Rich Piana’s Arms – Synthol or Muscle?

| by Truth Seeker |

Who’s Rich Piana?

Rich is:

a genius entrepreneur

a retired mass monster exceeding the natural limit by a large margin

a YouTube guru

a muscle authority of the highest order

a truth-seller

a muscle-wizard

a muscle-chakra fixer

but before all…

he is an idol of many naive souls trying to make sense of life by building thicker muscle fibers.

Rich’s massive arms measuring way over 20 inches, tattoos and get-rich-or-die-trying attitude make him jump off the page. He is a doer for whom the goal justifies the means. He “kills it”.

Due to Rich’s apparent obsession with arm size, many are wondering whether he is using Synthol to make his biceps and triceps look bigger.

“Rich, are your arms oil barrels or real muscle,” often asks the crowd.

Here’s what we know so far.

The arms of Rich Piana look unnatural.

His biceps and triceps have a very odd shape and low level of definition.

The fact that they are covered in ugly tattoos makes it even harder to judge detail and muscle separation.

Maybe the lifting community is not that stupid after all.

Maybe the lifting community is not that stupid after all.

PMMA – The Choice Of Rich Piana

According to mainstream sources, Rich Piana used PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate) injections to make his arms look as horrible as they do today. He had to go to Mexico for the procedures.

More info on PMMA:

PMMA is a synthetic resin produced from the polymerization of methyl methacrylate. It is often used as a substitute for glass in products such as shatterproof windows, skylights, illuminated signs, and aircraft canopies. Plastic surgeons use it as a butt and lip implant.

So, what, you may ask.

Here’s what I think.

Rich Piana’s arm obsession reveals that he is just an insecure inflated balloon with fake muscles.

His whole body looks grotesque and reveals his inability to love himself.

He is using steroids, PMMA, growth hormone, lipstick, contact lenses…whatever it takes to become more “enhanced”.

Rich Piana has done everything in his power to get away from his inner-self. He feels safer behind synthetic walls. Behavior like that is not a surprise in the world of bodybuilding. It’s the norm, not the exception.

Virtually every bodybuilder shares a very similar fear – the fear that he or she is not worth as much as others.

However, selling your inner beauty for plastic glory is not going to fix anything. It’s just making everything worse.

If Rich Piana was 200 pounds, had no tattoos and PMMA in his arms, he would look much better, and his health would not be as compromised. He doesn’t want that. He wants to “kill it”.

He prefers to be a muscle mutant, which unfortunately makes him just another insecure douche on steroids who has traded his testicles for biceps.

People like Rich Piana are living in a domain where approval from strangers and balloon muscles matter more than the real personality. Everything around guys like that is fake. In his case, the inside appears to be identical to his overtuned outside – shallow and unconscious. He is mindlessly chasing a pipe dream.

Fake Hollywood cars, fake muscles, plastic surgeries, fake hair color, fake skin…this guy would probably tattoo even his heart if it was visible to the public… or maybe that’s already done…

Rich Piana has also lost his true identity.

Unfortunately, or not, Rich is not the only one to blame.

We want all of this. We are the ones doing it….to a certain extent.

The desire to be rich, fake and famous makes people turn their backs on their true potential.

We’ve been convinced that unless we play the ego game our masters have prepared for us, we are going to melt into the nothingness.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see that the model pushed by celebrities is flawed.

All stars live fake lives, just like Rich Piana.

They’ve been living a lie for so long, they’ve forgotten how reality feels.

Once you are in the MATRIX, it’s hard to get out, but we do it sooner or later.

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  1. Scott

    Well stated, Rich seems like a likable guy , but a confused person who has lost his way. Interesting subject and a study on how our minds can fall into deception and reality becomes clouded . good article!

    1. Kevin

      Sorry, this article seems to focus on berating Rich Piana. Rich seems like a nice guy. I agree that steroids allow your muscles to grow much larger than normal. Also yes on the fact that if you didn’t work out at all you’d be bigger and stronger than a person who didn’t use steroids who also didn’t work out, but that difference wouldn’t be huge.

      I wouldn’t call steroid muscle growth fake. It’s real muscle. The only time it’s unfair is when you’re in a sport where there are supposed to be no PED’s and then some people take them anyway. Yeah, that’s cheating, but if you’re competing for Olympia or another competition where they don’t test and you don’t take steroids….don’t get angry because you lose. You just need to compete in a natural BB competition.

      The only fake thing is Synthol or oils that are just that, oils. The only thing that bugs me about Rich is that he doesn’t admit that he’s currently taking Synthol, PMMA…whatever you want to call it. It’s obvious he takes it, just admit it. He admits taking steroids, so why not oil.

      There’s no doubt he’s strong, but he’s no Kevin Levrone either. As long as he’s happy with what he’s doing then that’s all that matters. I think he knows enough that he knows how much oil he can take without it hurting him. The steroids are another matter.

      I’m 44 and I’ve been on TRT for about 4 years now and wasn’t working out with it at first, but now I am. I’m not even sure if the Test I’m taking will end up hurting me or not, but it’s better than losing all your muscle tone, even when not working out or having ED. The only thing I regret about doing the TRT is that it made my hair fall out and I had a thick head of hair. That’s really depressing, but I take it as directed so, what can you do.

      1. Chris H

        I think it’s quite simple why he doesn’t admit to oils but does admit to steroids – in the enhanced bodybuilding fraternity, steroids are an in-joke. Everyone denies in public, it but everyone knows with a wink, nod and a grin that everyone else cycles. But very few use oils, and they are seen as cheap and lazy. It’s like being a violent criminal in prison, versus being a woman beater. Both are against the rules of society, both are reviled by the public. But in prison a violent guy will be part of the crowd, while a known woman beater will get his ass beat every day of his cursed existence.

      2. bill wiser

        to be honest your post is the most sorrowful on this board. “I didn’t want to lose my muscles so I did trt and didn’t work out”…What a joke. “lose all my muscles at 40”-you mean because you didn’t actually lift weights? “not even sure if it will hurt me”-I guess this is because you were too busy not working out to actually do some research….When you can go from benching 185 lbs, take some drugs, train for 6 weeks and bench 300 lbs-that’s fake as shit…..

        1. Nadroj

          So if you go from benching 185lbs to 300lbs in 6 weeks. What’s fake about that? The 300lbs is still being lifted and muscle is still responsible for being able to lift that weight. Fake as shit is fake weights. So are oils or PMMA as it has no purpose or function or utility.

    2. rex karmer

      As long as the guy is only harming himself and not adversely affecting anyone else’s life, then why do people give a sh-t what he does. I couldn’t care less about what he does to himself.

      1. Brandon L Woodhouse

        This article was not only a poor read due to lack of sources but, a series of cheap jabs at somebody like Rich who is hated on day in and day out. I bet if Rich slapped you one time you wouldn’t even look for your pen after coming to and trying to escape the wrath of an as$ whooping you would never forget. The only one insecure with himself is the writer of this article. Just like the bully in school who puts down others to make himself feel better. You’re no different really. You’re just a bully with a pen. Somebody white this guy out.

  2. exigent1234

    Pretty shitty article IMO. When you go ahead and call someone out for something, at least post a fucking source. What kind of journalist throws out some shit statement like “According to official sources”, fucking link the official source you clown. Nothing but a hater.

      1. shrey

        What a load of crap man…don’t hate someone just because they got famous and rich but you didn’t.
        And why do you only see the steroids Rich is taking?? Why don’t you mention the fact that he trains for 2 hours daily…and what about the fact that he eats 12 gut busting meals a day. Why don’t you mention these facts??
        This shows that you are just a hater and get jealous when you see the other person living the life that he/she wants. Period.

        1. Bill Wiser

          wow he trains and eats lots of food! How incredible…..Now I have a new hero. I will follow his lifeplan. I will find as many drugs as I can, and then inject synthetics into my body because there are many people that have led long, happy, successful lives who do this….

          1. Ron

            You’re going to follow Rich’s life plan? But you’re going to miss all your TV shows and cinnamon buns!

    1. Reilly

      If he was just sitting in his basement doing it to himself, then sure he is “only harming himself”. But by publicly declaring this and by being a public fitness star he is sending the wrong message to a lot of people. He chose to put the spotlight on himself, thus it is our business to present the other side as well.

  3. Allnatty

    Terrible artificial. We only want to know if Mr piano is nattyornot. Not your butthurt opinions about him and the industry.

    1. Willy P

      Allnatty, were you for a second in doubt whether Rich Piana is a natty? If so, then you really need the “butthurt” opinions about bodybuilding.

      1. One moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory

        You idiots think you know everything about the world of bodybuilding without ever going to experience what it’s really like. Then you make a BS article about something you’re highly ignorant on, an try to pass a personal opinion as a fact. Grow up.

    2. Chorey

      We already know if he is natty or not, Rich talks about his use for steroids and growth hormone etc on his Youtube channel, he’s up front about it.

  4. yoyoyomah

    inflaming rhetoric doesnt help. Let thee infatuate themselves, do you want to break someones spirit?

  5. Penis

    Very unprofessional article. Any serious bodybuilder will laugh at this because we know the sport includes these substances. The author is obviously not an athlete or is educated in the sport of bodybuilding. Do more research before calling out an individual. Steroids, HGH, Synthol…its all part of the sport. Whoever wrote this is extremely ignorant and ultimately just a hater. Rich does not give a shit about your opinion and neither do the people reading this. Sorry your such a pussy…

    1. snap

      So much butthurt in these comments. Obviously this site ain’t written for serious bodybuilders.

      1. Bill Wiser

        Rich Piana is not an “athlete”. SO all people who abuse substances-“know what is enough”? That doesn’t even make any sense.

    2. Doc Sumann

      No, they aren’t. Precisely, roids and GH are, but Synthol is completely from another story.
      Big fake story.
      Roids and GH (officially illegal and risky for health) help you to build real muscles, but Synthol doesn’t build muscles at all.
      What it builds is one huge fraud.

    3. Tim

      Someone who genuinely does not care what the article’s writer thinks would not take the time to post. I, on the other hand, do care what he thinks and agree with him. I also care what you think, because it’s good to know what people’s opinions are.

  6. Peter

    So many hateful comments. Roiders spotted. Fools.

  7. Neonsoldier117

    You’re a fucking moron. Rich Piana is not natural. As easily explained by him giving information to next gen about steroids and physically enhancing techniques and drugs. He doesn’t like what he did to his body. Do you know anything about the guy? I came here for some simple statistics about the guy, I googled his arm size for laughs to see what would come up, if at all an exact number, which, you dumb shit, you failed to provide any conclusive evidence! The nigga has videos about getting bigger where he’s well over 300 pounds. I’m not going to keep going. If any of you guys want to actually know something about the guy, just watch his youtube videos, about drug abuse or lifting or his personal life etc. It’s pretty self explanatory.

  8. Royce

    Who knows anymore? Of course no bodybuilder, gym rat, or anyone will come out and admit that they use steroids, synthol, or any other type of performance enhancer. And if you truly believe that you will every be able to acquire that naturally or even with performance enhancers I truly feel sorry for you. The bottom line is that performance enhancers or not, natural or not nothing comes over night and you have to work hard for years for it as Richard Piana or any top body builder or powerlifter has. I think that’s where both supporters and haters loose sight and track of the bigger picture the bottom line is you still have to work your ass off no matter what you are using. And I completely disagree I don’t think Rich Piana hates himself on the contrary I think it’s the exact opposite I know he loves himself he just wants to love himself more and if it takes more decca, tren, synthol or whatever he uses then so be it, because we all train to be bigger, stronger, or faster, maybe even a combo of all three.

    1. rich pirana(half gorilla)

      if this guy is your super hero i just can wish you best of luck in the life

  9. Mike

    GREAT! Rich Piana is a sad, sad human being. You’ve got him right on! His self-loathing and strident need for approval of others is written on his face. He reminds me of a sad, abused child who mopes around looking for a friend. I’ve known guys like him all my life, and I’ve been ALL over the world. They are the types who had single parents who absolutely did not care if they lived or died. His mother was likely all about herself and didn’t realize he existed. He may’ve got some money from the guilt-ridden, cancer eaten bitch in her later, failed years. He’s the type that drinks one too many and literally cries, “finally opening up” to you, as you are a nice guy. I see him and just feel sad for the kid. He’s a REAL LOSER, and man, does he KNOW IT! That has to hurt big style!!! You pegged him, good articles my friend.

    1. Jimmyz

      Rich is a likable guy, that you have to take with a grain of salt. He warns you not to take what you hear and see on the internet to heart. Take what you want from what he says and dismiss what you don’t want. Either way, he is a money successful money making machine, which he clearly states. But his body, as big and muscular as it is, does not look healthy, and his arms have no separation.

  10. frenchmanpride

    he hurt some one?
    he rape kids,?,
    he fuck your mum?
    none of that i guess, what is the trouble this is his body, not yours
    what else?
    are you psychiatre?
    are you priest?
    hum i guess you need to some help just to know to love other people different than you
    sad for you!

    1. rich pirana(half gorilla)

      un vrai commentaire de trou de cul de francais,frenchmanpride ton nickname va avec intelligence de tes commentaires,c’est pas a cause qu’il viole pas des enfants que c’est pas un trou de cul et que son influence sur la jeunesse est pas degeulasse!aucun pere normal aimerais que se gorrille ai une influence sur son enfant.
      great article,tks god this guy will not live long enough to ruined the new generation way of life,i would hate to know my kid use this guy as a role model.he will not pas 60 for sure.
      have a look at what happen whit the wrestlers that stay too long on juice,so many dead guys gone before even 50.heart cant live whit all these protein and roids

  11. Bitch Rhianna

    Great are correct, Kali muscle is not natural.

  12. Ted

    I have heard that Rich has been seen doing skull crushers with 225lb! Maybe his arms are part fake, but not all fake man, 225lb for skull crushers is impressive as hell.

    Sure he is roided up. Who cares. He used his physique to make a lot of money. Probably he will die before his time, maybe not. I don’t hate on him, I like the memes because they make me laugh, but he seems like a decent guy actually.

  13. Joe

    Honestly i think Rich is a cool guy. Its amazing the things people say about this dude. Im a natural lifter and I have alot of respect for this guy being open about his substance use. Alot of commenters here seem to think he has low self esteem but maybe he doesnt do all the shit he does to impress others maybe he does it because he fucking enjoys the process of getting enormous and seeing how far he can push his limits. I think it really reflects on others that they try to bash this guy because they know deep down they could never look like him natty or not, find success in his passion like he has, and have the courage to live the way he does. Basically what im saying is it seems like the ones hating on him lack and fear his drive.

    1. rich pirana(half gorilla)

      decent guy ?you know what i don’t even want to know the opinion of a retarded like you.i hope if you have kids you would not want them to use this baboon as a role model

  14. Tired of haters

    Funny everyone always hating get a fucking life go to the gym or something instead of sitting around posting bs articles your a fucking douche bag probably wrote article from your moms basement In between video game sessions and diaper changes


    i like his biceps and overall structure .that does not matter whether he injected pmma or synthol.

  16. a mile in his shoes....

    I have been around this life (and people) for 20+ years. Rich seems like a good guy. He is from Cali, I lived there. People judge you for what you have. He is just fitting in. I think it is great he is able to do what he does and make money doing it. He is honest at least. You don’t have to like how he looks or lives. Obviously, people find him interesting. Based on how he treats most people, he seems like a pretty good guy. I have been around plenty of “normal people” who are way more evil and selfish. I give Rich props for living a “bodybuilding lifestyle” that most would love to have. If you don’t like him, don’t watch him. He knows what the risks are and just as any pro athlete, there are big risks. Rich is cool.

  17. Blaine

    You know what? I like Rich. I really do. And I respect him. But “bodybuilding” can mean many different things. It can mean getting in touch with your own body and caring for it and eating organic and all that sort of thing, or it can mean kicking ass and winning a show or even Mr. O, no matter the cost. I do get a bit of a sense from Rich, that maybe he doesn’t love himself as much as he deserves, that maybe he’s trying too hard to be “the best” because deep down he doesn’t feel like he’s enough. That’s my feeling and I could be dead wrong and in no way is it a judgment. He’s achieved a lot and I do respect him. And I only wish him well.

    1. Blaine

      I hope my post didn’t sound condescending. In bodybuilding, Rich has achieved more than I ever will, by a huge margin. I honour that. I just think maybe there’s something in life that he’s missing out on, and that makes me feel a bit sad.

  18. Michael

    Reading these comments it’s clear that the roiders don’t get it. Most are probably young guys still laboring under the same illusions as Rich. Their responses are, generally speaking, as empty and artificial as Rich’s arms: “you’re a pussy”, “you’re a hater’, “you’re jealous”, etc.

    Fellas, when you get older, you’ll (hopefully) realize that nothing could be further from the truth. The issue isn’t Rich per se, it’s what he represents: our society’s extreme selfishness, and it’s obsession with narcissism and materialism.

    *That* my young friends is the point the author is trying to make, and he’s absolutely correct in his assessment of what motivates this man and those like him.

    It’s not that we hate Rich, or are jealous of him. In fact from the videos he seems like a nice guy. The problem is we, as a society, are not focusing on the more fundamental and important things in life.

  19. Darryll

    Your article has truth to it yet misses the point.

    Truth is, if that’s what the guy wants to do, let him do it. Everyone may not be as “secure” or well adjusted as you or you may not be well adjusted or centered at all by the way you pass criticism but that’s shows us who you are. And who you are is ok and Rich is ok. Enjoyed your writing style, lot of content with brevity. Peace.

  20. Khris Rice

    I am really getting the vibe that people don’t know what they are talking about when they say that Rich Piana is using synthol/synthetic enhancements for him to look and be as big as he is and I know from experience that he is using steroids and other things as well but that doesn’t mean that he still isn’t working out on top of it all and for the ones that are saying that he isn’t using you guys really need to wake the fuck up, smell on coffee, and snap back into reality because he is using, so basically my point is that he is doing both so all of you need to just fucking stop while you’re ahead and just do you and Rich is going to do him okay so get off of his fucking bumper and just talk about your bitch ass selves and other people too alright

    1. Bill Wiser

      he has admitted to all genius…

  21. Jay

    What a pathetic article. I’m not a fan of Rich, but writing an article like this about anyone is just pathetic and shows you have NO life at all. At least Rich has a life lol. A pretty good one is my guess.

  22. Marcus

    All of you people that thinks Rich’s biceps are fake and uses synthol is bull crap. If he didn’t have all the tattoos on his arms you would be able to see his separation between his bicep and triceps. I know Rich and yes he does steroids and he has being using since 18. Damn anyone’s arms would be that big of they used for that long. Arnold Schwarzenegger done them, heck all of the bodybuilder’s use them…

  23. William Dwyer

    Like him or hate him.
    RIP Rich

  24. Reilly

    Nonsense. The guy obviously has Synthol in his arms. The shape of his arms is abnormal. Even steroids don’t give you that. And where do you get the idea that long term use of steroids gives you more size? It is all about how your genetics react with them and not about how long you use them.

  25. Miles

    Totally agree.
    Tattoos and steroids and oils aRe for dickheads.
    People like Rich Penis ruin the once beautiful sport of bodybuilding.
    Hopefully this will put people off roids and tats.
    Yes tattoos are unhealthy and ugly.

  26. rucka

    the few times i heard rich piana speak it struck me how ignorant he was of any other lifestyle but that of his own.. ie, drug cycles, lifting, endless comparing of size, the party life style that most of us grew out of in our early 30’s. what a rediculous way to live, and in the process he threw away life itself. that is a lack of self respect, thats not success, thats not personal growth, that is a trainwreck.

  27. Tiernan astronskas

    The guy that wrote this article is an extremely insecure soyboy. Regardless of what you think about Rich Piana, he is literally projecting his own insecurities. Talking about how going to the gym, and busting ass to look better physically is for douchebags that are looking for attention. Internet warriors are the worst people on the planet. We are out here, putting in hard work to better ourselves physically. We are monkeys when it comes down to facts, and monkeys want to fuck women, eat food, and shit. The pussy that wrote this article, berating someone that didnt even know they existed, is probably a fat sack of shit, and gets personal satisfaction from making someone who has a better life, feel bad. The internet really brings out the demon in people. I’m certain this pussy gets no pussy.

  28. Mark Winchester Sr.

    Never meeting Rich Piana I can’t comment on his character but a third grader could see his arms were totally fake. I don’t think he was anything THAT unusual in the bb’ing world, in fact he exemplified the current state of affairs of bb’ing. Fake look obtained thru illegal use of hormones, implants, and bb’ers are willing to inject or swallow just about anything to in their minds win.

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