Muscle Memory: Getting Back In The Gym After A Layoff Approaching training after a long break

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Fighting gravity could become more addictive than drugs – once you start getting stronger and looking better, there is no coming back. The feeling and the results create an ego addiction that’s hard to break. Many bodybuilding maniacs are often afraid to take even one day off.

Since life does not care about your weightlifting mania, problems get in the way. Sooner or later, your lifting routine will take an internal or external hit that will drag you out of the gym for whatever reason. In a similar situation, most lifters’ OCD activates, and they start to expect the worst – complete evaporation of the gains.

One of the good sides of being a natural bodybuilder is that it’s harder to lose strength and muscle compared to a steroid user. The longer it takes to build it, the harder it is to lose it. Moreover, it is impossible to keep your gains after a steroid cycle. Once you stop using, it all goes away.

Muscle Memory

Just like the mind, the body also has a memory. If this wasn’t the case, everybody would have to relearn how to ride a bicycle after a break.

When it comes to lifting, the same process is observed. After a break, your strength and muscles are far from lost. They are just put in a safe and require your assistance to get out.

A layoff will hit your strength, but it will take you less time to regain it than it has originally taken you to build it.

Moreover, lifting weights is not a highly technical activity compared to skateboarding, gymnastic or playing a musical instrument. This speeds up the recovery after a layoff.

I did it once. I will do it again.

Repeating is easier than doing something for the first time. After a layoff, your mind knows that you were stronger before. This makes the rebuilding process easier on the nervous system.

Still, you have to be realistic and patient. For example, if you are 20lbs lighter after the break, it’s obvious that your strength will be nowhere near its previous level, and you will have to start very light.

Why are you eating so much when you don’t train?

Bulking during a break doesn’t work. You will just get fat. That’s why you should keep your caloric intake at its normal level or even a little bit below since you’re not training.

In conclusion

Breaks will come. Don’t be afraid, be prepared.

When you come back, start low. Your body and mind remember everything. Dig deep to get your strength back.

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