Why It’s Brutally Easy For Women To Become Popular On Social Media (somewhat fitness related)

| by Truth Seeker |

source: https://pixabay.com/en/beach-yoga-athlete-sportive-skinny-1853902

I was sitting on the stairs of a large bank. She was supposed to come any second. I had seen photos of her, but the digital pixels on our screens are often manipulated into painting an illusion. My heart was strongly aware of this fact and began to overheat my checkered shirt. This was my first ever Internet date.

The subway nearby was buffering humans. A few looked like her but were headed in a totally different direction.

Eventually, a woman transporting a massive amount of lard hidden under a black dress appeared on the scene.

“God, I hope this isn’t her.”

It was her.

The lard-mule pulled out a phone and started texting. I bet she was sending the “I am here message.”

“Should I present myself or should I go home?” 

A logical question. After all, I was scammed. She was a fraud since at least 50lbs were missing from her photos. She looked older than her official age but let’s not get too picky, fellas. At least she came.

At the time, I didn’t know the two golden rules.

1. She is slightly uglier than her ugliest photo.

2. She is significantly fatter than her slimmest photo.

I introduced myself. She was disappointed. I didn’t know why, but today I do – I wasn’t “thick” enough for her. We just didn’t match. 

I offered her to go to a Subway, but she laughed at the idea. “What kind of date is that?”

Honestly, I was just hungry and would had rather spent my money on yoga mat powered sandwiches than overpriced alcohol. I don’t drink.

She took me to an illegal bar. I say illegal because where I live smoking is forbidden indoors. To enter this wonderful drink house full of cigarette smoke, one had to knock on a surprisingly rotten wooden door. 

Of course, she was the fattest there, but let’s not be superficial, right?

“The essential is invisible to the eyes,” says every fat person before losing the weight.

In the middle of the conversation, she dropped a bomb on me.

“In the past, I was wild [meaning a slut]. Then, I got older and stopped. Women can easily find sex, but serious relationships are rare.”

That sentence created an inferno of shock within me. This average fat woman can easily find sex while I am expected to jump over electric fences, run away from alligators and pray? Where is the justice in this world? Why am I so worthless in comparison to the antelopes?

This was the beginning of a painful realization – men are disposable, especially online. 

Women Rule The Net

When I go outside, I see far more women than men glued to their smartphones. More often than not, the men are playing games, reading messages from their mothers or browsing the net. The women are almost exclusively on social media or texting. They do it with faces suggesting that the proper words are constantly appearing on their screens.

When women wake up, their whole lock-screen is covered by text notifications. When men get up, they may or may not have a message from a mobile operator advertising the latest plan or a delivery company reporting the arrival of a new toy.

Why aren’t we as popular? 

What’s wrong with us? 

The explanation is incredibly simple. It is so simple that some wouldn’t believe it. 

Consider this.

1. The average horny male would penetrate just about any woman willing to have sex with him. He may experience deep regret after the act, but the male sex drive is so high that extreme flaws are ignored when the penis is talking.  Most men sabotage themselves when the desire for intercourse prevails above all else.

2. The average woman finds most men unattractive. All women have the same type (rich, tall, handsome). They have a harder time settling for less. 

Ultimately, this results in the following – average males worship every female that looks their way whereas women run after the best of the lot.

Or in even simpler terms, the average male is worth less than the average woman, far less. 

What does a man have to do to reach a woman’s level of popularity?

He has to be a massive outlier – either genetically and/or socially.

He has to be far above the “scrubs” to elicit love drama tremors within the female heart.

Guess, what? This means that he has to be far above the average woman too.

He has to be a high-end stallion. 

Think of the playboys who lead a life full of female attention. They are closer to being Batman than John Smith. Most are decent looking and showcase a high status. Sometimes nice bodies too. They are 100 levels above the average slut that has to do only one thing to bath in validation and admiration – go out and/or post on social media.

A Man Has To Bring Something To The Table. Always. 

A man is treated as an asset. He has to provide massive value to get massive benefits. He is never loved unconditionally just for being a man.

What about women? They enjoy a different status because they control the gate to sex and have the capacity to give birth. I am yet to meet a man who demands from his woman to be some sort of overachiever. I am not saying similar men don’t exist. They are just rare.

Guess, what? Birth is an ability that most women in a childbearing age have simply because they are women. In the end, women trade this amazing and yet average capacity for the best male they can get.

Show me your booty and I will click l-i-k-e!

A woman on social media is a queen enjoying more male attention than Cleopatra.

Many years ago, I made a fake female FB account (judge me later). My goal was to troll a friend.

To make the account look legit, I downloaded photos of a cute and yet “nothing special” female from my high school. I gave her a made-up name which I accidentally misspelled, but it didn’t matter.

I started adding random dudes on Facebook to beef up her friends list. 99% of the requests were a success. Many were sparking convos with me/her right away. I would not be surprised if they were writing their offers with one hand.

Nobody asked me whether we know each other. Everybody was honored to have me in their contacts.  

What happened to my real account when I decided to do the same thing? Brace yourself.

The approval rate was less than 1%. Some blocked me right away. One even asked me “what are you fighting for? Why are you texting me?”  

The difference between me and and my fake account? I have a dick. 

Building a Massive Following as a Female Fitness Bunny Is Easier

Women enjoy plenty of interest without showcasing an amazing shape. You can imagine what happens when their sex appeal is enhanced even further through lifting and photo manipulation. There’a reason why many Instagram accounts are basically soft porn – it works. 

What do women have to do to break the like button?

1. Don’t be fat.

2. Squat with maybe 100lbs 3 times a week. 

3. Wear yoga pants. (optional)

That’s it. Big tits help too, but you either have them or you don’t. Once those conditions are met all that’s left to do is spam.

What about men?

Building a social media approved body as a male is way harder. You have to be both – lean and muscular. If you are not, you will be crucified by other males. The manly physiques that earn like after like are of men on steroids. 

In other words, men have to boost their hormonal profiles artificially and suffer deep consequences to build a physique worthy of modern worship. The sacrifice is far greater. You are giving up  your testicles for the dream. Meanwhile, she can break the servers 100% naturally, 100% healthy. 

Technically, nobody forces men to take steroids. It just happens, however, that only physiques powered by injections earn a following rivaling that of stretched yoga pants wrapped around the glutes of sluts.

The Twitch Whores

Twitch is a platform where gamers stream their sessions in real-time. Women infiltrated it. Suddenly, they became gamers. Why? To benefit from their sexual sorcery and its effect on men. 

Google Twitch female streamers and find the main similarities between all of them – boobs pushed out, slutty behavior…etc.

Why? Can’t you entertain your followers with skills and a code of conduct that isn’t based on urges? Isn’t this basically sexual abuse? 

Those web cam whores know very well that their super powers are unlocked by the low intelligence inhabiting the cranium of every man in a horny state and capitalize on it. 

Conversely, the men who are popular on Twitch have to be insanely good at a game and/or entertainers employing techniques that do not involve flashing of their package in front of a web cam. A Korean Starcraft streamer spends 12+ hours playing.

She? She has boobs.

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    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      To understand that you are at a disadvantage and protect your ground instead of begging for their love/attention like a puppy.

      But in general, there is no solution.

      1. Pimpek

        I send messages from time to time when I find brutally attractive women, no reply, but hey who knows, stranger things have happened. I know I may just create these monsters that way, but I still can’t help myself.

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          She won’t reply. Her inbox is full of 1000s of other messages.

    2. PfefferundSalz

      Go MGTOW is the only solution. You can’t change our species, so change yourself.

  1. Steven Crook

    > low intelligence inhabiting the cranium of every man in a horny state and capitalize on it

    So we change it. All we have to do is behave differently. We have brains as well as balls. If women have to work to get a man the market will change. But if a man will tolerate all sorts of nonsense from any fat lump he finds just for a fuck, we’re all lost.

    We’re part of a market and we have the power to change things. If we want to…

    1. Brett

      There are unfortunately too many men with low self esteem flooding woman with compliments for one or two rejections from men to ever make a difference.

  2. twp

    I think nowdays money are not that important, unless you are totally broke. Usually social status and money go hand in hand, but it’s not always the case. I know there are some local djs, rappers, wanna be actors, break dancers who have enough money to live month by month and they are doing great with good looking girls, because of status.

    What league are in starcraft and what is your fav player? 😀

  3. Rad

    Fucking redpill shit right here. Rollo and you are my favorites when it comes to this subject.

  4. DonneTheConquerer

    TruthSeeker are things really that bleak in your country? Maybe you should go to Brazil. But in the states, it’s really not a hopeless situation.

    And while you have a very strong point about how women have a “get laid anytime I want” advantage, you are glossing over and forgetting one extremely crucial variable: The perks that you list in your article generally apply to YOUNG women, usually 30 years old or less (though there are always exceptions of course). As they say, men age like wine, women age like milk. As a man, you sexual status last well into and beyond middle age, while the cougar club is miniscule by comparison, Funny how them tables turn, eh?

    As an older guy it was much easier getting tail than when I was a younger guy in my teens and early 20’s. Chalk it up to experience and perspective I guess. And while I am faithfully married now with a family, I know that if the situation ever reversed itself I wouldn’t have much trouble bedding females much younger than myself, though the urge and need to do so wouldn’t be anywhere as great as twenty years ago (which may have much to do with it).

    1. Luciano

      Brazil is the USA of SA. Almost the same thing… Maybe the gringo factor could make you date a fat girl here or a 6/10 but that’s it.

      1. DonneTheConquerer

        Tell me more Luciano, as I’ve met quite a few guys (mostly from Italy) that claim that they have had good luck in finding a beautiful old fashioned girlfriend/wife from Brazil, and I have met quite a few beauties from there who have immigrated to the US and by and large they seem to be very pretty, approachable and wonderful girls.

        While I realize that a myriad of surgical procedures, facelifts, boob enhancement, etc. are all main stay in your country, and that no girl leaves the house to go shopping unless she’s decked out to the 10’s, I’ve always been impressed with Brazilian ladies I meet; they certainly don’t seem to be suffering from the “feminist Nazi” disease that has infected so many western countries.

    2. Brett

      A woman in her 40’s can still go to a local bar and get laid easier than any guy. Maybe she won’t get the cream of the crop like she used too, but she can certainly find a dick with a man attached to it if she pleases.

      Otherwise agreed, men do become more desirable as we age, up to a certain point of course. But the point is we still have to ‘mature’ into our prime, while women can more or less gaurantee a lay up until their tits hit their knees (the quality/status of men they can access just lowers)

  5. Luke

    Great article! Truth! I’m not coming here self-promoting so I won’t give the title, but I wrote a book about the male body Image disorders in males and what I came across was frightening. The girls aren’t real, the pants mess it all up, the gym is now the most sexual place out there. Keep up the good work. I’ll pass this along.

  6. Timothy

    The solution is to become MGTOW.
    Learn as much as you can about human nature, both male and female, so to know what it is that you are up against. Rebuild your own system of values around meaningful things.
    Female validation should never be important factor in self worth.
    To be a man, is to be above your urges, strong enough to choose long term happiness over fleeting pleasures.

    “You must learn the principles in such a constant way that whenever your desires, appetites, and fears awake like barking dogs, the logos will speak like the voice of the master who silences his dogs with a single cry.” – Plutarch

    1. Brett

      MGTOW will leave you lonely and regretful. There is a reason we weren’t created unisex. Men have penis’s and women vaginas. You can say paying for sex is an option, however, there is absolutely no satisfaction from paying for sex. You want her to have sex with you because she actually wants too.

      Have you ever seen a man living by himself in his 50’s + that looked happy. I am not saying you must have kids, that is not for everyone, however nobody wants to die alone. That’s a fact. We all want a witness to our lives. To say otherwise is naive.

  7. fabhz

    Agree with you. There´s no solution. Money eases you the road to more ass, that´s a fact, i´m not saying you have to be a dumb with women, but hoes usually fall into money traps, its a balance.

  8. TrendVogue

    Truth Seeker, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support!

  9. forossa

    Everything went black. I love your style man. Never stop your blessed work.
    As far as i go i gain power from your words.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Thank you for the support.

  10. Gregory

    The average women find most men unattractive because all women are either bisexual or gay (proven by science), that’s why men have to work a lot harder to find a woman than the other way around.

  11. AverageJoe

    Guys, guys, guys! MGTOW?? Fuck that shit. I want my dick wet.

    “He has to be a massive outlier – either genetically and/or socially.
    He has to be far above the “scrubs” to elicit love drama tremors within the female heart.
    Guess, what? This means that he has to be far above the average woman too.
    He has to be a high-end stallion. ”

    You got it close! What this should read is:
    “He has to APPEAR to be a massive outlier – either genetically and/or socially.
    He has to APPEAR to be far above the “scrubs” to elicit love drama tremors within the female heart.
    Guess, what? This means that he has to APPEAR to be far above the average woman too.
    He has to APPEAR to be a high-end stallion. ”

    Fake it till you make it. All these dudes with women flocking to them, not all of them are genetically gifted stallions. Some are pretty fucking goofy.

    Get yourself a nice car, a nice watch, some nice tailored clothes. Hit the gym. You don’t need to be a beast, just be fit enough to take one or two great photos (don’t worry, you can photoshop abs later). If you are doing the online thing, fill in your character. Chicks dig guys with friends, a social circle. Remember that scene in Schindler’s List? The very beginning. He pays to get into this party with a bunch of heavyweights, politicians and shit. He pays another guy to take pictures of him with said heavyweights, shaking hands. He gets heavyweight’s attention by funny dialogue, buying them drinks (bribing), etc. Why go through all this trouble? Because now he puts these pictures on his desk in his office. Whenever someone walks in, they see these pictures and say to themselves “Who the fuck am I talking to right now??? This guy is a heavyweight!” The reality is, this guy had nothing, was a nobody. He did what he had to, he got his hands dirty and got what he wanted. Find this all a bit slimy? Get used to it! That’s how life is. It’s dirty and it’s unfair. Kind of like going down on a woman. Sometimes it ain’t all that fun and worse when you have to lie about it “Oh wow, your pussy is amazing!” (GAG!), but damn if it doesn’t bring results. She’ll be begging to give it to you.

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