type of muscle density like Layne has or any other bodybuilder.

    When your in an anabolic state, you’re putting on both Muscle AND fat, and your Testosterone goes up. When your in a catabolic state, you’re cutting both Fat AND Muscle and your Testosterone goes down.

    Most people’s Test levels are in the 500-700 range but with Steroids they can be pushed up to 3000. That is exactly how these people pack muscle fast, keep it, and get shredded because their Testosterone does not drop.

    If you’re bodybuilding you’re competing for prize money… why on earth would you kneecap yourself and attempt to compete against others who are taking Steroids?

  6. Bob

    Yep this sums it up nicely. Huge guys who are below 10% bf are rarely if ever natural. It’s really not that hard to carry as much lean mass as Layne Norton when at 15% bf or more but to maintain it at sub 10% naturally is very tough without using drugs. In fact this is why steroids are so commonly used for cutting cycles to allow one to maintain lean tissue which is inevitably going to be lost while losing body fat. Calculating his ponderal index will quickly reveal the truth about whether or not he is natural.

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