The Shy Girl Trap (Female Nature Never Changes)

| by Truth Seeker |


In this post, I will explain a phenomenon known as the “Shy Girl Trap” (SGT).

Who is the shy girl?

Most people are familiar with the Instagram *** type. Those would be women who constantly upload oversexualized photos on their profiles.

They’re seemingly living the high life and never miss an opportunity to showcase their glutes.

The Shy Girl is the exact opposite. Her Instagram account is either empty or filled with random photos of cute cats and some witty quotes.

When you go out with a shy girl, she doesn’t come to the date wearing a mini skirt or Daisy dukes. She is dressed like a teenage girl returning from a charity event.

She doesn’t talk loudly. You can barely hear her.

She seems innocent too. As if the act of sex doesn’t even exist in her world.

The Trap

The shy girl seems like a traditional woman that goes to church and may even be a virgin if she is fairly young.

In short, she appears to be the solution to the modern dating problem that males face.

Except she isn’t.

The shy girl is nothing more than the perfect bait.

How do I know that?

Experience. I’ve been on dates with more than a few shy girls. All of them turned out to be just like everybody else.

Below I will describe a couple:

  1. The Church Shy Girl

She was dressed very well and seemed like a genuinely good person. During the date, she told me that she is a devoted Christian.

It turned out, however, that her so-called church was closer to a sect than an actual church. (I researched it via Google as she invited me to it.)

Not a problem. No one is perfect.

However, I could sense that she was hiding something and looking for a reason to “disqualify me”.

Three days later, I saw her on the street with a fat guy. She was dressed formally and they seemed really into one another. (Almost kissing).

I said “Hello” and went away on my bike. She ignored me.

So, Ms. Shy Girl turned out to be a player.

2. The Student

A while back I went on a date with a student majoring in Chinese philology. She was the shiest woman I’ve met.

The date was awesome and lasted more than 2 hours. Sometimes we were finishing each other’s sentences. She seemed really into me, and I almost had trouble ending the date.

Two days later, I proposed another date and was 99% certain that she will agree.

Instead, I received a beefy paragraph saying how she “doesn’t see me as anything other than a friend, but is still willing to meet me if I am cool with it.”

(Translation: “You’re a nice guy, but I like bad boys. Nonetheless, I am still willing to use you for the company and potentially money.”)

I’ve never been friend-zoned in my life and don’t plan to change that. So, I naturally, said: “No.” and never talked to her again.

Two weeks later, the ultra-shy girl uploaded a photo kissing some fat dude.

3. The Hooker

Many years ago, I went on a date with a woman that dressed and behaved very modestly, almost like a nun.

Later I found out that she’d had sex with 3 different guys in the span of 5 days.

On the outside, you would never guess that she is a mega slut, but she was.

At one point, I had to admit the obvious.

The shy girl may be shy on the outside, but she is still a product of the same environment.

All women carry the same core and want the same type of guy (a tall bad boy).

Shyness is NOT an indication of a high moral code. It just indicates that the person in question has introverted behavior when it comes to communication.

Someone can be shy and yet malicious.

Another important conclusion is that one’s sexual history isn’t always written on the outside.

If you see a woman walking half-naked on the street, it would be logical to conclude that she is promiscuous. Yet this isn’t always the case, although it usually is.

However, a woman can also dress like an angel and yet still sleep with all kinds of men.

You don’t know until you do.

Shy Girls Are in High Demand

The shy girls may appear to be outsiders receiving little interest from men, but this isn’t the case.

Shy girls can actually receive more interest than an 8-10/10 woman.

Why? Because most men naturally see 8-10/10 women as non-reliable, high maintenance and low trust.

The shy girl is the exact opposite….or at least we want her to be. Hence why very often even very attractive men, the type that should be going for the hottest women, hit on shy girls.

This raises the stock of shy girls even more and incentivizes them to increase their standards.

Rejections From Shy Girls Hurt More

Getting rejected by a hot woman isn’t all that painful because it’s easy to soften the blow by saying: “She will reject 99.9% of men anyway. I can be prime Brad Pitt and still get rejected.”

But when you get rejected by some plain shy girl that has neither looks nor personality, it hits harder.

Female Nature Never Changes

Many men are looking for the so-called unicorns. I guess I was one of them.

The shy girls, however, solidified the fact that all women share common non-changing characteristics. My sister helped with that too as I saw how she treats nice guys.

At the end of the day, all women are attracted to the same type of men. Men, on the other hand, like pretty much every girl that isn’t fat.

I am not saying that you should avoid shy girls, but definitely be careful and never let your guard down.

I don’t care if you’re going out with a girl that seems to come from another realm.

If she’s a woman, she will sooner or later show you the core of female nature. It’s a question of when not if.

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  1. Honest bodybuilder

    Do you ever plan on marrying and having children?

    You make it seem like all men are f*cked. What can we do?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Just being honest.

      I am not an advisor. You do what you want to do.

      “Getting married and having children” is not always a choice. I am not looking for the one. I am looking for someone.

      Just like most men.

      The answer to your question is yes, most men are f***.

  2. MB

    Hi Truth seeker, great article.
    You write all women want a tall bad boy. But there are a lot of women married or in a relationship with men who aren’t tall bad boys or rich Brad Pitt’s. And many of these women are happy and don’t want someone else.
    So isn’t it a little bit overdone to say that all women want a tall bad boy?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      All women are attracted to tall bad boys. Some women, however, will hide it and accept a consolation prize so to speak. But all of them are attracted to that type.

      Hence the saying “nice guys finish last”.

      I don’t think this is the case in life. You can be a nice guy and reach the highest level of many professions.

      When it comes to dating, however, it does hold true.

      Ask yourself this? How many virgin bad boys do you know? Seriously?

      The typical virgin is a nice guy with flowers in his hands. Yet women will gladly reject the idea of having sex with him but do it in the car of a bad boy.

      A woman may be with a short nice guy, but that’s despite those properties. She isn’t with him because he is short and nice but despite those qualities. If she could make him taller, she would.

      Some women activate their rational brain and make a compromise by going for a decent man who isn’t a bad boy per say but a good catch otherwise (good career, money, family…etc.)

      Ultimately, however, when it comes to sexual attraction, bad boys are simply junk food – unhealthy in the long run, but preferred in the short term for the taste.

      Personally, I am a nice guy. And got nothing for it. In fact, I would even say that I got treated worse because I was nice.

      1. MB

        But how do you define a bad boy? Rich + looks?
        And if it’s true, why do all women choose for the bad boy? Just selfishness?

        1. Truth Seeker Post author

          Bad boy doesn’t necessarily mean a criminal of some sort or a rich guy.

          It means someone who is maximally selfish and cares more about him than her.

          Also, bad boys see women as inferior to them while nice guys see women as equal or better.

          Why women choose bad boys is a long story, but it’s for the same reason people prefer to eat junk food over real food.

      2. Popescu René

        Can you write✍️ an article about bad boys? What makes a guy to be considered by females a bad boy? I think it will be very interesting subject.

        Take care of you and thank you for doing what you do. Keep going and don’t give up!

        1. MB

          I also have a idea for a more fitness article: When does PED use becomes PED abuse (for both man and women) ?

  3. Ahmed Salem

    The fat guys that the two shy girls were kissing would you assume that they were rich or did they have a bad boy personality?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I don’t know who they are. They may be rich, but I doubt it. I think it’s their “bad boy personality”. I also think some women actually like fat bald guys with a masculine vibe. (It may also be a location thing.)

  4. Marky Mark

    I recently got involved with a women who had a boyfriend. I initially didn’t know she was in a relationship, so after she told me I backed off. However, she later came to me and told me she had feelings for me and was unhappy in her relationship, so we began dating. It lasted one date, which seemed to go well (2+ hours) and ended in a kissing session, and she told me she would leave him for me. 1 hour later she changed her mind, decided to stay with her boyfriend and blocked me. Her boyfriend is shorter and fatter than me (I’m naturally lean with wide shoulders and he has let himself go).
    What are your thoughts on this Truth Seeker?

    1. Sam

      You are a bad kisser…🤷‍♂️

    2. Truth Seeker Post author

      Women’s code of conduct is based on emotional whims and hypergamy.

      Here’s what happened:

      – She was bored and her emotional engine told her to pursue you for the thrill.
      – She was hypergamous, like all women, and wanted to see if she can get more out of you than what she already has.
      – She realized that she is risking too much and decided to return to safety.

      She may have done this consciously (meaning she knew all along what she was going to do) but pretended the end could be different.

      I think this is the case because she hid the relationship thing in the beginning (creating a bait). Her behavior is calculated and designed to extract your attention and energy. Once re-charged, she goes back to the safety of her BF.

      This woman, like many others, is a user/abuser.

  5. Nevermind

    The “good girls” piss me off more than any low-class self-admitted street whore because they put on a phony act of being virtuous while being no better morally

  6. Erasus

    Nice one again.
    Long time reader here.
    I have been reading your articles for like a good few years and enjoy it.

    I found that too, you can’t trust about this with anybody, doesn’t matter if she is a shy or a church girl or something very opposite. Although we sometimes directly think that if a girl has decent hobbies or likes cats and dogs and such that they are faithful or they are much different, but no. I also have found that many times. And mostly people do some hobbies because they like the attention or they like to be around the people, and not because they truly like that activity. Secretly it’s like everyone really wants the same things but by having different hobbies, skills or whatever people trying to become unique but in fact I am think our uniqueness is in our heads. While there are few exceptions majority of people are similar in every department. So it me it doesn’t really mean much if a girl goes to a church or a library, or works in a pet care or such. But anyway compared to men I think women are strange beasts.

  7. Low iq realist

    Excellent article. I noticed you bring up all girls like “tall bad boys”… a few questions..

    Height is an obvious factor. Women want men taller than them, in North America there’s a joke where men under 6 foot two cannot get much dates from dating apps.

    Your definition of a bad boy is based on his personality… basically he’s a selfish asshole. But “black pill” guys claim that LOOKS are the most important factor when it comes to dating/mating. Basically, you can be a nice guy but if you’re handsome, you’ll get way more women than a “bad boy” who is just average looking. What do you think?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      1. Looks are extremely important because attraction is based on biological factors. If those factors are present, attraction occurs whether you want it or not. For example, you may not like a specific woman for her personality, but if she has “hot features”, you will be attracted to her. Same for women.

      It’s 100% true that a very attractive guy will get women whether he is a nice guy or a bad boy because his looks will carry him.

      However, in this case, we are talking about INSANE looks (9-10/10). Those type of looks are 1 in 10, 000 or even more depending on one’s location).

      If you are under a 8/10, you cannot use your looks to compensate for everything. You can be a very attractive 6-7/10 boy, but it’s not enough to win the game everywhere. Think of it this way. Let’s say that it takes 100 points to pass a test. You get 90 points. You’re close, but you still don’t pass.

      2. I would be a liar if I told you that I have never seen ugly men with decent lookin women. I have. This begs the question, does the so-called “black pill” hold true?

      It does, but there are clarifications to be made.

      Those women are not with the ugly guys for their ugliness. They’re with them for money and/or specific feelings that those men trigger in them. The “bad boy personality” can make you more attractive.


      Guy 1 is a 7/10 but is also an ultra-nice guy that allows women to string him along very easily. Subsequently, women start seeing him as “easy” and weak. Mr. Nice guy is always played even by the shy grils.

      Guy 2 is 1 5/10 but is a selfish bad boy that trigger the aforementioned mechanism. He gets a girlfriend despite being less attractive.

      That said, nothing beats the rich + ultra handsome + mysterious + bad boy combo.

      3. Region

      This is also region dependent. I think that pretty boys do better in the Western world even when they are nice guys whereas uglier dudes do better in Mid and Eastern Europe for example even if they’re notably less attractive (think bald and somewhat fat) than the pretty boys.

      1. Low iq realist

        1. Completed agree. Looks are extremely important when it comes to dating these days. Especially for women. Men are less picky over looks simply because majority of men do not have an abundance of women to choose to date/have sexual relationships wth.

        2. Interesting analysis. So a 7/10 guy (fairly attractive but he couldn’t be a super model or actor based on his looks) who is better looking than 80-90 percent of men who is a nice guy would do worse with women than an average guy who has a bad boy personality?? You say being a bad boy equate being selfish. Interesting… so what are your suggestions? How should one act specifically to be more of a bad boy? Please give examples.

        3. I would say for regions this depends on economics. In the western world women have more rights, power and most importantly and realistically, they can make just as much money as men if not more if they have similar qualifications and skills. This is not so in Eastern Europe and parts of the Middle East, similar to other regions in the world where women, and men, generally have much lower salaries than North America and Western Europe. With this being said, I find it hard to believe most younger women who are ok looking will date and stay with a man purely for money. If so, she is purely using him.

  8. Mostolenio

    Great article. BTW, some in the manosphere argue that a good guy who is confident can be as attractive as a bad boy. I agree it’s much better, but still: insecure bad boy > super confident good guy

  9. Ahmed Salem

    Truthseeker have you heard of Andrew Tate 😀

    1. Ahmed Salem

      Relationships are transactional either way we need to grow up from this Disneyland mentality.

  10. Jose

    @Nevermind The irony is that, unlike what the societal and fictional Tropes want to make believe, most whores who work in the sex industry by their own will and choice are more honest and upfront about what they want from men (their money) than a lot of women who love to do Virtue Signaling but treat a men as just an asset to use without giving it nothing in return.

  11. MB

    Doesn’t this money / looks thing count for people in general?
    Men also want the pretiest woman. And rich if possible. Right?

    1. Jose

      @MB The difference is that, while men also care for looks and money (it would be dishonest to say the opposite), they are much less selective and nitpicky about it in comparison to women nowadays.

      Most men are glad to enter into a relationship with a woman who is a 7/10, while most 7/10 or below women will look desperately for a 9/10 or above man (with this, I mean super model/athlete looking ones with a charismatic personality and a good job) and will only look for more realistic possibilities if they fail to get their attention.

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