Is Overtraining Really A Myth? Is CT Fletcher right?

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The vast majority of muscle scholars consider overtraining a real phenomenon. However, there are also iron sages like CT Fletcher who see overtraining as an excuse to be lazy. CT claims that his monstrous 20-inch arms are the result of daily curling.

The vision of CT Fletcher in regards to overtraining is expressed more vividly in the following clip:

To acquire a proper assessment of the situation, you have to think of similar videos as commercials/promos.

Ads have one goal in mind – to tweak the subconscious mind. Necessities aside, people don’t really buy products. We buy the infatuation that those products are wrapped in.

The most common example would be the commercials loaded with sexually suggestive images. Even if the presented product is absolute garbage, people would still pay attention  due to the stimulated sexual emotions.

It’s a mouse trap. You come for something that smells like food only to get trapped or poisoned.

The same holds true for the video of CT Fletcher. He has the charisma and the talent to sell you an idea through right-brain arguments. People look at the video above and fall for it like it’s reality.

The music, CT Fletcher’s voice, the environment and before all the ego opium put all critical thinking to sleep.


Researchers have shown that after the premiere of movies like “Top Gun”, which is a war drama, military recruitments increase. Why? Because people fall for all kinds of propaganda. The movies promise you one thing, but the reality is completely different.

While this may seem unrelated to overtraining, the video of CT Fletcher has a similar goal – to make you subscribe to a magical ideology.

I am almost sorry to inform you but overtraining is very real.

When the body does not have enough time to recover, fatigue and damage accumulate. Sooner or later, you will need a deload to recuperate and prevent injuries. There may be people who don’t train intensely enough to actually overtrain, but that doesn’t mean that overtraining is a myth.

It’s funny how CT Fletcher used an exercise like the bicep curl to demonstrate his anti-overtraining position. He knows very well that this approach will attract more fools because big biceps sell very well.

How come he didn’t use the deadlift to prove that overtraining is a myth? Well, because deadlifting heavy every day is truly impossible without a mental breakdown.

The bicep curl is an easy exercise to recover from. You can effectively do biceps curls while watching Big Brother or something equally brain dead. The exercise does not take a lot from you.

In conclusion

Overtraining exists despite what people on steroids want you to believe. Of course, this should not serve as an excuse for easy workouts, but there is a limit that should not be crossed to avoid regression and injuries. A little bit of overtraining will not kill you, but it’s not required to progress.

And by the way, there is no need to dramatize working out. The fact that you lift things and put them down does not make you a hero.

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