The Muscle Confusion Deception

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The popular routine P90X is based on a principle called “muscle confusion”. The idea is pretty simple – to avoid stagnation, you need to shock the body by changing your routine frequently.

It may surprise you, but muscle confusion is as relevant to success as driving a different car to the office.

The actual engine behind P90X consists of two very simple principles – clean diet and exercising. People lose weight on P90X not because they are treating their muscles like lawyers who need to be confused into working harder but thanks to the constant caloric deficit which promotes body fat loss.

Your metabolism does not care about the details. Whether you are doing push-ups on your palms, handles or medicine balls is not terribly important in the end. Persistence and constant promotion of the required habits form the power behind growth and overall progress.

The Muscle Confusion Deception

I am confused….what now?

The flashier the product, the higher the interest

The sales of an average product will go up if you make it shiny and spread the rumor that Justin Bieber uses it. On the other hand, you may have a product that is just as good or better and yet sells poorly because it does not have a flashy marketing behind it.

In the case of P90X, the term ”muscle confusion” achieves that goal.

Ironically, there’s no need to change your program every few weeks to ensure muscle confusion. Actually, don’t even try to confuse your muscles. Be honest with them. Tell them that they need to get good at something. Constantly changing the task is just a distraction.


Q: Can I boost my natural potential if I constantly change my routines?

A: No. But you could definitely improve some body parts by working more on them. The overall end result, however, will not be that different. Muscle confusion is incapable of producing drug-like results.

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