Maxx Chewning – Is He Natural Or Not? [naturalism or juice]

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It’s time for a classic NattyOrNot review. Today, we are going to talk about Maxx Chewning – a popular fitness celebrity and powerlifter in the YouTube realm.

The body stats of Maxx Chewning are as follows:

Height: 5’10″/177.8cm

Weight: 165lbs -175lbs | 75kg – 79.54kg


Body fat: Unknown (his decent abdominal definition suggests a low number e.g., 8-10%)

Best lifts: Deadlift – 630lbs/286.36kg (done in December, 2018) | Bench – 300s | Squat – 400s

Frame: Small


The argument suggesting that Maxx Chewning is natural would be his size. He is not a big dude according to the standards of the modern fitness industry.

He also fits perfectly in the original guide of which puts a 5’10” man at 170lbs maximum bodyweight.

Note that the numbers in the guide are for individuals with fairly good genetics for muscle construction.

Does he have the Photoshop Effect common for fake natty brahs?

You can argue that Chewning showcases the 3D Photoshop effect in some photos, but Instagram pictures often enjoy high-end polishing touches such as angle manipulation.

One thing is certain, though. He looks less impressive than many of his buddies. His shoulders are not popping. The nasty look that you get from Tren is absent too.

Conclusion: The physique of Chewning can become a natural reality for those who have the “proper” genes. In fact, you can be even bigger at some places like the calves if your muscle insertions are better than his. (Chewning has high calves.)

The Problem with this Argument

You don’t have to be massive to be on something. Lance Armstrong was not a big guy and yet he was unnatural.

Nevertheless, the lack of mass reveals that Chewning is definitely not a heavy abuser.

What about his strength?

Chewning is built to deadlift (long arms). When you couple it with the fact that the deadlift is less dependent on mass than the squat and bench, you have a recipe for madness.

630lbs @ 175lbs personal bodyweight equal a 3.6BW deadlift. This is world class deadlift strength.

I trained in a powerlifting gym for 2 years a long time ago. Nobody there was pulling 3.6BW naturally. Honestly, most men at that place didn’t even have a 3.6BW deadlift.

You will probably say that they were weak pussies since we all know that on the Internet everybody is some next level superman, but you would be wrong. They were strong men. One of them was capable of а 660lbs/300kg bench press with a shirt. His raw deadlift was 737lbs/335kg done in the 275lbs/125kg weight class. He was far from natural.

Another man competing as a 182.6lbs/83kg lifter had an insane deadlift closer to 4BW than it was to 3BW. He wasn’t natural either.

How do I know that they were not natural? They were talking about drugs fairly often without caring that some weak kid is listening to their conversation while doing Starting Strength. I have also seen needles in the locker room more than once.

If I have to lean on my personal experience and observations, I would have a hard time concluding that a 3.6BW deadlift can manifest in the life of the average muscle apprentice naturally. Too many biscuits, son.

The Problem with this Argument

Naturals are capable of deadlifting insane weight when they have the required structure (long arms) and joint strength. Moreover, Chewning needed many years to reach that level. It did not happen quickly. The process was long and methodical.

What about his perfect nutrition and training?

Even if a man has the ultimate nutrition and training plan, whatever those are, the natty limits still apply.

A Man is Known By the Company He Keeps

Chewning is often in photos with “juicy” men. They are big and some showcase the 3D Photoshop effect. How does a true natty brah fit into the picture? After all, birds of a feather flock together.

In Conclusion

There are men who can look more impressive than Chewning naturally IF they have a better frame and muscle insertions.

Nevertheless, the insane strength of Chewning and his affiliation with suspicious natty brahs should also be taken into consideration.

If he is natural, he has mutant tier level of deadlift strength. Therefore, it is impossible to conclude with certainty that he is a full natty brah.

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  1. Jai

    Beautiful fantastic argument… Unfortunately some dumb heads can’t see it… It’s their karma… ( to be fooled)

  2. EM

    Just looking at the one picture you have posted with the article I’d say of course he’s NOT natural. I can’t believe people still even question this. Just look at his skin. It has that bizarre synthetic created in a lab kind of look. To me, people on roids have the same artificial look as people who have breast implants, or who have had a face lift. It just looks fake. Human skin doesn’t look like tissue paper. Moreover he has veins popping near his obliques, This is not normal. Of course he’s using.

  3. CJ

    Post after post, this sure is the season of giving huh Truth!? Pleasure as usual.

  4. FacepalmDeath

    I can’t accept the argument based on his deadlift being 3.6 X BW. He pulls sumo…

    1. Truth Seeker Post author

      Yeah, because when you pull sumo the weight just goes up without effort. Are you serious?

      1. FacepalmDeath

        I never implied pulling sumo was effortless. I implied it was substantially easier than pulling conventional. I don’t think it’s unusual at all for a small, natural competitive powerlifter to sumo pull a huge weight relative to their BW

        1. david

          he pulls the same weight conventional moron

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