Is Brandon Carter From HighLifeWorkout Natural Or On Steroids? Can you become an aesthetic muscle God without anabolic steroids?

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Many people want to know if Brandon Carter, the man behind the YouTube fitness channel HighLifeWorkout, is natural or on steroids. Well, it’s time to find out.

According to the information presented in Brandon Carter’s profile on, he has the following stats:


Height: 6’2″ (188cm)
Weight: 175lbs (79.5kg)
Chest: 40 inches (101.6cm)’s guide for natural bodybuilders says that the maximum bodyweight of a 6’2” tall man is 197lbs (89.5kg) in contest condition (5-8% body fat). Therefore, the stats above put Brandon Carter 22lbs below the maximum.

However, his physique is not exactly small. He looks like a big guy, doesn’t he? Moreover, Brandon Carter’s 40-inch chest makes the data a little hard to accept.

Most men who are 6’2″ will have a 40-inch chest without even training whereas Carter’s pecs are one of his best body parts. Therefore, we cannot make definitive statements based on his body stats.

Oh, God! Please, give me good genetics so I can flex and impress.

Brandon Carter is gifted. He is tall and has full muscle bellies that make his arms look complete and massive. In addition, Carter has a nice chest and abs which is pretty much a requirement for a fitness model.

In the video above, you can see Brandon Carter training legs. We chose this particular clip as a reference point since in other videos his legs are covered, and it’s harder to judge his entire physique.

Carter has a very balanced physique. Even his legs are well developed and separated. He is not an upper body captain by any means.

This makes it even harder to accept the statement that he is only 175lbs at 6’2″. He looks close to 190lbs. However, we obviously can’t know that for sure.

Sometimes a combination of quality muscle mass, angle manipulation and lighting can create an almost unbelievable illusion.

In conclusion

The physique of Brandon Carter is achievable naturally by some individuals. What makes him so special is his structure and conditioning. People with good genetics can definitely be 175lbs and absolutely shredded at 6’2″.

Nonetheless, we have a really hard time accepting that Brandon Carter weighs only 175lbs and has a 40-inch chest.

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