Natural Bodybuilding: How Often Should I Train? Every day? Is training 6-7 times a week necessary for natural bodybuilders?

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How often should I train is a question that bothers many muscle worshipers during the night when all the noise dies down and self-criticism claims the spotlight. Since daily training has been promoted heavily by the experts, many lost natty souls have been looking to join the party. However, is everyday lifting really needed for progress?

What if I told you that you can train every day even as a natural?

Skeptical grimaces form when people learn that even naturals can train every day. Yeah, it’s true, but there’s also a catch.

The factors that influence training frequency the most are total workload (volume) and intensity. For example, 10 daily sets of pull-ups could be considered overtraining. But if you can do 20 pull-ups in a row easily, 10 sets of 3 reps won’t be very difficult. That’s because the total workload and the intensity are not high enough to cause damage to someone in a similar condition. Conversely, 10 sets of 10 reps every day will probably drive the same person into the ground sooner or later.

The number of exercises is also part of the equation. Adding more exercises to your workouts will increase the workload. You can only do so much at a time. Learning English is easier than learning English and Chinese simultaneously.

The conclusion is fairly simple – training frequency depends on your recovery abilities, goals and the amount of work done during one workout.

The Exercise Factor

Different exercises call for different programming.

The hardest exercise to recover from is the deadlift. Maximum attempts require at least a week to recuperate. That’s why it seems illogical to train the deadlift every day. Technically, however, it can be done.

If your deadlift is 400lbs, you can deadlift 225lbs pretty much every day. There are people who have done similar low intensity + high-frequency routines with success.

The Benefits Of Training Everyday

The main benefit of everyday training is practice. Frequent training conditions the body and the mind. Nonetheless, high-frequency isn’t required for progress.

Truth be told, the lifts are not as technical as people think. You don’t have to train super often to maintain your technique.

Experienced dogs follow the principle: “Do less to achieve more.”

Forget About Professional Bodybuilders

Regular people should not emulate the training sessions of bodybuilders like Rich Piana. Those guys can afford to train for hours each day because it’s part of their job. Besides, the steroids they take allow them to recover faster.

The average person has neither the time nor the ability to recover from daily high volume workouts.

So, how often should I train?

In most cases, 2-4 days a week is enough to progress. Yes, you could train every day if you manipulate the volume and the intensity, but the benefits from a similar approach are highly questionable. Besides, everyday lifting is not sustainable in the long run unless you have a gym in your house or nearby.

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