The REAL Reasons Why You’re Not Gaining Muscle

| by Truth Seeker |

So, why aren’t you gaining muscle mass? Well, it’s really simple. You are not taking the right supplements and doing the perfect rep range. To build huge and scary muscles you have to take {this}, {this} and {that} while working the muscles with a proper rep scheme. No! I am kidding. Let’s get serious now.

It takes 4-5 lines to present the formula of muscle construction. Count.

To gain muscle mass, two conditions have to be met. First, you have to train progressively (adding weight or reps). Second, you have to eat at least at maintenance. If those two demands are met, there is no real reason not to gain muscle, besides the fact that you’re a limited natural bodybuilder.

Many bodybuilding scholars will tell you that you have to follow a magical regimen and a very specific rep range. That’s a lie. You could reach your genetic potential without changing your rep range for decades. Of course, you could do the same even if you change your rep range, but it’s not needed for progress. Trying different rep schemes could be beneficial, but in terms of real GDP, the profit is small to nonexistent.

The mainstream bodybuilding cartel wants us to remain a part of the loop. That’s why the experts always come up with “new”, “sensational ways” to gain more muscle. This is the motivation behind articles entitled: “4 Bulletproof Methods To Add Slabs Of Muscle”, “Chinese Secrets To Muscle Growth”, “Why you’re not as big as Arnold”, “What would Arnold do to gain muscle”…etc.

They want you to forget that the natural body is incapable of exceptional muscular growth regardless of the training methods you use. There comes a point when no amount of work, protein and even praying can result in more muscle. This is the moment when “GAME OVER” appears on the screen.

Truth be told, most people would be content with the development that can be achieved naturally in terms of size and skills. You can become better than 90% of the population – naturally. If that’s not enough, I don’t know what is.

Yet I am often accused of killing the bodybuilding dreams of many people. I even have a nickname. They call me “The Destructo Of The Bodybuilda’s Dream”. Nice. I love it.Thank you.

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