Plazma Reactive Pump – Honest Review | It’s scammy

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In this post, nattyornot will reveal the nonsense hidden behind Plazma Reactive Pump advertised by

1.The supplement Plazma Reactive Pump is advertised by a heavy steroid user – John Meadows.

1.1 John Meadows is 5’6” (167 cm) and weighs 230 lbs (105 kg) at 5-8% body fat. This means that he is the size of Kali Muscle, Phil Heath…etc.

1.2 John Meadows weighs as much as Arnold Schwarzenegger but is also 6 inches shorter. Thus, it’s obvious that he is not natural.

You will never acquire a muscular body like that by taking Plazma Reactive Pump or any other supplement.

The whole article advertising the product is full of dubious statements. For example, John Meadows claims that he has gained 10lbs (5 kg) of stage weight thanks to the protocol. I am almost sorry to inform you that gaining 10lbs of dry muscle would require at least six months for a beginner. An advanced athlete would need 2-3 years to gain 10lbs of true muscle. If John Meadows has truly made those gains, it wasn’t thanks to Plazma Reactive Pump.

2.Plazma Reactive Pump has bogus content

The supplement Plazma contains basically sugar, protein and a bunch of ingredients which Biotest has labeled as Nutrient-Partitioning Functional Carbohydrates.  So, Plazma contains protein and carbohydrates? Who would’ve thought?

By the way, you cannot reach the muscular development of John Meadows just by consuming protein and carbs. It’s physically impossible.

3.Weird protocols

To confuse the user, the team of Biotest always comes up with weird protocols. They want you to believe that if the products don’t deliver the expected results, it’s because you have failed to follow the instructions. In this particular case, you are required to drink 1 500ml of water during your workout and 500ml prior to it. That’s 2 000ml of water consumed in a very short period of time. You will feel heavy, bloated and experience a constant urge to go to the restroom.

4.Plazma Reactive Pump is expensive

One bottle of Plazma Reactive Pump contains 1 300 grams of powder. According to the recommended usage, you should use 4 doses (260 grams) for one workout. That means that if you workout 3 times a week, you will consume 780 (260×3) grams every seven days. Therefore, one bottle of Plazma Reactive pump will last you 5 workouts, and you will have to buy two each month. One bottle costs USD 69. That’s about USD 140 for a month-long supply.

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  1. Mason

    What a fucking stupid article. John is a stand up guy. No fucking shit he takes steroids. Anyone with half a brain can figure that one out. But plasma im sure has helped him, along with other things.

  2. El Choochoo

    Bwahhahahhahha. The people who write articles in T-Nation are fucking required to peddle the product.

  3. Joseph Blowinski

    Damn, I didn’t know T Nation peddled bulls%!t supplements like that. It sort of offsets all the no-frills training advice that site is known for.

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