10 Invaluable Pieces of Advice For Young Lifters Starting Their Muscle Construction Journey

| by Truth Seeker |

Time for some real talk, brahs.

1. The Iron Will Not Be Your Saviour. (It’s Just a teacher.)

When I first discovered the metal lifting sector, I thought that working out will be the element that hacks life for me. I was convinced that through resistance training I can build a powerful shell against the world.

The mainstream iron philosophy supports this thesis. The young muscle apprentices are left with the impression that upon reaching a certain squat number, they will have the necessary strength and resilience to face almost anything in life.

It’s been said that tough programs built around heavy compound movements produce men of steel. This is a false conclusion based on perception rather than results. Difficulty does not always equal progress.

The iron cannot protect you from the world. If you rely solely on the barbell, you will fail to reach the desired destination. The fight against gravity cannot take you to the final line. It can, however, reveal many sides of the world that were previously unknown to your young soul. Once you know those principles, you will become acquainted with the darker nuances of this world.

For me, the iron is not a savior in the pure sense of the word. It’s simply a teacher who can reveal a lot if you listen carefully. Once the battle starts, you will be on your own. You will have to develop skills that cannot be taught in the gym.

2. They Will Try To Exploit Your Feelings (right brain manipulation)

The creators of commercials install images of happiness within their production on purpose. They want you to associate the promoted product or service with euphoria.

The process is known as emotional handling. Just like sugar, advertisement creates a sense of sweetness and satisfaction. Once the synthesis is a fact, the architects can manipulate into following their desires.

This mechanism is known as right brain manipulation and is very common nowadays. People focus on the way they feel right now, ignore the long-term destination and stagnate forever.

You have to look through your feelings to find the real value of things. Whenever you are making a choice, isolate the sensationalism and be honest with yourself. Only then you will be able to push away the little distractions that don’t lead anywhere.

3. You Are Not Unique. You Will Hit a Plateau.

When I started lifting, I thought that I was special – just like everybody else does. I thought that I will break the deadlift records naturally because I was good at the lift. My lack of wisdom and the false positivism floating through space convinced me that my illusions were real.

The reality is dark again.

We are not that different. You will reach the hardcore limits too. Life will not let you skip class.

4. Nobody Will Respect You Until They See The Money

Nobody cares how much effort you put into something when there are no results. Success is the only material that works as a respect guarantee. Nobody talks about almost-champions. It’s all about the gold.

Imagine that two men follow the exact same strategy to obtain a goal. One of them succeeds; the other doesn’t. The winner will be seen as proactive, courageous, smart…etc. The loser will be criticized to death. Even if all of his actions coincide with those of the winner, the public’s reaction will be negative when the expected outcome is not there.

Your family will not be an exception. They all want to see “money”. If it isn’t present, respect and admiration aren’t either. How you get there is of smaller importance. #Machiavelli

In the world of muscle, this translates to the following – nobody cares that you are working out unless they can see your profits in the form of coins, mass and leanness.

I did my best lifts as a permabulker following various hardcore routines. Guess, what? Nobody cared. My own mother said this to me: “What is the point of all that training when you have the gut of a 60-year-old man?”

She didn’t see me struggling during my deadlifts. She didn’t see me fighting the bar on the way up. She didn’t see me eating like a madman. She did, however, see that there were no results. Honestly, she was kinda right to criticize me.

This is the truth. It may seem kinda irrational and even psychopathic, but it is what it is.

5. Outside Of The Gym, Your Numbers Are Irrelevant

Your lifts hold importance only in the insecure minds of strangers who compare themselves to you and others in order to derive some sort of self-worth. “I lift more than him.”

Once you step outside of the dungeon, your PRs lose their value. It’s all about how you look and what you can do. If you don’t look like you lift, you don’t lift. If you can’t lift the power generator or open the bottle by yourself, you are not strong.

Strangely enough, this also applies to social media to a certain extent. I knew a young powerlifter who was very competitive and posted many pictures and videos of his training online. Most of the people liking his photos were guys from the gym. The expected universal love was not present.

6. Don’t Overthink Your Programs (just make sure they contain a progression mechanism)

Overthinking comes naturally to the average lifter. We want to believe in the existence of ultra-precise routines that can boost our gains multiple times, but in most cases, we are just tweaking details that hold a significantly lower value than we think.

Do yourself a favor and don’t spend your nights digging for the ultimate routine. As long as a program has a built-in progression mechanism, and you can do the exercises safely, grab it and never look back.

7. Being Lean and Fit Makes You More Attractive to Women (regardless of what they say)

Women like muscular lean physiques. That’s a fact. They have a problem only with ballooned bodybuilders.

Yet many females fill your head with lies such as “appearance is not everything”, “muscles are for losers.” Don’t listen to them. They say the same about money, but the way they act when the gifts become more and more expensive reveals a different story.

The two fundamentals of getting girls are looks and money. If you have those, you will have women. You may still fail to meet the ultimate Juliet, but at least, you will have options, unlike the average dude who is begging for a message reply.

It just happens that leanness and muscularity (especially in the upper body) boost your appearance significantly. Even the face becomes more attractive when you lose the fat under your chin.

Nonetheless, there are other factors such as height and overall aesthetics that have a stronger impact than a set of lean abs. The pick-up coaches who tell you that the girls will be yours once you fill up your upper chest are playing with your head. There’s a lot more to the story.

8. Strength Is Overrated

Coaches like Rippetoe are heavily overrating and over-hyping strength. The guy even said that barbell training can replace steroids in professional sports which is absurd since no amount of squats and deads can produce the anabolic and recovery effect of drugs. Besides, many athletes dope for benefits other than an increase of their absolute strength. There are drugs for everything.

Past a certain point, adding weight becomes a very ungrateful experience with low returns.

Do yourself a favor and don’t get over-invested in chasing numbers. If you want to advance in a sport, focus on skills first and conditioning second.

9. The World is a Scam. (It’s up to you to decode it.)

The modern world is one big fat politically correct lie that we keep supporting due to fear, weakness and ignorance. From the speeches on TV to the biographies of the leaders, it’s all PR fueling the matrix. Facts are flipped; intentions are corrupted; the true goals are hidden.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

That’s all there is. Your parents were infected, theirs too, and now you. The mainstream version of the story is never correct. It always serves an agenda hidden from the masses. It’s up to you to decode the symbols.

My personal quest for truth was catalyzed by the corrupt muscle industry. If it wasn’t for my failure to build big muscles, I would still be putting faith in the mainstream. I would still be part of the unaware buying protein powder.

10. Realistically, The World WILL Never Change

The muscle industry is largely the same as it was decades ago. Today, you have different outlets like social media, but the cycle operates on the same principle.

Naive, insecure kids come to the gym to build muscle. The mainstream media injects their heads with notions such as “the power of natural training” and the “inability to supply your body with the nutrients necessary for growth due to modern stress”. Then, the pupils start dropping money on gimmicky powders while their idols keep receiving suspicious packages.

Nothing has changed. Despite all the info out there, the mechanism is just as relevant as it was when I was a teenager.

Guess, what?

The same applies to basically everything.

We are still wage-slaving, voting, taking loans with interest, eating technological food, living in tiny homes that we don’t even own, driving in nasty traffic, breathing polluted air, bowing down to false idols, living under supervision, getting brainwashed, serving the cultural hegemony…etc.

For how long will this continue? I can’t tell you. But the scary word “forever” popped in my mind.

Am I right?

11. Bonus.

Sometimes it’s ok to be negative and angry.

I have always been suspicious of positive thinking. It felt unnatural to me. Why is the system pushing it so hard? What’s the catch?

They never promote anything unless they benefit from it either financially or culturally.

In this case, positive thinking serves as a form of anesthesia and control. They want you to suppress the logic and emotions telling you that something is wrong with the world and replace them with happy thoughts about rainbows and flawed concepts like the law of attraction.

Your hate and anger scare them. Nobody likes angry slaves because they fight and throw stones. It’s much better to have a brainwashed population.

The plan is working well. We have become the people doing the police work. We are controlling each other. We have reached the point where the slaves eliminate the rebels within the tribe themselves.

Those who disagree are labeled as haters and cast away as “toxic” men.

Well, I am here to tell you that it is perfectly natural to hate things and experience anger. Maybe those negative emotions are there to serve a purpose, to teach you.

Just like there are legitimate reasons to experience love, there are also justified motifs to be angry and hateful. By denying this fact, we become imbalanced.

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  1. Jeff Popoff

    #11 “Sometimes it’s ok to be negative and angry”.


    False Positivety is Inauthentic.

  2. the truth

    that is why school shooters exist because the young men are being labels psyhcopathic when in fact its the people at top . sometimes I think how did they brain wash all the smart people and psychologist and science people . these type people are like chirldren . most people who commit crimes under capitalism are not even evil . it time like this I think human revolution is needed . human forgot to think for them self . its like people cant use there human reasoning . I know people who way smarter than me but they don’t know there own brainwashing . thank god I am into philosophy because I dont know how I could ever thing for my self without it . knowing to goven yourself instead of letting people think for you.

  3. Joe

    Great article as usual man. I like where you reference how if you cant lift the generator or open the bottle your not strong… Some of the strongest people i have ever met didnt do traditional weight lifting but came from some kind of manual labor trade, bull riding, and wrestlers. Wrestlers of course do calistheics and lift weights but all the hours of grappling with people and lifting other bodies builds a different kind of strength. Firefighters as well especially in the high rise districts. Walking up 30 plus flights of stairs with 75 lbs of gear on plus tools is no joke… Strongman training can be very good as well for strength development. You should make an article on odd object training and what you would consider real world strength etc…it would be interesting to hear your point of view

  4. Joni

    No squat PR is worth a double chin and man boobs.

    Stay lean brothers, being fat sucks.

    1. Lan

      Tbh I went from skinnyfat (75kgs) to 87 in 6months (dirty bulk) and can still get women if I wanted
      I just started lifting tho and am 6’1″

  5. Lan

    1. How much do muscles raise attraction? I have been lifting for 6months and am 6’1”

    2. Is there anyway to reach you or follow you? I love your blogs and this is my favorite blog site!

    Happy Holidays!

  6. EM

    I tend to disagree with this emphasis on leanness. When I am at my most lean, I also look anorexic. There is nothing to even indicate I train when seen in a T-Shirt. However, when I’m carrying more body fat (but still not fat) I look light years better. It’s been my experience that women tend to respond more to the guy who has a bit of a presence to him, but without being fat. I could be at 8% bodyfat, but guess what, no one cares because who will even see it. To most people I just look frightfully thin. Unless you plan on competing in bodybuilding, plan to try to be a Calvin Klein underwear model, or go to the beach regularly who really gives a shit if your abs show or not? How often will anyone even know?

    Train to get as big as possible without being fat. That’s obviously subjective in nature. I would much rather have some visible development in the arms traps etc. but be smooth in the mid section, than have abs, that most people will never see, and look like an anorexic in street clothing. Extreme leanness for drug free people usually means looking emaciated.

  7. Julio

    And yet… you yourself are using the his blog to sell books. You bought into part of the blue/purple pill machine. You are, in my opinion, a (small) part of the problem.
    Chiefly because you, like most absolutist preachers, polarize too much.

    Sure, there are good eye-opening statements about the red-pill nature of the fitness industry and that looks/money/status overrule most virtues we have been force fed since infancy.

    But weight training or any kind of physical self-improvement is most definitely a worthy cause. It makes you feel better, releases endorphins and maintains many other neurochemical systems.
    I have yet to see a man who looks worse after getting their newbie gains and dropping bodyfat.

    If everyone just spent some time training their body and mind then we would not need be so reliant on the blue pill, Xanax/statin and Viagra peddling western blue pill brainwash machine.

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