Stories From The Gym: The First Time I Saw a Real Steroid User

| by Truth Seeker |

image source:; {P.S. That's not him.}

image source:;
{P.S. That’s not him.}

At the time of this story, I was a naive skinny boy serving a sentence in a dirty basement gym.

My training facility was a trash bin, but it gave me the chance to witness some rather grotesque events that shaped my lifting ideology. This was the place where I saw an obvious steroid user for the first time.

I was doing something stupid, namely seated calf raises when this muscle monster entered the gym. He was not a professional bodybuilder by any means, but the quality of his physique altered the oxygen in the barbell house. He looked like an alien composed in Photoshop.

As a bonus, the guy was as metrosexual as it gets – tanned, kinky hair style, shaved, ankle socks, tattoos – the total package.

At the time, I was unaware enough to believe that almost everything was possible naturally, but his look was too incredible even for my gullible brain. “Steroids” was the first word that formed in my head.

Captivated by the muscle magic in the air, I took special notice of the supplements that this muscle gangsta ordered at the protein bar, which by the way looked like a pub from a Western movie. He took a pre-workout and a protein powder. The mixture looked green, like the Hulk.

A few months passed before I had a chance to see this muscle monster again. Apparently, he was off cycle. The Photoshop look and the glow were gone. He did a few sets with 200lbs on the bench, which for his size was rather unimpressive.

I had just transformed into a permabulker planning to break the deadlift records naturally and thought that the guy was weak sauce, to say the least. I started adding plates to my deadlift bar with a sense of superiority.

Thanks to destiny, I trained shoulder to shoulder with that guy for a long time. He even tried to fix my form on dumbbell rows.

Honestly, he was annoying and constantly repeating that he takes only protein powder. Sure, brah…

As a bonus, he was often talking about his sexual prowess too. Below is a short sample dialogue:

“Brahs! Yesterday, I was just about to unload my precious genes in the mouth of this whore when I got a sick cramp in my upper leg, ” he said with a smile on his face.

“Grats, bro,” replied the brahs.

Apparently, the man was living the life – bitches, money, muscle.

However, he showed me that even men with big muscle can be incredibly insecure.

His voice was full of fear.

I guess you can have it all and still lack confidence.

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