Who Are The “Bad Boys” and Why Do Women Like Them? (from a nice guy) +how to become one

| by Truth Seeker |

After the last post, I received a lot of questions in regard to the so-called “bad boys” and decided to make another post containing some clarifications.

What is a bad boy?

The term “bad boy” could be misleading. Some people may conclude that a bad boy is a boy doing bad things (i.e. a criminal).

While it’s true that most criminals are indeed bad boys when it comes to dating the definition is different.

In the world of romance, a bad boy is a man who treats the woman as an equal or less than him (the usual case).

Meanwhile, the nice guy is someone who treats the woman as more than him.

That’s it.

A bad boy can, of course, be evil too, but that’s more of an additional characteristic rather than the main one.

Many people will say that the bad boy never treats the woman as an equal but always as someone less than him.

This is the case most of the time, but not all the time. Sometimes the so-called bad boy is actually treating the woman as an equal, but since we live in a world worshipping women, it feels as if he is degrading her.

Why are so many bad boys criminals? 

They are not. It’s more like this – most criminals are bad boys (they put their interests first and are willing to break laws for achieving their goals), but not all bad boys are criminals.

A nice guy treating women like princesses can also be a hardcore criminal. Being nice or bad in one region of life doesn’t automatically make you the same in another.

Why do women like bad boys?

If you listen to the professors, they will give you some sort of evolutionary explanation.


Women like bad boys because bad boys are alpha and show that they can protect their spouse and her offspring.

Nice guys are fake and behave nicely simply to trick the woman into giving them what they want (sexual experiences most of the time.) The woman sees through that and filters the nice guys out.

I 100% disagree with all of the above and have experiences to prove it.

First, a bad boy does not protect the woman as he puts his interest first.

Many bad boys literally take money from their women. (A woman that I worked with took a loan to buy a car for her boyfriend.) How’s that for protection?

It’s also totally possible for a bad boy to drop the said woman for a new one in an instant.

In short, the so-called bad boys leave their women vulnerable.

My father is 100% the definition of a bad boy. As a kid, I often had to listen to my mother cry after yet another scandal. He would simply leave and do whatever he wanted. She didn’t get much protection from him if at all. Imagine your father gone for days, not picking up the phone. We had no idea where he was sleeping.

Below are additional “bad boy” acts that my father did:

  • Bought a weight scale for mom’s birthday (my mother was extremely skinny at the time. I have no idea what he was thinking.) My grandmother (his mother) was furious too.
  • If he didn’t want to go somewhere or do something, he simply didn’t.
  • My mother gave him money to buy a car three times.

Second, most nice guys aren’t fake. If someone is faking being a nice guy, he is more of a bad boy who wants to calibrate himself a bit.

A true nice guy is that way by character. He doesn’t fake being honest. He simply is. He isn’t a gentleman because someone told him to, he simply is.

Also, many nice guys are more protective of their women and better providers in the long run.

A nice guy usually makes more money than a bad boy and invests it all in his woman/family.

So, what is the reason then?

Pick one or more of the following:

1. Women like bad boys because bad boys break their self-esteem. When someone breaks your self-esteem, one subconsciously concludes that the said person is better or at least wiser. (“Why doesn’t he like me?”). Thus, women see bad boys as a challenge.

2. People want what they cannot have. The nice guy is boring and before all easy. He doesn’t present a challenge. He is like a movie without drama. And women love drama.

3. Bad boys are hot.

Not all, but some bad boys are physically attractive. As a result, they attract a lot of women. Due to the abundance of women that they can easily get, the said bad boys develop a “who cares” mentality when it comes to females and treat each female unit as unimportant. (Women find that attractive.)

4. Bad boys are assertive.

Sometimes a woman is with a bad boy not because she is crazy about him, but because the rest of the available possibilities are too “quiet”.

Or in other words, some women date bad boys because the rest of the guys are too busy talking about Star Wars.

Are all women like that?

Not all women are with bad boys, evidently, but all women are indeed attracted to bad boys.

Some women, however, choose not to pursue bad boys for logical reasons (emotional roller coaster) and have different priorities (e.g., money, stable family).

Nonetheless, all women from ultra-hot models on Instagram to shy girls studying quietly in the library are attracted to bad boys and have a much smaller interest in nice guys.

Satisfaction Of Emotional Whims

The pursuit of the bad boy is one example of what I call “satisfaction of emotional whims”.

Since women are the ones doing the picking most of the time, they often try to satisfy their emotional whims. Society tailors to women and encourages this behavior.

However, emotional whims are fragile and often lack logic. As a result, women often end up making the wrong choice.

The process could be compared to eating junk food. People go into the store and often fill their baskets with 90% bad food simply because it’s tasty. The nice food, on the other hand, is often ignored because it’s too bleak and boring.

Some Guys Are Way Too Nice

The truth is that many of us are indeed too nice. I am naturally a nice guy. I never wanted to cheat or manipulate a woman. I’ve always been as straight up as possible.

I’d come to every date and attempt to make the best of it while 100% respecting the other person at my own expense.

Eventually, however, I saw that my niceness was never appreciated.

I’ve been ghosted more times than I can count.

I’ve been blocked after amazing dates.

I’ve been used for coffee, meals…etc.

I’ve been on dates with shy girls that later ended up stabbing me.

I’ve seen women from my past go for ultra-losers.


One day, I just couldn’t take it anymore. I didn’t want to go on one more date and be nice only to get insulted for no reason.

At that point, I made a profound analysis of my behavior and came to the conclusion that I am simply too nice for no good reason at all.

I flipped the switch and made the following realizations and principle formations:

If you don’t think about yourself no one will. Before doing anything for a woman ask yourself what YOU want and only then proceed. Put yourself first because no one else will.

The more you give people, the more they want from you, and the angrier they become when you don’t deliver. The less you give them, the more they appreciate it, and the less they want.

Always pre-plan the date the way you want it. Meet at a location that’s comfortable for YOU at an hour that works best for YOU. Do an activity that YOU like. If you don’t like bars, then don’t go to bars. If you don’t like long walks, don’t do long walks.

Don’t pay for dates. Yes, that’s right. Unless you’re already together, she’s covering her half of the bill.

No, it’s not about the money. It’s about respect. I’ve been in situations when I would cover everything. It was never much, but it was still money. I went on two dates with a woman and paid the bill. On the third date, I decided to cover only my part.

You had to see her face. This is when I knew, it was over. I blocked her seconds after saying Goodbye.

Маке the dates short. One of my biggest mistakes ever is allowing my dates to be too long.  That’s bad for many reasons. First, you waste time. Second, you appear less mysterious since you’re opening up too much.

Feed her piece by piece. Never open up 100%. Be reserved.

In short, long dates = nice guy = she draining you. Short dates = bad boy = maintaining attraction for longer.

A flakey woman never changes. If she’s making it hard to meet, end it. A man that respects himself doesn’t deal with women who waste his time. If she doesn’t want to meet in the present, time will rarely change that.

Go on practice dates with women that you aren’t crazy about. The goal of a practice date is to train some of the aforementioned details. In my case, keeping the date short was very difficult. Hence why I started scheduling dates with women that I didn’t like all that much simply to train this “muscle”. Selfish but necessary.

Be forward. As I wrote in another article, I always go for a kiss. I don’t want my dates to look like a brother and a sister going to the mall. A nice guy always waits for the woman to initiate things. That doesn’t work.

Take the lead whenever possible. After the switch, I began to control more variables. Sometimes, I’d even write an itinerary and a script in my head and try to follow it as much as the situation allows me to. I was surprised at how often my scripts would work. That said, you should also be fairly flexible, not be confused with spineless.

Don’t be too funny. For some reason, it’s very easy for me to make a woman laugh. In the movies, they say that a sense of humor is a good thing. Well, it hasn’t been for me. I think that too many jokes send a signal that you’re too nice. I had to purposefully force myself to stop with the jokes.

It’s gonna hurt. 

Adding bad boy traits to your nice guy soul is like trying to lose weight after being overweight for 20 years. It’s just hard.

Very often, your brain will push you into the old trajectory. You have to fight if you want to experience change. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just make sure that you’re making at least some progress.

FAQ: Can’t I just be myself?

“I just want a man who treats me nicely,” said Isabella and went on a date with the local drug dealer.

The above quote is a bit exaggerated, but it makes a good point. Women often say how they want to be treated nicely but ghost, flake and disrespect the men who provide that behavior.

That’s a fact.

Please, tell me this. Do you know an actual bad boy who’s a virgin? Seriously? Think of one guy from your high school, college, jobs…etc. who was a legit bad boy and never had a girl?

Maybe you will think of someone, but chances are the number won’t be high.

The reality of the situation is that nice guys don’t do well with women.

Sometimes a nice guy may find a soulmate and even marry her, but if he keeps getting softer as the marriage progresses, he won’t keep her (I know such as story, but this article is already filled with examples.)

People will tell you that “there’s someone for everyone”, but that’s a lie too. 

Math often proves it. In many countries, there are more boys than girls at a fertile age.

Why? Because men are more likely to die and nature fixes this imbalance by boosting the number of males.

In my city, there are about 15% more men than women according to the statistics. Thus, there cannot be possibly someone for everyone.

Sure. Ideally, you will be yourself all the time and find the love of your life by doing your favorite hobby or going to college, but this isn’t in the cards for all of us.

There are people like me. People who didn’t get that fairy tale.

Ultimately, a man needs to make himself attractive to the largest number of women. Theoretically, you only need to find one person, but your chances of finding and keeping that individual increase exponentially when you’re capable of getting more.

A selfish man who doesn’t believe the lie that women are better than men simply because they’re women has a higher chance of finding a mate than a nice guy (think Forest Gump) who comes 20 minutes earlier for the date with the most expensive flowers on the market.

It may seem counterintuitive, but it is what it is. The more you sacrifice for her, the less she gives you back.

Thus, the answer to the question is this – you can be yourself as much as you want. It’s 100% your choice. In my case, that simply does not work.

Before going to the dark side, I knew with my heart that I can be a nice guy for 1000 years with no results to show.

Aren’t Looks Everything?

Under the last article, I was also asked about the importance of looks.

One’s appearance is essential to attraction. It’s arguably the most important aspect. We’re biologically wired to find certain features attractive or not.

If a man is extremely attractive, the less his behavior and status matter.

If one’s appearance doesn’t meet a woman’s criteria, then his behavior is unlikely to change much.

That being said, most men cannot rely simply on their looks. That would be my case.

I have no doubt that I’ve gotten most of my dates thanks to three elements:

  • My appearance was satisfactory for the said woman.
  • I created an opportunity (talked to the said woman)
  • She was available

However, my looks are clearly not enough to carry me all the way since I’ve faced a lot of hard rejections and nasty attitude.

99 Is Still Not 100

Very few men pass the looks filter to rely solely on appearance. For better or worse, the only people who pass are legit 8-10/10 men.

Only 1 in 10,000 looks like that. Or in other words, in a town with 100, 000 population, you will find about 10 men who are true 8-10s in terms of looks.

That said, things are different in big cities and locations with a high concentration of young people (e.g., college campuses).

You can be a very attractive man (e.g., a strong 7/10), but your looks still won’t carry you all the way.

The 99 out of 100 rule is at play. It goes like this – if a test requires 100 points to pass, the person with 99 points still fails.

This is why many men who look just fine experience so much drama despite their looks. They have 99 points, but that one missing point makes all the difference.

Being carried by your looks alone doesn’t build your character, though. A man who receives all the women thanks to his face remains too soft.

It’s also worth mentioning that an attractive man could also greatly benefit from behavioral calibrations. For example, a 9/10 guy will easily get women, but they can still walk all over him in the long run if he doesn’t have a strong foundation.

Meanwhile, a legit 5/10 bad boy, could end up being more successful than a 7/10 guy thanks to his selfish/alpha/whatever-it-is behavior.

I would be a liar if I told you that I’ve never seen unattractive/average men with decent women.

I have seen this picture many times. How does this happen if looks are crucial?

The possible explanations are:

  • Money/status (self-explanatory)
  • Effective behavior

A 5/10 guy isn’t mega attractive, but he isn’t ugly either. With the right behavior and lifestyle he may end up attracting more women than a 7/10 guy who behaves like an ultra-nice guy and spends most of his time leveling up his WoW and Diablo characters.

In this case, the woman isn’t with the 5/10 because she finds him physically more attractive than the 7/10. However, the 5/10 has masculine behavior and lifestyle while the other male is like a boy that has grown without a father.

The ultimate chick magnets are guys who have everything – looks + money + manly/bad boy behavior.

That being said, out of all three, looks are the strongest lever because they trigger biological strings.

Bad Boy Shouldn’t Equal An Abuser/Wife Beater

The core properties that make bad boys attractive are:

  • Self-focus (alludes to high self-esteem)
  • No fear of losing the woman (makes them stand out in the sea of beta boys donating their salaries to random women online)
  • Masculine behavior (stoic, calculated…etc.)

Sadly, some bad boys often have extreme tendencies such as:

  • Non-stop cheating
  • Emotionally and physically unavailable
  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical abuse

Those behavioral traits are not the main engine. For example, very few men start beating their wives right away. It usually happens when the relationship is already established, and the so-called bad boy transitions into an even darker area.

Those type of qualities should not be emulated because they are evil and unnecessary. If a man is willing to pass this threshold, he is simply too vicious.

That being said, I would be a liar if I told you that I don’t know women who stay with such abusers even though they can leave.

And no, I am not talking about a woman who has no education or skills to live on her own. For example, I know an established female painter in my town who’s been with an abuser for years. The neighbors are constantly complaining of scandals that often get physical. She can leave him but chooses not to.

That being said, I think similar relationships are just ugly and I don’t want to be a part of one.

Society Has Programmed Many Men To Bend For Women Too Much

The main reasons for the formation of so many nice guys are:

  • Fatherless homes

A woman cannot make her son a man. He needs a father. Unfortunately, many homes don’t have a father figure. Sometimes the father is not present at all. Other times he is there but only physically.

This is my case too. Neither my grandfathers nor my father transcended to me the male doctrine. One of my grandfathers was extremely timid and rarely talked to me. The other was indeed an alpha but abandoned us for 12 years  (my formative years) for personal reasons.

Thus, I was raised by my mother – a strong woman, but a woman nonetheless. She wanted me to be everything that my father wasn’t a.k.a. an ultra-nice guy. I don’t blame her at all. She really did her best.

  • Societal Brainwashing

Hating men is the norm. Men are considered evil. Women are better than men simply because they’re women. This is what all the movies and media tell us. Naturally, boys buy all of it and become naïve to the point of no return.

Eventually, the average boy starts hating himself for the simple reason that he is a man. (E.g., “I apologize for my gender.” – a common quote among the lost male souls.)

There is nothing to apologize for. Men built this world and continue to maintain it. Without men, you have no civilization. End of story.

  • She is not more important than you in any way.

Here’s the deal. She doesn’t care about you. Women only care about themselves and making themselves happy.

They happily abandon perfectly good guys for no good reason. Women are not at all the angels that society portrays them to be. Many of them are incredibly vicious and will stab you in your sleep if you’re not careful.

Protect yourself because nobody else will.

Put yourself first. Your soul will appreciate it.

I’d like to finish this article with a single quote that summarizes everything:

“Mom will teach you how to treat a woman ‘right’. Life will show you why dad is the way he is.”

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  1. Big Jason

    If becoming a bad boy is as easy as your article states, why do so many men having dating troubles? Considering they are not extremely ugly, decently groomed, without huge personality defects.

    What’s the use of “dating coaches” if all a man needs is to be more selfish, assertive, and not pedestalize a woman?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      It is simple but very far from easy.

      It’s actually quite hard and requires a lot of balance.

      1. René

        Thank you for listening. We ask you do write an article about bad boys and you did it!😊 Keep writing! You are amazing!

    2. Mithilesh Joshi

      A fantastic article as always. The theme on ‘how to be a man’ will resonate with many readers as nowadays the majority of boys don’t have father figure role models. As a consequence the ‘sea of beta males’ is getting deeper and deeper with their wallets becoming emptier and emptier with the rise of OnlyFans.
      The last quote is a stroke of genius and very applicable to my own journey of life. But I’m glad that since 2014 when I stumbled across your articles I have learnt to some degree the art of manliness by reading your articles and applying the knowledge you give to my own life experiences.
      My own philosophy on life is that no matter what you perceive as success, the victory is much sweeter when done with no platform and on your own accord!
      Women nowadays as my ex girlfriend said to me, enjoy “living in the moment”.
      My take on this…….‘I have not lived for the moment, I am living for my legacy’
      TS you writing these thought provoking articles is already establishing your legacy!

      1. Truth Seeker Post author

        Thank you, man 🙂

  2. Ravers Diary

    Being a bad boy doesn’t work if you don’t have sex appeal.

    Why act like pitbull if you aren’t a pitbull? Woman will laugh at you, you will be considered a clown. It’s pathetic.

    Your face, your height and your race will determine your genuine success with woman.

    This blog never talks about your race and your success with woman, why?

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      It’s in the article.

      1. Ravers Diary

        You need to write about race, very deep analysis about race.

        Whites are the most desirable race on dating market. All womeb from all races prefer white men.

  3. Andrés

    David X Rules: 1.Who cares what she thinks. 2.You are the most important person in the relationship.
    Follow those rules and you will have no problems with women.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Seems legit. If you follow those rules, there’s no way, you’re an average nice guy.

  4. Chess Player

    I have been reading your articles for years. I remember when you used to write on another site and then moved here where your main focus was bodybuilding and focusing on who was/wasn’t natural in the industry.

    I’ve noticed you have been slowly transitioning into writing a lot of articles pertaining to picking up women, their psychology, and the behavior of men and women in the generation we live in.

    I feel like if you are looking for a life partner/marriage, you should stay true to who you are. If you decide to pretend or be someone else, it might work in the beginning but eventually your partner will be able to see through the curtains and things will start to fall apart. Being a bad boy will work for a little and you might even sleep with the girl (if that’s your goal, then take this route), but idk if it is the right path in the long run. I don’t think it is worth changing who you are and your beliefs on how a man should act. That in itself is proving that you believe women are more important than you and you should change based on what they want. (If you are already married or in a long relationship and your partner asks you to change a behavior, thats a completely different story)

    If you are a nice guy and you managed to get a date, that’s a good sign but the work is far from over. Nowadays, women have a lot power with short attention spans and they are pretty hard to impress. Unless you are rich and famous or plan on impressing them by picking them up in a super nice car, your best bet is to catch their attention on the date and make it hard to forget you. This is why solely going out to eat is NOT a good date for getting women, this is probably what every other guy is doing and she will forget you a week after the date. The best dates are things which require you both to move or have some action involved (swimming, mini golf, arcade, scootering/biking around the city, etc). Going out for ice cream/food after some activity will be a lot better. Have some fun while you’re out with her, if it doesn’t work out atleast you spent some time doing things you enjoy.

    Just some general advice for all other readers out there, I notice it is easier to get women when you’re focusing on yourself more than them. Develop some respect for yourself and those around you. Focus on building your skills, focus on your hygiene, focus on what you wear and how you present yourself, and buy a bottle of cologne. You SHOULD be wearing a nice scent everyday regardless if you’re going to be seeing a woman or not.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      I fully agree with you. I will add some clarifications but don’t have a lot of energy at the moment.

      You are very right about making the date memorable and adding an actual activity to it. But you will be surprised how many women are resistant to a non standard date.

  5. Ryu

    This is good work, TS.

    I think we have all seen that “the worse a man treats women, the hotter his women are.” Being a selfish pig is profitable.

    Dating is only one application of this. We live in a fallen world. Beyond a certain point (in Bodybuilding, the natural limit) one MUST lie, cheat and steal.

    …and the more you lie, cheat and steal, the more you will prosper. Steve Job was as honest and trustworthy, as Big Ramy is a nattie who eats clean and never touches the juice.

    You can’t teach this stuff in school, and most fathers are not going to tell their sons “Look, if you want something, do whatever it takes to get it. The ends justify the means. If you don’t want to cheat, you didn’t want it enough.”

    Thank you for your hard work, Truth Seeker. You have been a breath of fresh air.

  6. Ravers Diary

    Bodybuilders are dying.

    Jerry Ward from bios3training passed away.

    Calum von moger lost his mind too.

    Bodybuilding is a shit show.

  7. Steve

    I believe your reason #3 is primarily what is going on here. Chicks dig hot guys, so a lot of hot guys learn early on that they can do whatever they want and still get with plenty of women. As such they are deemed bad boys, but really they are just constantly in a target rich environment, which is why they don’t seem to give a shit. It’s cause and effect. It all starts (and pretty much ends) with looks.

    A lot of guys don’t want to accept that 90% of this shit is out of their control ( genetics) and so we have all these “work arounds” and “cheat codes” that say if you mimic and act the way an 8/10+ looking guy acts you will get similar results. It’s just not so, Chad’s reality is simply different.
    8+ looking guy you will get the results he gets.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      What you say is correct, but behavior 100% matters for men who aren’t 8+.

      I’ve seen women reject me and go for uglier dudes (undeniably uglier).

      Looks are a lot like body fat. If you’re between 17% and 12% BF, it’s almost like it doesn’t matter on which end you are.

      But if you get to 11-9%, you look ripped to the bones and benefit for it.

  8. Edo

    I think that being a bad boy is actually just another strategy, much like every other tactics promoted by the “experts” of dating.
    From what I see, the ONLY real factor that makes you successful with girls is having a stable and well-paid job. If you have that, you’re instantly attractive, fascinating, clever, interesting, …
    You don’t have it? Well, then you’re stuck in the middle of a fucking desert, just like I am.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Maybe in a poor country. There are plenty of men with ok jobs that get nothing.

  9. Ahmed Salem

    Truthseeker, Is there a natty limit for cardio as well?

  10. Professor Plum

    This is a great article – and I 100% agree that women, generally, like the bad boy types. This especially applies early in the dating process. Women find kind, attentive and considerate men actually ‘creepy’ at this stage. Why is this? I think the Professor’s you mentioned are right about hunter-gatherers killing each other, and therefore women wanting a shit-head who can protect them and their young. Never forget that looks do not equate to intelligence. A hot woman can be as thick as an ugly one. She isn’t thinking about why she likes bad guys, she just knows that nice guys are weird. Her subconscious is thinking the weird guy will get eaten up in the real caveman world.

    I was brought up to be nice to women, a perfect gentleman. I worshipped them tbh. In my 20s I actually had some really attractive women ask me out (not the other way around). Then after the first date I was dropped like a rock. It clearly wasn’t my looks, as they asked me out based on looks alone (they didn’t even know me – I just met them in bars). I was just too nice – they read this as weird. It gave them the creeps. Also, even the hot women I dated were just too stupid. I am a bright guy – I rarely meet women on my level intellectually and they are even more rarely attractive, there was nothing in common (sounds arrogant, but honestly I don’t want to talk about tv, sports, etc).

    My dad – who was a complete shit like your dad – gave me one, and only one, good piece of advice his whole life (he was a serial philanderer). He said you must only talk to women about what THEY are interested in. So this is a real problem when your interests don’t match. With a lot of bad boys they are also basically thick. They have more in common with most women (never forget – the average human IQ is 100. That means half of all women have an IQ less than 100).

    1. Loverboy

      You say you are intelligent, but:

      1) You didnt understand the difference between an average and a median
      2) Even in your evopsych conjecture about why a woman picks a “shithead”, you contradict yourself. Why would she pick such a guy to “protect her”, if what makes him who he is is how selfish he is, and what makes the other man who he is is how much he cares for her?

  11. Professor Plum

    p.s. You say she (the woman) is “not more important than you in any way”. Sorry, but basically she IS more important than you in EVERY way – and she knows it.

    1. Society values women more than men. This is a basic truth. Women get treated better at every level. Men live in a world where they are basically forced to compete with other men all the time. If they fail, they die. Every woman is a princess – even the ones in wheel chairs, morbidly obese, etc. A man’s life is simply of less value, overall, than a woman’s life to our society. For example, you go to the doctor as a man, and you really have to try some to get a referral to a specialist. A women just has to complain about anything and the health service will bend over backwards for her.
    2. A woman is biologically more valuable than an average man. OK if you are a billionaire man or 10/10 chad this is not the case. But in biological terms the average man is worth less than the average woman. A lot less. For very obvious reasons. Why do you only recently have women been allowed on the battlefield?

    Does this mean you have to worship women or be a blue-pilled ‘simp’. No. But, it is useful to know what you are dealing with. Then you can devise a route to happiness. When you realise you are really less important than them, you can see why they behave like they do. Basically:
    a. many women are not very bright. certainly if you have an IQ>120, you are a lot brighter than the vast majority of women you are attracted to.
    b. they base everything on first impressions.
    c. first impressions select for bad boy types who don’t get thought of as ‘creeps’.

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      She may be more important from a reproductive point of view, but she is not more important from all the other points of view.

      For example, a plumber is a lot more useful to society (from a non-reproductive point of view) than your average social media woman.

      Men built and continue to support civilization. Imagine if all those average men die one day. The entire world will collapse.

      So, no. I don’t agree that a woman is more important than a man overall. Eliminate sex and reproduction from the equation and all their value goes out of the window. A man could be valuable even if he doesn’t reproduce, a woman rarely is.

      A woman’s one and only job is to be a mother. All else a man can do better and faster.

      1. Professor Plum

        I agree with you in the situation maybe of 100 years ago – but society is not static it is fluid. The emancipation of women (rightly or wrongly) has changed things. Women now believe they can do anything a man can do. Society supports them. Of course, history will eventually show this is flawed and this is already leading to very low reproductive rates in western societies as a result. These low rates are building up to a severe societal crisis (look at China – this is just the beginning).

        What should men do? They should change and adapt. There are two very different situations: the desire to have a family, the desire to have a ‘life partner’. Both are admirable and good objectives for the ‘decent man’. In the past these were connected, but today finding a woman who wants to have children with you and be your life partner is very difficult for most men. By the time you find her she will be too old probably to have children – remember about 25% of women are unable to have children by the time they are 35. I only realised this too late (I have children, but not with my wife – yes, I adapted)!

        Yes – she IS more important from a reproductive point of you. The irony is that both your brain and her brain are subconsciously genetically hard wired to put reproduction above everything else (even if you don’t want children – biological forces are more powerful than most people realise). Everything we think and do ultimately comes down to reproduction – even if we don’t think they are. This is the truth.

        To quote the great Robert E. Howard:

        “Any but the most brutish of men must be touched with a certain awe or wonder at the baring of a woman’s naked soul.”

        This comes back, of course, to the key message from your essay. But the intelligent man does not need to become a brutish man to be successful with women. He needs to just realise that his greatest gift is his intelligence. Intelligence is not just about solving problems. It allows the intelligent non-brutish man to adapt and become what is necessary to win his happiness.

        To quote another of my heroes, Bruce Lee:

        “Be water, my friend”.

      2. Loverboy

        “A woman’s one and only job is to be a mother. All else a man can do better and faster.” – This is too categorical for me, i think using such completely black and white terms undermines the otherwise reasonable points you want to make. I guess you dont care about that maybe, but i had to at least say this since it stuck out.

      3. Lee

        “A woman’s one and only job is to be a mother. All else a man can do better and faster.”

        Truer words were never spoken.

  12. Oldboy

    In my town, 30 minutes with a profesional woman costs 60 euros. (in my country its legal). So it is much cheaper for me than going on dates where i don’t get what i really want. I don’t even feel the need to waste my time going on dates. I feel liberated.

  13. twilightened

    You know what man, I am 41 years old and i am at the verge of paying for sex from now on. It is too freaking hard and absoultely worthless now to make a woman happy and willing to be with you in this age of internet and dating apps and shit. It is sooo freaking easy for them to find a “better” suitor now. Look man, i accept my situation. And i suggest every male to do so. Just accept the fact that you are an “average joe” and to them, you are just another “demander”. They figured it all out man. They read you, they know everything. No matter what yo do, you will get your money’s worth and that is the clue right there. If you are not rich and powerful, or at least above average in terms of income, to them you are just a tool, someone to spend time with, someone to fuck for a while, until they find someone better than you. Fuck that shit. It is all just fucking waste. Let’s be honest with ourselves, we will never be bad boys, rich boys, powerful boys, athletic etc etc boys, especially after a certain age. Just fucking pay for it man. Pay for a woman’s time. It is the same with everything. That will make you the baddest boy i tell ya. Who fucking cares anyway. Even writing reading these kind of articles is a huge waste of time dude, sorry but i am just being honest. Nobody cares anymore. Women dont care men dont care. The whole fucking world is fucked up anyway. “Get your money’s worht”, and be done with it. We will all die sooner or later. Who the fuck cares.

    1. Erasus

      I agree with you on so many points. However what I found I lack with women is deep connection, I am able to pull a few chicks here and there, but it all starts because she was interested in my looks or I was interested in her looks and such. And I don’t have anything to speak about with them, really I would just like to have a girl like a best friend, who would understand me and we could tak about life just in general. But a lot of women I guess would find me just too boring. So it always goes nowhere. I agree 100% that it’s just easier to pay the money and get that pleasure you want than to go all through this dating process and not knowing how will it end.

      Actually being alone is 100 times better than being with someone you don’t feel like is a good soulmate, the thing is that ‘girl’ you like/liked is replacable just as I am or anyone else. There is no point these times to try hard to get someones attention if they don’t give it to you right from the start. I feel my best when being myself, I know I am confident in myself I have some qualities too I just said yeah it would be cool to have a nice girl to talk to where I can be myself all the time, but I haven’t an encountered the proper one. So I guess being alone just suits me well.

      1. Pierre

        Hi Erasus,
        You are right on the money.

        1. Erasus

          Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  14. Ahmed Salem

    Truthseeker, do I have to do different cardio variations to reach my cardio limit such as running, cycling, and skipping rope. Or should I focus on one variation such as skipping rope to reach my limit? If you have the time can you please make an article on reaching your cardiovascular genetic potential would be greatly appreciated.

  15. DON

    Put yourself first your soul will appreciate it.
    i stand by these wored.

  16. DON

    Put yourself first your soul will appreciate it.
    i stand by these words.

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