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Lifting Heavy Weights is Still a Major Waste of Time let me redpill you

| by Truth Seeker |

Nothing has changed in the world of lifting. The professors still sell the same old dreams directly and indirectly. The only difference is that the buyers are new. What happened to the previous crowd? They did their squats and ascended? Yeah, right. They just left. One of the biggest scams ever told to any natural […]

The Gym Membership Scam

| by Truth Seeker |

While the biggest scam in bodybuilding is the false believe that you can achieve a super muscular body by taking powders, the deception does not end here. Another good way to make money in the industry is to sell gym memberships. And whenever there’s an opportunity to make big money, there are also lies and […]

Plazma Reactive Pump – Honest Review | It’s scammy

| by Truth Seeker |

In this post, nattyornot will reveal the nonsense hidden behind Plazma Reactive Pump advertised by T-Nation.com. 1.The supplement Plazma Reactive Pump is advertised by a heavy steroid user – John Meadows. 1.1 John Meadows is 5’6” (167 cm) and weighs 230 lbs (105 kg) at 5-8% body fat. This means that he is the size […]