Shins Bleeding From Deadlifts – Why?

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The deadlift is a brutal exercise that can make a tough guy scream like a baby away from the tit. As a bonus, you often get bleeding shins.


The friction between the skin of the shins and the bar during the ascend causes wounds.

Is this any good?

Believe it or not, the fact that your shins are bleeding from deadlifts could be a good thing. When you are deadlifting, you want the bar as close as possible to your body in order to reduce the stress on the lower back. Therefore, a contact with the body is not a bad thing.

What can I do to stop it?



The most practical way to stop shin bleeding during deadlifts would be to lift with long socks. That way your shins are covered and protected during the lift.

Some people use soccer shin guards during deadlifts, but due to the thickness of the equipment, the practice often feels weird and puts you slightly out of position.

Instead of shin guards, you could put a newspaper in your socks to add additional cushioning.

To reduce the shin damage during deadlifts even further, deadlift in long pants. However, train in old clothes because over time the bar will definitely drill a hole in any clothing material.

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