The Alpha Male Delusion (this is gonna hurt some souls)

| by Truth Seeker |

Below you will find some hard-hitting truth in regards to the alpha male phenomenon:

1. Men who classify themselves as “alphas” on the basis of how women perceive them are betas. 

Sadly, in the modern world, women decide who is alpha and who isn’t.

If you have success with the ladies, you’re seen as alpha.

If you fail and get no sexual experience + the well-known bad female attitude, you’re classified as a beta.

In reality, every change that’s fundamentally induced by a man’s desire to become more successful with women is beta by definition.


Here’s a classic scenario. Women don’t like you because you’re skinny and poor. You do whatever it takes to become muscular and rich.

Here’s the deal: you will remain a BETA even if you satisfy those requirements. 

Weird, right?

Not really, when you honestly think about it.

During the first phase, women didn’t like you because you didn’t match THEIR criteria.

In the second phase, more women like you because you have satisfied the criteria of the women who judged you initially. (Women are very similar in their requirements – rich, tall, handsome.)

Or in other words, the first batch of women sculpted your being while the next is enjoying it.

You didn’t exactly choose to be this way. They did.

If your first love loved you the way you were unconditionally, you wouldn’t have changed.

Even though the change is positive (it’s better to be rich and muscular than poor and skinny), you’re still a BETA because someone else is leading YOUR life. You want their approval and that makes them a master over you.

The alpha by definition is the leader and doesn’t follow the direct or indirect orders of others, especially women. Would you consider a general a general, if he takes orders from foot soldiers?

If you’re spending hours in the gym to look good for women, when you would rather ride a bicycle or whatever, your actions are led by someone else and thus they’re inherently BETA even if they look Alpha on the outside.

If you work 100 hours a week to become rich and buy a nice car to impress women even though you would be perfectly happy to drive a 20-year-old VW Polo, you will remain a beta even if you succeed because you’re controlled by outside motivation.

Imagine the reverse situation. You tell a woman that you don’t want her because she can’t cook and has small tits.

She then joins a cooking class and gets boob implants. Would you consider her an alpha or a beta? Be honest.

Money and muscles can, of course, be alpha, but they aren’t when the main motivation is to get back at women and impress them.

Ultimately, Alpha is a state of being. A poor man can be an alpha and a rich man can be a beta.

An Alpha does what he does for a greater purpose, not for tits.

Imagine the following situation:

Hot girls on top of Instagram go to the mountains for selfies and accidentally meet Buddha. He is meditating.

They laugh at him and tell me him that he is too skinny and poor. He abandons his meditation, gets a gym membership and starts working 200 hours a week.

Ridiculous, right? That can’t happen because Buddha’s mission isn’t dictated by what women and ordinary men think of him. That’s Alpha.

This is the reason why many successful alphas don’t feel solid. They have the bucks and the cars, but you can see the doubt in their eyes because without those toys, all their alpha confidence will not exist.

Another way to expose the alpha nonsense is to look at women themselves.

The modern woman is shallow, spoiled and entitled. Sorry. Actually, not sorry.

When you use such beings as your compass, you will reflect their internals.

What does that say about you?

2. Alpha needs a context.

Bill Gates is a beta and Mike Tyson is an alpha, right?

Not really.

Bill Gates is/was the richest man on the planet and built Microsoft which is one of the largest software companies in the universe.

He essentially started the personal computer revolution which then led to the appearance of other devices including the smartphone (the power weapon of the modern female).

If you take Bill Gates and put him in business settings, he will demand respect just with his presence.

How can all of that be beta?

Now, if you take Mike Tyson and make him code in C++, he will appear dumb and thus beta.

If you take Bill Gates and put him in the ring against Tyson, Tyson will regain his alpha status.

Alpha requires a context. No one is an alpha all the time and in every circumstance.

3. Today, women are more alpha than men.

Currently, the average woman is technically the alpha whereas the average man is the beta regardless of his status.

Allow me to explain:

1// The average woman isn’t doing much to attract an average man. She simply exists and occasionally uploads selfies from her trips to the mall. Nonetheless, men still come to ask her out. Or in other words, she’s not chasing. She’s attracting. That’s alpha.

2// All the jobs where you can get your limbs cut off are reserved primarily for men. Most women work in an office with AC and make enough money without risking their lives. Part of the reason for that is that there are no financial requirements for women when it comes to dating.

When was the last time a man left a woman because she has no apartment or a car?

3// Women are worshipped whereas men are hated all the time for breathing while having low status, a short stature or a less than ideal face.

4// Women are protected by society. They don’t go to wars and in case of a conflict can simply relocate and restart their lives in another country whereas men are expected to stay and die.

5// Women don’t read 500 books on approaching, dating and whatever because they don’t have to. Those acts are reserved for men.

6// Women don’t do degrading things such as beg and double text (unless the guy is a total stud). Once they write you off, you go in the garbage bin with zero regrets.

7// Women dictate the rules of dating. If tomorrow scientists unequivocally conclude that holding your balls while walking makes you 50% more attractive to women, men would glue their hands to their balls.

The examples never end.

So, how can men call themselves alpha when they sacrifice their entire life to please women who aren’t very grateful to begin with?

You break your back to earn money and satisfy criteria coming from another being and you call yourself alpha?

You’re not in control. They are.

4. Approaching Isn’t Alpha

You read that correctly. The PUAs and the other movements that emerged from the same doctrine are all liars.

They all tell you that approaching women is alpha, but it’s the furthest from the truth. It’s actually beta as hell.

You are massively changing your trajectory to get to her and then you behave in a manner that is supposed to be appealing to HER. You’re creating the entire interaction and maintaining it while she does what? Nod in agreement or disagreement.

So, you’re basically throwing yourself at a woman who then choses whether you’re worth her time or not.

If that isn’t beta, I don’t know what is.

Tell me this. Can you imagine Christiano Ronaldo running day game in the mall?

Seriously? Imagine him running from one woman to the next asking for their phone numbers. Ridiculous right?

But PUAs and other scammers routinely present approaching as alpha so that you brainwash yourself and pay for their nonsense course.

5. Literal Cucks

Some men are literal cucks and watch their women have sex with another dude(s) before their eyes.

That stuff has been normalized and seen constantly in all kinds of degrading TV shows that destroy your soul little by little. In other words, the phenomenon isn’t part of some disgusting niche. It’s 100% mainstream.

Here’s the deal. Why is this happening to men? Why are men allowing it?

Also, why aren’t men in the active position, namely having sex with another woman while their wife watches?


Because women make all the choices. The cuck agrees to play by her rules because she moves the figures on the chessboard.

Don’t take it the wrong way. I don’t think men “cucking” their women is a good thing either. It’s disgusting. I’m just using this as an example to prove who’s in control.

6. The Woman Picks The Man

The average relationship forms because the woman wants it and picks a man.

Proof? Men tend to like whatever woman shows a hint of interest in them apart from landwhales.

More proof?

Women swipe right less often. Men swipe right on anything that appears to be a woman.

Ultimately, how can you say that you’re an alpha when the woman does the picking?

7. Men behave like alphas with their male buddies but beg in Direct Messages (DMs) to women.

Many alpha dudes vividly describe their amazing sexual experiences, half of which happened only in a porno movie, and then write “pls respond” fives time in DMs.

How can all of this change?

The only way to change this direction is to find a higher purpose. And by higher I don’t mean some MGTOW delusion (e.g., chasing a nice car or a watch “for yourself”).

The strongest societies are those formed on the basis of deep spiritual teachings. Some people will say that I am pushing religion on them, but I’m simply stating the obvious.

Hate it or love it, but men are more alpha when we put a higher power such as God above us instead of meeting some criteria made by mortals.

If you prefer to be an atheist, the same holds true. You need a pillar that goes beyond you even if it’s just an idea (e.g., love, morality, freedom…etc.)

If you don’t have a strong set of principles, you are left at the mercy of the mainstream which apparently is poisoned beyond reparation.

Believe it or not, people are currently arguing how many genders there are. There are homo sapiens with a brain who believe they can change their gender in their head. This is how bad things have become.

I am sorry, but I refuse to base my pillars of existence on such nonsense.

I would rather believe in a God that some people call imaginary than put my trust in the modern world.

Of course, none of this will change soon. People in the west and the parts of the world influenced by it will not return to the basic principles soon,

The decline will continue for many years to come. There will be a point when 50-80% of the population will consist of single women and extremely lonely men thinking of a reason not to blow their heads off each morning before clocking in the factory.

Eventually, there will be a shift, and men will slowly regain their position in society (a.k.a. Full Circle.)

Feminist will be labeled as bad and evil and the world will return to a more traditional structure. Women themselves will start criticizing the behavior of their female ancestors. A lot of the critique will be virtue signaling, of course.

This will happen regardless of mine or your wishes (provided that the world isn’t destroyed before that). If things continue to be this way, the world will simply crash. There aren’t enough people to sustain it. The birth rate in Europe and USA is beyond a joke. In some countries, the current middle-age generation may have no pension simply because there won’t be young people to maintain the economy.

Think of it this way. You have a really fat bank account, but you’re only withdrawing money from it. Sooner or later, your balance will crash.

Stop Thinking About Alpha and Beta

Ultimately, being super concerned with whether you’re an alpha or beta is a waste of time. It’s physically impossible to be alpha all the time and sometimes can be very harmful to your existence.

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  1. Donny Eldridger

    Harsh but the truth.
    100% agree.

  2. Back to the Future

    It seems that it’ll take at least 1.5 generations and likely 2 to get through all the nonsense, even if the money runs out soon. If you rated women, TruthSeeker, would you say there are many more than 1% that are 7+ in the west? With the attitude, fatty/chubby, and lack of effort overall, it seems like this is the proverbial golden goose. What’s more, you can have all the characteristics and you still will desire someone objectively above average at least, or why would you waste your time? At this point, the effective message from women is, “Yeah, all I have is a pussy”. And they wonder why guys shrug or don’t stick around, lol. I really only see women from other countries as a viable option, since also when you get older and have all the goods you realize that if you don’t get at least some youth (which brings everything else), it’s a total waste of time.

  3. Success > Truth

    No matter what you say dude I am not going to stop my pursuit of money and muscle to appease female criteria.

    And anyone who does is setting themselves up for failure and pain.

    You gotta play the game, not cry about it.

    1. NonaYerbiz

      Well, then you’re doing it wrong. The only thing you need is a little bit of game and self-confidence. Be interesting or humorous if you can’t be interesting, then stop being a pushover. Problem solved.

  4. Money and Muscle mogs TruthSeeker

    I strongly recommend watching this video.

    You are hell bent on “the truth” when your main objective was discovering fitness payoffs.

    Money and muscle baby, the rest of the world doesn’t matter!

  5. Lee

    One of your best articles ever and that’s saying something.

  6. Chess Player

    Before I begin, this is a logical article. Great work. It aligns with what I have been thinking for the past few years.
    If I were to add anything, I notice women nowadays (in my age demographic) are choosing what they think is fun and a good time rather than a long term commitment which requires you to work on your issues for the betterment of the partnership. Women believe they don’t have a lot they need to work on and they are the prize. The desperation of men only furthers this theory in their mind. Either get with the program that they’re perfect or they’ll start talking to three other dudes that think they are. And the cycle continues.
    Recently, (besides work, school, and family) I’ve been eliminating my interactions with women altogether. Yesterday as I was playing chess, I was wearing tight fitted clothing. A girl who was hanging around watching was ranting to her friend about all these dudes who are trying to get with her, but she just wants someone who goes to the gym and can train with her. This was an obvious hint to me that she wanted me to pursue her, but I ignored it and continued my game. The reason for this is because these shallow relationships nowadays have no meaning. Crazy to think a few years ago, I would’ve jumped at this opportunity. What people don’t realize is that with every “relationship” and heartbreak you go through, it changes you for the worse. You develop issues with trust, you become more closed off to your loved ones around you, and you start comparing present and past lovers which leads to unhappiness overall.
    I am happy you incorporated how to help this by finding a higher purpose. I’ve been “training” my spiritual side lately and trying to get closer to God. Imo it gives you a good moral ground on what you should and shouldn’t do. In the past, when I would usually do something unlawful, I felt no guilt or remorse about it. Now when I think about doing something of similar nature, fear of God helps me to choose better. Finding a higher purpose helps in more ways than one.
    In the future, I would like to read an article on your stance on the media. Imo I think it is ruining the culture and minds of those around us. Everything you see on the news or Twitter is all just calculated controlled distractions. The media doesn’t focus on anything important or of significance and they decide to report on things that’ll generate attention to small minded individuals. There is so much corruption in the world today and they don’t focus on it nearly as much as they should, probably because of their undisclosed agenda. Imo all the real truths are hidden and dealt with behind the scenes.

    1. Jonathan Matthews

      Exactly right. MSM (mainstream media) is a powerful brainwashing machine. Covid is hoax/scam/psy op and so many people aren’t aware of the true agenda which was on The Georgia Guidestones (depopulation through the covid madness including the clot shot for example). The cabal wants to kill off the majority of the human race and have it at just 500 million. This is genocide. At least 20 million worldwide have died from the jab and at least 2 billion injured the last I heard.

      They want to rule over them with an iron fist not the least with surveillance. It has already begun. I knew from the get go that something was up with covid when I first heard about it almost three years ago as the end of December 2019 when I was on vacation. I knew MSM told so many lies so I was already red pilled on this matrix. I’ve done a ton of research on the covid agenda with the madness of mask, social distancing, vaccine and lockdown mandates. There is no real science behind it.

      1. RightWingMale

        Yeah buddy. I know what you are talking about. Those lizardmen and illiuminati want to destroy us all right wing males. I hope God Emperor Trump will save us from them.

  7. mattsk1

    ?? Money and Muscles get girls lol. What about Mental health, is not this more important than Money and Muscles? I forgot that’s for if you actually want and sustain a relationship.
    My point is, if you don’t work on your Mental Wellbeing, you stay a lonely dude.

  8. Nokia

    Soon i will have a woman and will be a cuckold in the relationship, its because i dont have a choice and I don’t want to die alone. The woman have all the power. I need to be a obedient slave because she can replace me anytime.

  9. Steve

    What defines whether a man is an “Alpha Male” or say a “Beta Male”, all comes down to personality traits and nothing more. “Alpha” or “Beta” status is not evidenced by money, success with women, muscle size or power only, nor is it awarded to men by women, it is simply a case of the personality traits of the individual.

    If you’re an “Alpha Male”, you’re “Alpha” 24/7 because this is your personality. It requires no context because we are dealing with behavioural traits not outcomes. Where “Alpha Males” do excel, it is because they possess behavioural traits which are high predictors of success; people generally respond favourably to males exhibiting these traits, which is why “Alpha Males” often occupy positions of authority and can enjoy above average success with women.

    Men are hard-wired to have sex with as many women as possible, whereas women are by nature, more selective, looking for the highest quality mate she can obtain, therefore men swipe more; nothing to do with “Alpha” or “Beta”, just human nature.

    “Beta Males” enjoy personality traits along the lines of being friendly, loyal, supportive and reserved – nothing wrong with any of this, “Beta’s” sound pretty cool to me. A good looking and financially successful “Beta Male” will always be more successful with women than an average looking and less financially successful “Alpha Male”

    Of the six personality types in this particular branch of the social sciences, the one you want to avoid becoming is the “Delta Male”. These are the introverted, lonely, resentful types who blame others for their failures and resign themselves to the fact that the world is unfair, and they are powerless to change anything. “Delta’s” are not so much born, but were other personality types that were rocked by bad experience and descended into “Delta male” territory. “Delta’s” tend to underachieve and have very little success with women who generally ignore them.

  10. Liver King

    To be alpha you have to live by my 9 ancestral tenets and buy my testicle supplements. And no I have never INTENTIONALLY used any steroids, period.

  11. Direct realism

    Take what you want and pay for it

  12. A

    This is awesome! Makes so much so sense. This point is both unconventional and much more realistic as it applies better to life than any other alpha-beta definitions. Apparently, your intent and incentive matter most. Hell, I like the article.

    Thank you, TS! You’re the man.

    Is it safe that we already know this shit on some subconscious level, though? Feels like it to me.

  13. twptwp

    Western world including Japan, South Korean, Eastern Europe have huge will have demographic problem in the next 15-20 years. Right now the average age in these countries is ~44, 1/3 of them are obese or fat, after 20 years these people will sick and most of them won’t be able to work. The new generations won’t be able to sustain the society by themselves, because the average age will risen up to ~50.

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