Your Emotional Availability Is a Crucial Weapon In Dating (you need to hear this)

| by Truth Seeker |

The principles below are important for a man to learn and internalize. You will not read this in some mainstream magazine as those are politically correct drivels with no substance.

Let’s talk about the term emotional availability. 

Emotional availability is a gate. When the gate is closed the person that you’re emotionally unavailable to cannot get to the nerve endings of your heart (your emotions).

When the gate is open for someone, that person can tweak the emotions inside of you.

The gate is closed for some people (e.g., strangers) and open for others (e.g., your mother).

As a man, you should exercise INSANELY strict control over that gate when it comes to women.

A woman should do something extraordinary for you to open the gate for her even a little.

If you don’t follow this rule, you will reduce your attractiveness while simultaneously allowing women to BRUTALLY hurt you.

Once a woman gets access to what’s behind that gate, SHE OWNS YOU on a very deep level.

Hence why this is HER ULTIMATE GOAL.

Sex = The Female Weapon

Sex is the biggest female weapon.


Men have an insanely high sex drive. (It’s there to maximize our chances of reproduction).

Women, on the other hand, have a lower sex drive (apart from some rare cases). If they had a higher sex drive, they risk making bad choices and getting pregnant by the “wrong” guy at the wrong time.

(I know that this happens all the time anyway, but that’s due to social dynamics rather than nature itself.)

A woman knows that her maximum value in society comes from sex. Hence why women want to be “hot” and dress “sexy” to feel “empowered”.

Have you ever asked yourself who are women dressing sexy for if they don’t need a man?

Of course, they do it for men. A woman reaches maximal strength when she traps a high-value guy via sexual energy and starts extracting his resources. (Source: The richest women in the world get their wealth via divorce.)

In practice, female “empowerment” describes the ability of a woman to juggle men via sexual control.

Hence why women make it easy for high-value guys to “play” and hard for the low-value men.

If a woman commits sexually to a guy too soon, she risks a lot, namely:

  1. Getting pregnant from the wrong guy at the wrong time.
  2. Making the guy lose interest too fast

Hence why women looking for long-term relationships/resource extraction postpone sex. That doesn’t mean that those women are pure by default.

Some women have insta-sex-dates with hot but otherwise low-value guys while playing “I am hard to get 2.0” with wealthy men that they want to trap in their webs.

In other words, the woman doesn’t want to be seen as low value in the eyes of the high-value guy and protects her strongest card the longest.

Something similar takes place in an already established relationship.

When a woman feels secure in a relationship, she lowers her sexual availability because it is no longer required and is simply work with little reward.

What happens when a woman wants to protect a relationship? She becomes more sexually active with the said man and could even do sexual things that she’d “forgotten about”.

Why am I saying this?

Because the male equivalent of Sexual Availability is Emotional Availability.

If you open the aforementioned gate for a woman too quickly, she loses attraction towards you just a like a man would lose attraction to a woman after sleeping with her 20 times in a month.

This is why you should NEVER EVER fully open thе gate too soon or ever. 

I am not joking here. This is serious.

Why do you think men kill themselves over women?

Because men open that gate all the way only to get their hearts sliced.

A man who hasn’t opened that gate is much less likely to kill himself over a woman.

If you ignore this rule, YOU WILL GET HURT. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but YOU WILL GET HURT.

The Dance

Of course, you cannot keep the gate fully shut and have a relationship. You can open the gate slightly, only when she has done a good deed (e.g., respecting you).

Every time she does something good for you, you open the gate a little but then close it as fast as possible.

This applies to relationships and marriages too.

Practical Examples

  1. You’re left on seen/delivered for a very long time.

Note: Personally, I don’t play texting games with women that I barely know. If one of those misbehaves via text, I simply block her as fast as possible.

I would do the below only if we have some history together.

The dumbest thing to do in this situation is to call or double/triple/quadruple text the woman. She has already established her dominance over you by ignoring you (signals low interest).

She 100% knows what she is doing and is doing it 100% intentionally.

She is not busy, overwhelmed or whatever. She planned this.

Your begging will reveal that you’re emotionally hurt and signal to her that she has you.

What is the right thing to do?

Follow the 3x rule.

What is it? Multiply the time that it takes her to respond by 3 and take that much to get back to her. In the meantime, you can leave her on seen/read for maximal effect.

If she takes 3 hours to respond, you don’t respond in less than 9 hours.

If she takes 9 hours, you respond in 27 hours.

If she takes 1 day, you take 3.

If she takes 9 days, you take 27. (If you remember her at that point anyway.)

If she takes an eternity to get back to you, you write her back after 3 reincarnations.

Think of it as a game of stare. The only way to win is to keep your eyes open longer than her.

2. She is responding and even going on dates with you but pushes back your advances to kiss her….etc.

This is fine to a certain point, but after a while, it will just get weird. A relationship has to include sex or else, you’re just cousins who go to the mall.

What do you do?

Disappear abruptly. Leaver her on seen for a few days and don’t pick up the phone. Show her that you can live without her. Then, offer a date, unexpectedly and try again.

If the same repeats, double the ignore time or block her in front of her.

3. You’re already in a relationship, but she doesn’t seem to value you very much. (She is using you as her backup and provider while looking for better deals on the market).

Here’s what to do:

a. Diminish the extras that she receives from you. If you take her out 3 times а week, drop it to 0.

b. If you’re buying her gifts (gifts are allowed only for her birthday and Christmas and even that’s too much in most cases), drop their cost 2-4 times or eliminate them completely.

c. Reduce the time that you spend with her. Add an extra workout to your regimen or whatever. Make her wonder where you are.

d. Ignore her message for progressively longer periods.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t get this intuitively. We often do the opposite. When a woman starts hurting us, we become even more emotional and increase the price tag of our presents.

This is the equivalent of fighting an electric fire with water. It makes sense on the surface but has the opposite effect in practice.

And remember that it’s going to hurt and feel uncomfortable (like a workout), but it’s necessary to protect yourself.

Additional Random Tips

  • Your intuition is correct most of the time. If you sense that she is showing low interest, she is and deserves to be demoted or eliminated from your life.
  • Never try to show her how much she has hurt you. This fuels her even more. Women love to break men. Why? Because once a man is broken, and she has total control over his heart and brain, she feels superior and can extract everything from him.

Women love to exchange male meltdowns that happen in text. It’s a cruel, clown world, but unfortunately, we have to live in it.

The more emotionally available a man becomes for a woman, the more she can take from him. Women adore that.

If you need to talk to someone, write to a friend or send me an e-mail.

  • Don’t be reactive. Whatever you plan on doing, postpone it until you’re calmer.
  • If you think she doesn’t lоve you, she probably doesn’t.
  • If you think she loves you, she probably doesn’t.
  • Be 100% unpredictable. Make her guess all the time.

The World Teaches You The Opposite

Ironically, the world teaches you the opposite. They tell you to give and give and give and give and give…

Flowers, rings, weird shiny objects, money, dinners…..they want you to get on your knees and beg for her love.

I am not joking. The joke world that Europe and USA has become expects a man to get on his knees and beg a woman to get in a legal agreement with him that favors her and only her.

“Please, take my money.”

As soon as you do this, it’s over. You’ve been broken and owned for their own amusement.

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  1. Nokia105

    Your post is good but average men don’t have this kind if luxury. Women can do whatever they want. If average men don’t get on his knees and beg her, the average men will die alone and never will pass his gene.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      What is the point of passing your genes if you lose your dignity for it?

      I would understand if you could at least keep the kid in case of a divorce/breakup, but in most counties you can’t unless the woman is drug addict or something.

      Also, how can you know that your kid is actually yours if she’s seeing other guys?

    2. Marco Longoni

      I do not give a fuck about passing my genes to ne honest. At One point I Will be dead.

    3. twp

      The average man is draining his wallet and soul by following and donating to random twitch, onlyfans, instagram and tiktok girls who he never met or will ever meet. The only thing he receives in return are the feet pics he ordered for 50$ from some fat blue haired sket. He never thought about the consequences of his actions.

  2. Donny Eldridge

    What’s the point in being in a relationship with a woman.
    To much mind games and drama..

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      No point really. But you’re naturally designed to seek it.

    2. Donny Eldridge

      I like to keep my sanity than being with a bipolar chick .

  3. Steve

    This article is a step back….essentially endorsing “game” which is just beta code for strategies to keep a woman’s interest. I am not counting minutes and multiplying by 3 or some other bullshit. If a text from a woman has merit I’ll respond as soon as convenient, if not I won’t respond at all, seriously dude, you are way above this kind of nonsense.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I get it.

      But physiological game is required even when you’re already in a relationship or married.

      Frame games never end.

      To this day, my mother and father play frame games with each other. They’ve been married 37 years.

      The only regret of my mother is that she didn’t start playing “game” earlier. My father is a huge self-centered narcissist who only cared about his comfort most of the time and would drop us for long period of time without any signals of life.

      1. Donny Eldridge

        Your right the games never end with women.
        Been in in a marriage 20 yrs and it never stops.
        Once u open the door women will take advantage of you.

        1. Grant

          What you mean emotional availability. I get woman use to sex to attach a mate. But this post seem confusing.

          When should you full even open the gate, like myself I am extremely empathetic, but I am no pushover. So wouldn’t my emotional availability be too high for most girls to handle.
          My issues with woman is that my type is not the norm, and girls know it.

      2. Mattsk1

        I am sorry you had to grow up with that. I can understand why you might have issues with controlling and self-absorbed people since your Dad showed you how it feels like.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I don’t think so.

  4. Brick

    Finally, the topic about how not to be doomed by women ;even though, it is difficult.
    Just hold on to yourself as much as you can, don’t let your grip loose.

  5. Ryu

    Worldly Success is inspiration, perspiration and “tricks”.

    The “trick” in bodybuilding is drugs and the things people have to do to get drugs, like gay for pay or dealing. The “trick” in male – female relations is game.

    Just like with bodybuilding, you can ignore game in your dealings with women. However – you will have to accept the lower results which you WILL get. Just like a natty will always be smaller than a roider. Every field is the same.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Good comparison

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